Gemme: Hello Me, It's Me AgainMature

I sigh, Luca...I can’t stop thinking about him and watching Ben tattoo this guys arm isn’t distracting me. I watch absently while Luca talked to me and sighed. I heard some mumbling and the chair I was looking at became empty. The guy got up and left, still not allowing my gaze to leave the chair even when Ben sat in it and began mumbling again. I was completely zoned out. Damn it, Luca just get outta my head. I moaned as I thought of the storm a few days ago, the way that without hesitation he held me close and even allowed me to sleep next to him. I have to go, Ben placed a hand on my leg and I woke up. “Hey, Gemme, what’s up?” He asked, well. I want Luca back. “Nothing I have to go.” I mumbled.  

“What’s wrong?” He persisted.

“Nothing, really,” I smiled, it was a fake smile but a good one.

“Then there’s no reason to leave so soon, is there?”

“But I’ve wasted enough of your time already."

"You're not wasting it. Really," he smiled. Come on, I’m trying to be nice here.

"Yes well, I have a cat at home and I completely forgot about him. I should be getting back." That wasn’t a complete lie, I had forgotten about Cosmos. Oh dear, I said I would feed him and look after him and I completely left him. I hope he could fend for himself.

"I'll walk you home if you let me finish up here. I'll not be long."

"Oh but really I must... okay." I sighed, watching him clear up. When he had done I was already walking out the door; I tried not to be rude but I needed to get home so I could distract myself better somehow.

"Someone's desperate to feed their cat," he laughed, "wait up."

"Walk faster." I rolled my eyes before slowing down a little; Gemme. You're being rude. He jogged to keep up and caught up easily, we got home in next to no time and I opened the door, hovering in the doorway. “Okay, I’m home. Thank you.” I muttered rather quickly before shaking my head. “Would you like to come in?” It would only be polite, after all he has put up with you so far. This is me talking to myself, sorry. I do that a lot, normally I talk to myself out loud but not when I’m in the presence of someone else.

"Question is if you want me here?"

"Of course, you'd be a good... distraction." After being polite for so long it sort of took over, the real answer would have been; “I don’t want to be rude but no. Not really.”

 I clocked Luca coming from the back of the house and smiled, after all he said that just because I wanted to sleep with someone else didn’t mean we couldn’t be friends. Although I wasn’t sure he believed that. So I would keep the conversation light, “Luca! Thank you. You haven’t seen Cosmos have you?” So I mention my cat, you’re a true Einstein.

"They’re on your back doorstep. And your goddamn cat didn't look too happy to see me. I dunno where he went, though." Great, well that’s my excuse out the window.

"Sorry." I mumbled.

"It's fine. I gotta go."

"Okay... see you. I'll help you with that debt too sometime!" I grinned.

"I don't need help." I hope he didn’t mean I’d pay it off for him, oh no. I would wipe that Richard’s memory; it was unfair anyway.

"You don't have a choice."

"Whatever. See you," he glanced at Ben irritably and walked off.

"Well, sounds like I won't have to feed my cat."

"Hmm?" Ben queried, was that, that hard to figure out?

"Cosmos probably ran off after seeing Luca, he never really liked him."

"Cancer never did like cats." He shrugged and smiled. "He never liked many things."

"Yeah...” But he liked me, I mean even his ‘friends’ he didn’t like. I was one of the true things, except drugs, sex and violence that he liked. I gave up on him. “Don’t worry. I have infinite patience.” Damn it, I am so sorry Luca. “So umm you can go in, I wanna grab those paintings from the back."


I went round the back and picked up the paintings, still half-wrapped in their brown paper and string. I unlocked the back door and carried them in, setting them beside it. I closed the door again and locked it before turning my attention back to Ben. "Would you like a drink or anything?"

"No, I'm alright thanks. What are the paintings of?"

"Luca," he laughed and I tried so hard not to contort my face into a look of disgust at his arrogance. "What?"

"You painted Cancer?"

"Yes, why is painting Luca a bad thing?"

"You could have picked a better subject, that's all," he shrugged, "I'm amazed you got him to sit for you at all."


"Well... to the first, he's not the most attractive guy in the world, to the second, he hates that kind of thing."

"First of all, I beg to differ,” Luca is more attractive than you. “Second of all you're making me feel worse about myself." I mean, Luca hated that sort of thing? But he always allowed me to paint him. He always sat for me; I never had a single argument. He always admired my paintings and I... Sorry Luca.

"Oops, sorry, maybe you should choose what we talk about. Or do."

"Or do?"

"Up to you," he smirked, a familiar glint in his eyes.

“Was that the only reason you came back here?" Because you thought you had some slim chance of actually... ha!

"You asked for a distraction."

"Yeah not sex," Luca’s words rang clear in my head, “chronic womanizer.” That he didn’t like knowing his place. Crap, I unknowingly led him on.

