Luca: Instalments.Mature

All the other junkies stocked up and left.

Except for that Nate guy. He's hanging around in the kitchen with a spliff hanging out of his mouth, looking for something to eat ‘cause he got the munchies.

I already told him there's nothing to eat.

He's talking about something, and instead of punctuating his sentences with pauses for breath like a normal person might, he's saying ‘man' every five fucking seconds. For the nicest stoner I've met, I really wanna punch him.

Except I dunno if I could find his mouth to punch under that beard.

Beards are disturbing.

"C'mon. I'm gonna go get something to eat; I suggest you come with me." I tell him, half dragging him out of the apartment. He didn't put up a fight until his spliff fell out his mouth. I step on it and put it out. "I'll give you another one when we get back." I say and he stops yelling at me.

When we get to the shop, I have to keep dragging him around. I let go of him for like a minute in the fridge section and the next thing I know is he's climbing in a freezer claiming that he wants to see the next century, wake him up when it's 2100. Yeah, good one.

"No, Nate. That will just get us kicked out of the shop." I growl, pulling him back out. We picked up pizzas, ready meals. The usual shit. But the difference between me and Si is I remembered to get packaged things that people couldn't hide their drugs in without opening them. I'm not that stupid, y'know.

The moment we're out of the shop, he's nagging like a little puppy for something to eat. I give him a sandwich that he picked out and he shuts up, eating it all the way back. Christ, I'm seventeen, I shouldn't be looking after thirty something wasters.

When we get back, Richard is already there waiting outside impatiently with his body guard guy.

"Got the first instalment?" he asks as I open the door, glaring at him.

"You didn't say anything about instalments." I retort, not wanting to let him in, but I have to. I tell Nate to go to the kitchen and help himself to whatever til he came down from the weed. He grins and complies, not really noticing the tension between me and Richard. The body guard guy stays outside, remembering what I said before. I slam the door and Richard is looking around. The place is a mess. He points this out and smiles as I get more and more pissed off with him. "That happens when junkies don't go home before getting high." I snap. "Anyways, you didn't say a thing about instalments, so you can fuck right off with those."

"Now, now, Cancer. I apologise for not mentioning it before, but I need the money, and I need it now." His tone is menacing, and if I was a normal person I wouldn't have argued.

"Get out. I won't have what you're after, there's only so much you can make in one night." I spit at him and he doesn't like it much.

"Cancer, don't make me do something we will both regret." I'll tell you now; Nate has been smoking weed for hours in the same room as me. I'm a lil bit high.

"What're you gonna do? Shoot me? You can't kill me!" I giggle, pulling out the gun I've been carrying around recently. It's much more comforting than a knife, hence why I haven't got a new one yet. I take the safety off and aim it at Richard, my hand surprisingly steady. He looks at me for a moment considering me. Not convinced, he doesn't bother calling in his personal gorilla or even pulling out his own gun.

"And what makes you think I can't kill you?" he asks, intrigued by my confidence in that statement. It wasn't confidence that came from a slight high.

"Because I'm a fucking unicorn!" I shout, giggling again. He arches an eyebrow and simply demands his money. I stop giggling.

"Fuck off. I don't have enough." At this point, Gemme walks in. Apparently I didn't close the door properly. She looks between me and Richard and I scowl at him.

"Just make sure you clean up when you're done, Luca," she says. Except Richard's personal gorilla is walking towards me now, and he bothered to get his gun out.

"Get out." I snarl at him, pushing him towards the door, forcing him back. He lifts his gun and tries to fire it at my shoulder, like a warning of some kind. Except I see what he's about to do and force the bullet backwards. It explodes backward out of the gun and slaps through his skull. "Amateur," I mutter, waving Richard towards the door. He looks from me to his now dead gorilla and sighs.

"Fine. I'll be back tomorrow. Have $20,000 and I'll think about not proving you wrong." Oh go get a fucking life and stop bothering me you big wank stain.

"Want me to wipe your debt for you?" Gemme asks when he's gone. I'm too pissed off to answer her right now. Instead, I punch the wall with a loud growl and turn around as Nate cries out. The food attacked him. He swats the flying food to the floor and looks up at me.

"I hate hallucinations!" he whines, looking at me like it's my fault. The look on his face - or what you can see of it - is priceless. I take a breath and look back at Gemme.

"How exactly would you go about that?" I glance at her arms and notice the new shining additions to her tattoos. She must have only got them done like an hour ago, the skin is still red and puffy. I don't say anything about them, though. I'm not in the mood. She taps her forehead. Oh yeah. The mind fuck thing that she has going on. She hasn't even needed to be around me and my brain feels like it's been poked by a particularly vicious child.

Either that or the mix I got high on last night was less fun than I thought.


"Up to you." I mutter, waving at the food on the floor and making it jump back up on the counter, at which Nate yelps and cowers again, thinking it's about to fly at him.

The End

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