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Why is sex so tiring? At least the fact that I was practically asleep the second I crawled into bed gave me an excuse to not answer Gemme's question. Sorry, questions.

"You claim all you have for me is lust, then why haven't you left me yet? Why won't you let someone else touch me, why are you so protective over me?"

Good questions, really. The answers are simple enough, really, but I'm sure she wouldn't want to hear them. They're not exactly what she's looking for.

To the first one: it's definitely lust, but it's friendship, too. She's been a better friend to me than anyone else has ever been, which also answers the last one too, I guess - the fact that she's a good friend makes me protective. No one hurts a friend of mine and gets away with it. I've said this before.

To the second one: the only other people I've seen trying to touch her are people trying to hurt her, that Justin guy and Benny. I mean, c'mon. Justin was trying to rape her and Benny wouldn't have played much nicer with her than Justin. You don't let a friend get raped now, do you?

And I answered the third one; she's a good friend and friendship is something you protect.


Being new to this whole real friendship thing makes me feel like a bit of a knob. It's not like I know where friendship ends and becomes something else. Which makes me think I'm acting like I think of her as more than a friend. Well a friend with benefits.

I don't wanna lead her on or anything, though. The sex is good, and the friendship is good, but it's not love.

When I wake up, Gemme is already up, just coming out of the shower. I don't move, just lie there with my eyes open, watching her get dressed. When she notices I'm awake, she smiles.

"Morning, sleepy. Well, afternoon, really." She says.

"Mmm." I grunt, rolling onto my back and closing my eyes again.

"Oh come on, get up."

"What for?" I groan, trying to find a new comfy position. I try rolling onto my other side so that my back is facing her. That's better. I smile into the pillow and move the duvet up again so it covers me up to my nose.

"Fine I'll go on my own." She mutters, her tone unimpressed. Huh?

"Go where?" I ask, turning my head so the pillow doesn't muffle my words.

"To go visit our friend Ben." I sit up and look at her with a sleepy frown.

"Why are you going to see him?"

"I want to tell him where he stands." She tells me coolly. Uh-uh.

"He isn't gonna like that." I reply through a yawn as I rub my eyes.

"I doubt he will, why does he normally get whatever he wants?" She has no idea.

"Chronic womanizer. You won't have left him in the best of moods yesterday, put it that way." I mumble. "I'm going to have a shower, wait for me." I get out of the bed and go to the bathroom before she can argue.  

"Fine," she huffs as I close the bathroom door. I shower quickly and dress even quicker, ready to go in under ten minutes. "Come on, I want to get this over with. Oh! If you remember my questions from last night I still want an answer."

"What questions?" I ask, pretending I can't remember. Of course I bloody remember, but I don't really want to upset her or anything.

"Well, you claim all you have for me is lust, then why haven't you left me yet? Why won't you let someone else touch me, why are you so protective over me?" Yeah, I'd been kinda hoping you wouldn't do that. I shrug indifferently and ask her why she wants to know.

"Because it's bugging me! I can't go to anyone else, yet I'm not yours! I need to know." Why are girls so ridiculously confusing?

"You can go to whoever you want, just not dickheads like Benny." I say, arching an eyebrow at her.

"Hmm that narrows the world down to geeks and introverts. Great, thanks." Her tone of voice stings me a bit, actually.

"Fine, you can go with dickheads like Benny, then, but don't whine at me when they hurt you." Having said that, they can't do much more damage than I already have.

"Luca, do you truly believe that? Would you really let me go and not feel the slightest regret?" she asks as we turn down the road the tattoo parlour is on.

"Just ‘cause you wanted to shag someone else, doesn't mean we automatically stop being friends." I shrug again, wondering if it would stop us being friends and what I just said was a load of bollocks.

"It's not that I want to, it's just... oh forget it." she sighs, shaking her head slightly. But now I'm even more confused than I was before.

"What? You're confusing me."

"Yeah just never mind." Um... okay. We reach the tattoo parlour and go inside, seeing Benny at the back, cleaning his gear and talking to someone wincing in pain. I can only hope she doesn't confuse Benny as much as she's confused me.

The End

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