"Well what were you after then?" He raised an eyebrow. I suddenly had the feeling he only comprehended one thing.

"I dunno, I might have asked you to sit for me or discuss tattoo ideas not that. I mean you think there was an actual chance I might have slept with you?"

"Then what was all that yesterday, huh?" He paused for a short second, "All the flirting?" As if he needed to clarify. Okay, that was my fault yeah.

"I'm sorry, yesterday I thought you were cute but I wasn't thinking of you. I was thinking of Luca."

He stopped and I realised I had led him on, I knew what he was going to say  next and not just because I can read minds, "And earlier?"

"I'm having second thoughts. I'm sorry, okay?"

He gritted his teeth, his fists clenching and unclenching for a second, before he exhaled slowly. "It's fine. What else can I do then?" It obviously wasn’t 'okay.' His thoughts became loud and contorted.

"Don't hit me?"

He spread his hands and smiled. "I'm not going to hit you."

"Then I suppose, one last hug and you can go.” I still missed being held, not by Ben though, by Luca. “I am sorry for wasting your time... for leading you on." We both stood up.

“It’s okay.” He hugged me and then tried to kiss me, I didn’t pull away and my opposite personality kicked in. I hate being a zodiac, because of that it even took me a while before I pushed him off.

"Heh, I'll see you around." Something inside me jerked forward and I stopped him.

"Wait. Stay." What am I saying? No. Go, go! Even though I thought it my body wouldn’t comply, beckoning him in again. Damn it, what have I ever done to you?


I kissed him back, firmly. "You don't have to leave." Damn it, after this I am going to the asylum and checking myself in for multiple personality disorder; if I don’t seduce the doctors.

"That's more like it," he murmured into my lips, deepening the kiss.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled. "I'm sorry for lying to you earlier."

"Lying to me?" He asked his hands in the small of my back.

"For saying I didn't want you." I whispered into his ear, "I lied, I want you." Oh damn it, I’m lying now, can’t you tell!? Obviously not, I felt like a prisoner in my own body, not under hormones but under the twisted genes that made me who I was. Gemini, why Gemini? Why couldn’t I be a Leo or something that doesn’t involve watching yourself do something you’re gonna regret.

"I think I can forgive that one," he grinned crookedly, "I want you, too."

"Then take me." Where did I learn this smut? Damn it put me down.

"My pleasure," he said, hooking his fingers under my shirt, lifting it up.

I pulled it off and abandoned all hope. Unhooking my bra at the back and throwing that off with it, I spoke, unwillingly of course, "so, what was I gonna miss from the 'Sex God?'"

"Multiple orgasms and the best shag of your life," he stated confidently, roughly pushing me down on the sofa, his approach completely different to Luca's.

"Oh really? Well I don't believe you." I challenged.

"You have to feel it to believe it."

"Then stop talking and show me." What the hell? Eugh, I wish I was drugged up so I didn’t have to feel this; fighting myself for control but what could I do now? Even if I did win my body back, what could I do? He was stronger than me and his hormones would be going wild.

He grinned and ripped my jeans down, throwing them on the floor, his own shirt quickly following. His hands teased every sensitive part of my body with expert grace; stimulating part of me that I didn’t even know could make you feel this good. Then my pants soon followed the rest of our clothes.

 "Still not convinced," I gasped, try to find my breath. I was obviously lying and although I didn’t want it to happen I couldn’t deny that he was good. Really good.

"Then why are you so breathless, babe?" I knew I should have given up then but you know how defiant I am.

"I'm tricking you." I said, as quickly as possible so I didn't have to gasp for air again.

"Of course," he grinned, slipping two fingers between my legs, continuing to barrage my senses.

"Oh God," I moaned, unable to stop the words slipping from my mouth. I pushed against him, writhing under his touch. Get a life, slut. I thought I was like my own conscience; you know that little angel and devil?

"There we go," he murmured, not slowing his movements until my climax ended. When I was done and gasping for air, he waited what felt like less than a second before pulling me up, sitting on the sofa and lowering me over him. I hadn't even noticed him take his jeans off.

"There's more?" I wondered aloud.

"Of course, that's what I said wasn't it?" He grunted as he moved our bodies together, his hands still taunting my body.

I lowered my head and whispered into his ear. "Well so far, Luca was better." I taunted.

"Oh really?" He laughed and pulled me up off him again, sitting me on the sofa as he knelt on the floor, spreading my legs apart. "Bet he didn't do this," he said, ducking his head between my thighs. I arched myself closer to him, shaking my head softly. Nope, he definitely didn’t do that. I thought as the new sensations shivered through me. He put his hands around me on my rear and pulled me closer to him so he could look at me as he worked my body. I threw my head back, tossing it as he worked, "oh God, Ben!" I cried I couldn’t help it, but the inner me just felt like slapping myself and calling myself a whore.

