Gemme: Sweetest OblivionMature

I stood there for a moment, letting my mind wander, I thought about how life works and revolves around sex and how now I had experienced it I had seemed to get caught up in that too. Not that I was bothered. I leant against the wall, one leg propping me up; my arms folded across my chest as I waited for Luca to return.

Ben flashed me a suggestive smile and swaggered over to me confidently. He put one hand up on the wall beside me, letting the wall support him as he talked to me. "C'mon. You know you're with the wrong guy. We both do."

I would have hit him but that would mean I wanted a fight and he looked like one of these “I don’t hit girls” types. “Right,” I nodded, “so other than being a ‘sex God,’” I unfolded my arms to make air quotes as I spoke, “what else have you got?”

 "I got a better personality than him, I'm less of a fuck up, I mean I actually got an education. I'm more mature, and, I don't have a temper like his."

“Interesting,” I mumbled, okay yeah sure he was right. Apart from the mature bit, maybe in age but the way he acted not really. He still acted like a teenager that had just discovered his hormones. Still, Ben would die soon enough, I would live on. I could never tell him I can read minds. I would have to live a lie with him every single day. I also still felt like hitting him.

"He ain't right for you." I really didn’t want this conversation; if Luca overheard he would only agree with Ben.

"What do you mean?" I just felt like saying, “I’m a part of the Gemini zodiac I could make your brain implode and if you don’t stop this conversation I’m gonna do it.”

"Ever seen a relationship that involves a hardcore drug abuser works out before?’Cause I know I haven't," he smiled knowingly.

"You take drugs. Why else would you be here?" I pointed out.

"I'm not addicted. I've only ever smoked a bit of weed and only for the fun of it." It’s always just a bit of weed before it leads onto something else.

"But I know he can change."

"You're very naive, Gemme. He'll never change." Luca walked back in but I wanted to make a point first:

"I know I'm crazy, naive and whatever but hey. That's just me." I shrugged.

Luca handed over a small bag of weed and stood, glaring at him. "I said no funny stuff. Take your weed and get out." Luca glowered.

I laughed as he left. "Thanks."

"Thanks for what?" He collapsed onto the sofa as he spoke.

"For kicking him out," what did he think I was thanking him for?

"Oh. S'ok. He calls you naive, but then thinks I didn't hear a word of what he said to you." Great now he’s pissed off.

"There is a million miles between me and him, trust me.” He said nothing and instead he simply lay down on the sofa. "Great, well... I should just go. I mean I've caused enough damage today."

"It's not your fault. You can stay if you want."

"Well today has been well and truly ruined so there is no point me being here."

"Ugh, Ben's a dick. Come here," he said sitting up again, I walked over and stood in front of him; sigh. He pulled me down onto the sofa so I sat next to him. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him back. "Next time I get to hit him." I murmured into his shoulder.

“Get in line. I think I'll pay for my next tattoo rather than go through that again,” he laughed weakly. “Sorry.”

“It's fine. I should stop leading people on though.” I shrugged, kissing him softly as he apologised.

He kissed me back, I knew he could change. “Maybe.”


"Just as long as they're not coming back here nor have a chance to do anything. Up till we got back here it was kinda funny."

"So, where do I stand with you right now?"

"Why d'you ask?"

"Curious if I can salvage anything from this day."

"Oh. I'm guessing me telling you that it's still just lust for you won't be such a great answer then," he grimaced slightly.

"To be honest lust was what I was counting on.” The faint glimmer from earlier still in my eyes, I knew it was there.

"Oh well that's good, then." He smiled.

"So where do I stand?" I was curious though, he said it was only lust yet he didn’t want anyone else to have my body; he was so protective over me.

"I lust after you a lot. Particularly with your new look." He laughed. "If that's how you answer a question like that."

"Hmm, what about if I remove the clothes, what would you think to that look?" I teased, a sly smile appearing on my lips as I looked at him.

"I like that one even better. You know I do."

