Gemme: Good LuckMature

I went to bed after a while; I got bored of waiting for something to do. When I awoke, as promised, Ben was there staring at me. “You stayed.” I smiled when I woke up, his eyes looking straight at me.  I wasn’t stupid, I mean I knew he was only here for one thing and so was I. The stupid thing is that he thought one, his act was fooling me, two, that he had to keep the act up and three, that I wasn’t using him in the same way. "Yeah, I did. Well noticed there." And the facade has been dropped.

 "So, when is it till you dump me for a new girl?"

 "Dunno. It's not something I plan in advance, though if you really like, I'll give you some kind of warning."

 "So on a rating with the rest of the girls, where do I fare? Don't worry by the way, be honest." I’ll only beat you if it’s below five.

 "Hmm, about eight," he weighed up after a while.

 "So, who's better than me?”

 "She was a professional, put it that way." Prostitute whore in other words, or was that just me?

"Pfft, how much did you pay her?"

 “A couple hundred,” a waste of money, I could have probably done just the same if I had made a career out of my body.

 "Hah. So, how can I improve myself?" I arched a brow, my hand already caressing his bare chest.

 "I'd suggest going to her for lessons rather than asking me," He laughed, "I wouldn't know how to put it into words." I am not going for lessons and becoming a prostitute, I simply want to better myself and you can tell me how I’m doing. I’m sure it must be easy anyway.

 "Hmm, well do you mind if I experiment first? Then you can tell me how I'm doing."

 "Go on then," he muttered, curious.

 I threw off the covers and pulled down his boxers, flinging them to the floor. Almost instantly my head was between his legs and I found myself doing movements like I had done them a thousand times before. "Mmm, that's good," he growled. I smiled, quickening my movements, whilst also including my hands as I worked. Well, I am everything Gemme wished to be; good in bed is one of such things. He put one hand on the back of my head, his fingers gripping my hair roughly as he guided my movements. I alternated speeds, teasing him, wow this is easy. So tell me, am I still below an eight? Every time I slowed my speed, he growled and tried to make me move faster again.  I pulled away and laughed, looking up at him; "So, still an eight?"

"Don't stop and we'll find out?" I complied, still smiling; my movements quick. He didn't last much longer than that. What is it with guys? "Eight and a half?" he teased with a laugh.

 "Humph. Fine," I threw my legs out the side of the bed, getting up.

"Dunno why you're complaining. Most chicks are like a five." God damn it I was getting bored of this quickly.


 "Heh what would you say I am, then?"


 His eyes narrowed, but then he laughed again. "If I'm only a four, then Cancer must have been like minus twenty."

 "Nah, he was four and a half." I laughed; I couldn't help the sly grin that appeared on my lips. He didn’t say anything and I found it a relief, and an annoyance. "Wow, are we lost for words?"

 “Nah, I know you're lying, just to get a rise out of me."

 "Mmm, well seeing as you got what you wanted you can go now."

  "Being kicked out already? Huh, your choice,"

 "Well no doubt they'll be another damsel in distress you can play mister nice guy with in your tattoo parlour."

 "Hmm, but none of them have been an eight and a half so Far." he shrugged, getting up and grabbing his clothes.

 "Has there ever been a ten?"

 "Mmm... No. I know I said there was, but I was hoping it would make you push yourself to be better. I think it worked,"

 "You!" I growled slightly, narrowing my eyes as I looked at him, I placed a hand on my hip, it's hard to look angry when you're only in your underwear.

 He grinned as he pulled on his jeans. "There’s only one girl better than you... although you're a lot cuter than her when you're trying to look mad."

 "Humph. You know I won't let you leave till I'm better than her." I mumbled, leaning back on the door.

 "Y'know as fun as this was, I actually have a job."

 "Aww. Not one last day?" I mumbled, looking at him with puppy dog eyes, my arms folded across my chest.

 "Maybe later, babe."

 "Sure. But you won't be able to keep me off your mind."

 "I'm sure I won't," he smiled.

 "What appointments do you have?" I may have cared but you know, I have an act to keep up. Suddenly I had an idea for a tattoo. Dragons, one black, one white; one wrapped round my left arm, one round my right.

 "I'm booked up all day from twelve thirty. Celtic designs, a sleeve that needs finishing, some girl getting a tramp stamp."

 "Twelve thirty? But it's only ten o clock now!"

 "I was gonna get Phil to finish my sleeve today.”

 "Well, I think I may book in an appointment to get my arms done."

 "What you gonna get done?"

 "Hmm two dragons, one black, one white; one wrapped round my left arm, one round my right. Then make them blow fire to reach round my back to link my three tats together." The inspiration is my two sides, the better; darker me and the original, sweet Gemme breathing life into the phoenix; helping me overcome anything. Pretty deep huh?

 "Awesome. I'd help you get a template of them today, but like I said I'm under the needle till twelve thirty and then I'm working on other people."

 "It's alright, I can do it. I mean, if you haven't noticed the paintings around you. I think I can handle a simple tattoo."

 "I figured. I guess I can give you the template stuff to do it yourself if you like."

 "It's okay; I think I'll go to the guy that did my phoenix."

 "Yeah okay, I better go, or this sleeve is never gonna get finished."

  "Sure. I'll see you again sometime."

 "I sure hope so," he winked, he left. I stood in the doorway of my house and waved.

 "Yeah, good luck!" What I meant that to be was good luck with the tattoo, what I actually meant was good luck trying to get anything out of me again.

 "Good  luck?"

 "Yeah with the tattoo," I lied, no.

 "Heh. I don't need luck. I'll see you later."

 "Yeah. Later." One thing he didn’t know however was that I set his mind so he would always think of me, all day. Because I’m just great like that, so I went upstairs still not bothering to get changed and drew out my dragons. Well a single dragon, it would be the same on both sides just inverted. I drew out the colour scheme and finally got changed in a vest top and jeans.

 The tattoo took up most of the day but it looked amazing. The dragons stopped at the top of my arms and the fire came round my shoulders onto my back where they joined with the phoenix’s head feathers. I didn’t need any paper or anything on it because I wasn’t wearing a hoodie. Next I would pay a visit to Luca but I had a present for him. A sorry for making him break his last one.

The End

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