Relentlessly, he moved me around again and laid me out on the sofa, sinking into me hungrily. "Oh yes!" I moaned, moving with him; my body ached slightly but all pain disappeared at that moment, I even began giving him direction, spurring him on.

He kissed me lustfully as he moved slowly, teasingly, before speeding up a little, groaning. I tried to hold back as I realised how close he was but I found I couldn't as my body trembled beneath him again. He laughed heavily, grunting as he finished only moments later.

"What're you laughing at?"

"I think I've proved myself to you, don't you?”

I shrugged and grinned, if there was one thing I learnt from Luca it was not to give up. He returned the grin in a self assured way that told me he didn't need the confirmation anyway. "I was expecting more." I huffed the way I spoke really did make me sound like a prostitute.

"You mean three orgasms wasn't enough?" his eyebrow twitched up.

"Two." I corrected.

"I'm not that bad at counting. Three."

"It didn't feel like it." I protested, almost laughing at him; but I managed to restrain myself for that.

"Huh, either way, better than you've had before, eh?"


"Maybe?" he rolled his eyes.

"I was never one to back down." I smiled, "you tired?" I wasn’t inviting him for more, although I could see how it could be taken that way. I was simply curious.

"I can tell. And no, are you?"

I shook my head softly, "surprisingly not." I mean, if I didn’t have my right mind I would have kicked him out before but alas my body still wasn’t tired enough to give up.

"What does it take to wear you out?" He chuckled.

"Dunno, never been worn out before."Great so my alternate personality was a sex fiend and a liar. That was when I heard the voice for the first time, “It wasn’t a lie and you have been tired. I haven’t.” What the hell?

 "Hmm, well what else can I do for you?"

"I think you've done pretty much everything."

"There must be more I can do," he smiled, kissing me softly on the cheek.

"Feel free to experiment." I smiled back. Who are you? The voice laughed. “I am the better you; I am the one that got you out of that dead end relationship. The you that made you not pass up this great opportunity. You cannot deny this was good.”

"Well... Since my libido is satisfied, there must be something else we can do?" “Boring.”

"You mean I have tired the great 'Sex God' out of sex?"

"There's only so many times a guy can get it up. Second time is never as good. S'pose I could still pleasure you though," he laughed.

"Well, I suppose we could go running." I rolled my eyes. “Oh and I’m not giving you your body back till you stop thinking about that Luca.” Okay, that’s it I need to find a mental asylum, soon. “Just sit down, shut up and let me take over.” I was reluctant but sure enough, I let her take over. So please don’t get confused. Everything from now on, until I say, is her speaking. I don’t know why I was so stupid to let her have control.

"Running?" Well someone fell two fries short of a happy meal, doesn't he get sarcasm?

I laughed, more at him than with him "I was being sarcastic."

"Good," he grinned. God close your mouth boy, you look like a fool.

"So is this one of those things where I'll fall asleep you'll sneak out and avoid me for the rest of your life?" I emphasised the word ‘your,’ because let’s face it, he ain’t no zodiac, ghost, werewolf, vampire or whatever and he was going to age and die.  

"No. This is one of those things where you'll fall asleep and so will I and I'll still be here in the morning, unless you'd rather I wasn't."

"No. I can't let a guy like you slip through my fingers.” This wasn’t one of those “don’t leave me” things; this was me saying you should never let someone this good in bed leave you. “So, know any other tricks?"

"What kind of tricks are you after?"

"Magic tricks." I laughed. He gets dumber by the second. I’m sure of it, unless his obliviousness was meant to be flirty. If so he was still an idiot.

"I only know one," he smiled, "I went to art college after all, not magic school."

 "Oh, go on." I whispered into his ear. "Indulge me."

"Got a playing card?”

"Umm, no," wait, is he on weed? I forgot he took drugs.

"Ah. Um... a card sized piece of paper?"

“Yeah, over there in that rack thingy." I pointed over to the rack of different papers in the corner. I swear if he makes a piece of origami or something I’m gonna shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

He got the piece of paper, held it up to show me it, flicks his wrist and makes it disappear. Grins and flicks his wrist again to bring it back. You know boy. I could make that paper disappear too. The only problem is I couldn’t bring it back.

"You know that's not what I meant. But hey, I'm gonna get dressed."

"I guessed. I just felt like entertaining you for a moment," he laughed, handing me my clothes.

"Thanks. You should get dressed too, unless you expect me to do something."

"Mmm," he got dressed and I watched, taking in every last detail. He was dumb but hey; he had a great body.

"Maybe I'll show you my tricks another day." I grinned, whispering it into his ear as I passed him; walking into the kitchen.

"I'll look forward to it," he replied.

"Oh. You will." I laughed, filling a glass of water. When I returned he was grinning again. Seriously, you look like a fool boy.

The End

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