"I still don't think you can do anything." I grinned, slowly taking off my jacket again and then kicking off my shoes.

"Now why do you think I can't do anything?"

"Because against me you’re powerless," I stuck out my tongue as I addressed him.

"How am I powerless?"

"Well, care to show me what you can do?' Cause right now I don't believe you.”

"You mean last time wasn't proof enough?"

"What's happened to you?"

"What do you mean what's happened to me?"

"Normally you'd jump at the chance for sex."

"Mmm. Healing away a boner represses my libido. Sorry," he chuckled. "But I'm sure you can fix that one."

I sat on his lap, so I leant back on him, "Hmm, I suppose I could try. I don't believe you actually... in the shop as well. Wow, I didn't know I had that effect with words." He held me on his lap, wrapping his arms around me so that his hands were in my lap, his fingers between my legs, teasing through my jeans. I shivered slightly, feeling a tingling sensation between my legs as he teased me. "Hey. I thought I was meant to be stimulating you!" In response, he simply grinned and kissed me, leaving his hands exactly where they were. I ground against him as he provoked me and I grabbed his hands making him move harder.

"Someone's eager." He chuckled and I felt a lump growing in his jeans.

"You’re the one torturing me." I shivered,

"Sorry, shall I let you tease me instead?" He dropped his hands away and I instantly yearned for him again. "No..." I mumbled, grabbing his hands again, but I turned so I faced him and began doing the same movements, slowly caressing the bulge through his trousers. His hands moved up, quickly removing my top as he kissed me.

I undid my bra for him; throwing it to the floor I remember how it threw him last time. Next I unzipped his trousers, allowing me to slip my hands beneath his boxers. I would pick Luca any day. Although granted I have never slept with Ben. Eugh, bad thought for a bad moment. Shut up brain.

I groaned slightly and stood up for a second, ridding myself of my trousers, then pants; returning to my previous seat butt naked I kissed him firmly. With a grin, he pushed me down so that I was lying beneath him again, his fingers invading me in the best way. My stomach tautened and I moaned in pleasure, smiling as I gazed up at him.

"I'm powerless, huh?" He asked, still grinning as he manipulated my senses.

"Yep," I tried to steady my breath as I spoke.

"Then why are you squirming like that?"

"I have an itchy back." I lied, but I wasn’t going to let him win so easily.

"Want me to sort that out?" He winked, pulling his hand away.

"Umm..." I stuttered, but I nodded out of pure curiosity. I fought the yearning I had for him as he pulled away from me.

He rolled me over so I was on my belly and asked me where the itch was, but instead of scratching as if to relieve me of any kind of itch, he ran his fingers gently down my back over the tattoo, tracing the inky lines on my skin with a nail, tickling me. I giggled, wriggling beneath him. Damn it. But I still wouldn't give in.

He leant in, his desire for me fully rekindled and pulsing against my rear as he whispered in my ear: "Still powerless?"

I nodded, "You... you're not going to win."

I heard the soft rush of fabric moving against skin as he pulled his jeans down and then his hands slid under my belly, lifting me up onto all fours against him. "Of course not," he murmured, the smile in his voice.

"No." I mumbled, still defiant against his victory, although I knew that Luca could probably overpower me in anything, let alone this that seemed to be one of his strongest points.

He took me from behind in that position, his movements agonizingly slow. My arms felt weak as he entered me, his slow thrusts torturing me I began to move against him in some vain attempt to make his movements faster. Except that he put his hands on my hips holding me in place as he continued to tease. "Still powerless?" he repeated. I nodded my head, my muscles tightening around him as he stopped. "Accept that you've lost L-L-Luca."

He chuckled quietly, beginning to move again, only a little faster this time. "Oh, Luca... faster..." I moaned, unable to stop the words spilling from my mouth.

"When you admit that I've won."

I shook my head, denying the fact that my body craved him my mind still did not want to give in. He pulled away, lying down on the floor. "Then I'll lie down here till you admit it."

