Luca: He didn't just...Mature

To be honest, Gemme isn't the only one getting ‘worked up', to put it in her words. Times like this, I love being a healer.

Healing away what would otherwise have caused me great embarrassment, I grin at Gemme and enjoy the view she gives me, despite having wrapped up in that jacket. I just hope she doesn't mention that I'm healing it away, because then it would be just as embarrassing as having the actual boner in the middle of the shop anyways.

"What're you grinning at?" she asks. I laugh lightly.

"The look in your eyes." I wink, knowing that same look is probably in my eyes too. And Benny's.

"I can't help it." She muttered. Hmm.

"You don't even need me to tease you now," I chuckle, rolling onto my front as Benny gets to the part of the wolf that folds over onto my back. "I can't be that bad if she's all ‘worked up' even here," I add, talking to Benny. Huh. Shit in bed my ass.

"Yeah, but I bet she was worked up because of me." Benny teases and Gemme shakes her head.

"I'll be fine after the next hour of waiting, don't worry you can still tease me." She laughs.

"Pfft, and you call me a dick, Benny." I grumble, wincing slightly as the needle hit my hip bone. That hurt.

"That's because you are, Cancer," he replied coolly. I wonder sometimes if getting a free tattoo is worth keeping this guy sweet.

"Well duh." I mutter. "I am the local psycho." I remind him. He nods, but grins.

"You were. You got a chick now, I bet you go soft." He laughs, knowing he's pissing me off and I can't do anything til he's done.

"Hey! I didn't make him soft, he's still not soft. Plus stop arguing! You're driving me nuts." Gemme exclaims. Benny gives her a sly grin and I realise I'm trying really hard to keep things where they are. Stupid temper.

"You can't soften genetic traits." I snap, remembering how my mom told me my temper comes from my dad.

"Ooh, look at you! Someone paid attention in school one day." Benny chuckles and checks my tattoo, filling in little bits of skin that had been too bloodied to see properly where he was going.

"Fuck you." I growl as he rubs the lotion stuff in to finish up.

"Can't we all just play nice? Ben, shut up. Luca, calm down."

"Getting Cancer to play nice is about as likely as getting a real cancer to stop killing you." Ben says, turning away to clean the ink from the needle gun and dispose of the needle before looking back at us. I sit up and grab my shirt, though I don't put it on, I don't want to irritate it or anything, and I'm not gonna heal it just yet.

"Hmm, Luca, we going back to yours or d'ya wanna come back to mine?" Gemme asks, apparently ignoring Benny.

"Mine," I glance up at Benny before standing, "well, I guess you'll be wanting your weed now?" I ask him. He nods and packs up his tattoo gear. "Coming? Or would you rather I meet you back at yours?" I turn to Gemme this time.

"I'll come with; I'll get bored otherwise." Y'know, I think being with me has given her a personality transplant. Or something happened; she wasn't like this when I first met her. Don't get me wrong, this isn't me complaining, I like the new Gemme. Far sexier.

We all bundle out of the shop and Benny drives us back to my apartment - him in the front and me and Gemme in the back together. He's rambling on about how he's a sex god, and ignoring my threats to rip his bollocks off.  I might not actually rip them off, more... I dunno, kick them a lot. It works the same.

"She'll still choose me over you, Benny boy," I laugh, letting my hand stray onto her thigh. She nods, but says nothing. Benny clocks the nod in the rear view and goes off on one about how she made the wrong choice.

"And no fondling in my car!" he yells as he sees where my hand is.

"Bite me." I smile. She laughs and kisses me hotly.

"Hmm, I can wait." She grins. I kiss her back, enjoying knowing that this must really be winding Ben up.

"Can you now?" I ask as I pull away with a wink.

"I'll try my best." She says, still smiling as we pull up outside the apartment block. We get out and go inside. As we walk up the stairs, me first then Gemme and then Benny, I hear a light smack and turn around. Benny did not just slap Gemme's ass... What a dickhead. She turns slowly and glances at him before shaking her head and continuing to move up the stairs. I'm more tempted to push him back down the stairs and beat him up, but I resist said urge and keep going.

When we get to my door, I warn him against any more of that in a tone that really doesn't sound all that friendly and then let him in, going to the case to get him what he came here for.

The End

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