Luca: My life is wonderful.Mature

I'm glad Gemme finally saw some kind of sense, though I kinda wish she'd just listened to me when I warned her before, rather than waiting this long. It's been the best part of a month now, and yeah, I've got to like her as a friend, and I've enjoyed the benefits of said friendship, but I don't want her to end up like Emily did. I know she wouldn't die, but still... aside from the fact that I just generally don't want to break her neck, she's afraid of hospitals anyways.

In case you're wondering, Emily was one of those two that I'd been with before. The official report was she'd tripped and I had been standing too far away to catch her, but the truth of it was I'd pushed her with telekinesis, meaning I didn't have to be standing anywhere near her. Of course people like Ben knew better, they knew I pushed her.

When I get back to the apartment, I busy myself with dividing the bulk packs of drugs into those small bags, so it's easier to sell quickly. I sit on the floor cross-legged with a set of digital scales in front of me, a bunch of little bags to my right and the drugs to my left in the case. As I sort through them like this, I try to keep my mind on pricing them. So much has happened the last few weeks that I almost forgot the rates that Si had. I decide to keep those rates, and if people don't like that, then fuck them.

There's a knock on the door, and I'm instantly tense, paranoia flooding me with adrenaline. But who can blame me after what happened last time?

This time, I leave nothing to chance; I clear up the drugs into the case and close it, pushing it out of view of the door, and get the gun from my bag. The person waiting outside gets all impatient while I'm doing this, knocking on the door a lot.

"I know you're in there Cancer!" the person calls. I recognise the voice as the dealer guy that Nikki had gotten in shit with. "Stop being a fucking coward and open the goddamn door! You're not as spineless as Nikki so don't act like you are." I roll my eyes and open the door, holding the gun in the pocket of my hoodie - out of sight but where I can keep my hand on it.

The guy brought a body guard type kinda person with him, but they aren't the ones that have been after me, or they'd have jumped on me the second I opened the door. That and the fact that I recognise the dealer.

"He stays outside," I gesture at the body guard guy with my free hand. The two of them hesitate for a moment then nod. I step back to let the dealer guy in and shut the door behind us. When he's not looking and I'm a few steps away from the door, I slide the chain lock across and double lock the door using my powers so I don't alarm the guy. "What's your name?" it's always easier to refer to someone when you know their name isn't it?

"You don't know?" he asks incredulously. I guess I can understand that. Si never told me his name despite the amount of times I've seen this guy. I shake my head and give a slight shrug. "Richard." Richard, right. I know I'll forget that before he's even left but there you go.

"And why are you here, Richard?" I query in a cold voice. I can't be bothered with this. Having said that, this is more welcome than confused thoughts about Gemme.

"Because you killed Nikki. Nikki owed me a lot of money that he was going to be paying back over the next month, y'understand so far?" Wow, just because I haven't got an education, doesn't mean I'm a complete retard, y'know. Oh, and what Ben said about me not being able to count past ten is a load of bull shit, by the way. I can, he just likes to exaggerate.

"I'd ask you to clarify, but I don't even know what the word ‘clarify' means,' I snap, rolling my eyes. "Of course I understand." Richard bristles a little, not liking the backchat.

"Good. Anyway, you killed him, and so now I've lost the money, and the person paying it back. This means that the debt falls to you." Oh great.

"And how much do I owe you, exactly?" I ask dully, hoping for a relatively small amount.

"Since you've killed off a major drain on my own funds, I'll give you an extra month to get it back to me, but I'm not going to be flexible on the amount." Blah, blah, blah. Get on with it. "$100,000" he says with a small smile. Suddenly I want to kill Nikki all over again and it takes a lot of effort to stop something from breaking.

Wonderful. I'm in massive debt to this Richard guy and Gemme hates me. My life is wonderful.

The End

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