I was there frozen for a few seconds before the cravings got too much, I yearned too much for him. "Luca... You... you..." I swallowed deeply. "You win. You have every power over me."

He laughed. "C'mon then, it’s your turn to be on top."

"Lazy." I laughed, as I moved over to him, straddling my legs over his body.

"No, it's just boring doing the same thing all the time," he said, guiding me down onto him.

"You had me from the back earlier." I smirked, moving slowly at first.

"So I did," he grunted, twitching his hips up as he ran his hands across my body. I moved his hands to my breasts as I began to move faster, resting my own hands on his chest.

I moved his hands to my breasts as I began to move faster, resting my own hands on his chest. He groaned, his hands tightening slightly on my skin. I began to move a little slower, but made my movements harder. "You seem rather powerless from here now." I smirked, I couldn't help it. I still had my breath somehow.

"You caved first, I still win."

"Bet you can't last as long as me though."

"At least I last more than five minutes," he laughed, a little breathlessly.

I nodded, rolling us over so he was on top again. "Go on, prove me wrong."

He grimaced slightly and pulled back, putting his long fingers back where they had been before. I looked up at him, kissing him passionately. "You're the sex God." I whispered into his ear softly. He chuckled, "thanks," as he massaged me blissfully. I reached a hand down to do the same to him and he groaned and quivered at my touch, revealing just how bad he wanted it. I moved faster mirroring his movements then unable to wait any longer, he took his hand away, sinking quickly into me with a hungered growl.

"Give me everything." I moaned.

He obeyed with zeal, beaming at me as his quick movements too us both to the edge of the best oblivion there is.

I wrapped my arms around him, quivering beneath him as I came to my end, I knew I had lost but I didn’t care; I was in pure ecstasy. He too slowed down as he finished and kissed me firmly. "I win," he whispered triumphantly.

"I don't care anymore." I panted.

"Is that because I won or because I'm just amazing like that?" He chuckled, lying down next to me.

"The latter of the two," he grinned and put an arm around me. "To say you were high with the other girls you know a lot."

"The internet was made for porn." he mumbled with a slight laugh.

"You know, laid here like this I'm sorta glad." I smiled, kissing him again.

“Mmm,” he nodded.

I rolled onto my side so I could look at him. "One thing's for sure."

"What's that then?"

"You hold everything over me. I'm definitely not challenging you again." I hated to admit it but I did feel weak and helpless now.

His eyes glinted mischievously. "Shame, the challenge was fun. Guess I never told you how competitive I am, though."

"You could have warned me."

"It never crossed my mind to."

I laughed, my breathing still not becoming controlled. "I feel so weak now."

"Well I could heal that away, but it wouldn't feel right. The afterglow is good." It was, although I wasn’t scared so much as concerned that I was so weak. It had never crossed my mind that I might need to become stronger.

"Not when you know the person next to you could do anything he wanted to you."

"Well I'm not healing away my afterglow either, so don't worry about it. I'm more in the mood to sleep than do anything," he laughed.

"Yeah... me too," I nodded, curling up so his arm wrapped around me more.

"Mmm. Bed time," he mumbled, sitting up and pulling me with him.

I followed, well was more dragged into the bedroom. "Luca... this may not be the best time but..." I waited for some kind of acceptance before I continued.

"What?" He mumbled dubiously as he pulled the duvet over us.

I curled up in the warm blanket, curling up next to Luca as he draped his arm around me again. "You claim all you have for me is lust, then why haven't you left me yet? Why won't you let someone else touch me, why are you so protective over me?"

He closed his eyes and pulled his pillow into a more comfy position, trying to think of an answer. "I dunno too many questions. Sleep time," he grumbled quietly, his words muffled by the pillow.

"I knew it." I nodded to myself as I curled up, facing him as we drifted.

"Knew what?" He half whispered.

I shook my head, silencing him with a loving, soft kiss. "Good night, Luca."

“Mmm” He hummed as he fell asleep, soon after I fell asleep too, exhausted. I should exercise more.

The End

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