Gemme: A New LookMature

I hadn’t been in a hairdresser in so long, hence how long my hair had gotten. When I looked back in the mirror again my hair seemed lighter, fluffier. It was straight and framed my face perfectly. I smiled and muttered my thanks to the hairdresser. She smiled and I paid happily. It felt so good to be rid of all that hair. I suddenly had the urge to go get a new change of clothes. But first I would go with Luca for his tattoo. I walked out of the shop and into the cafe next door. I didn’t sit with Luca I just stood at the table, leaning on the back of the chair opposite him. “Hey, Luca it’s time to go get your tattoo.” I grinned, enjoying the feeling of lightness that losing all that hair had given me.

"You look good," he smiled, standing up.

"Thank you. It feels better too." I grabbed his hand as we walked from the cafe. He returned the grip with a slight hesitation, but his smile didn't drop at the contact.  "I've noticed you've definitely become more comfortable with me lately."

"I'm getting there."

"Perhaps, while you have your tattoo done I may indulge you in the story as to why I hate thunderstorms.” It would certainly be embarrassing and show how much of an idiot my brother is.

"Sure, if you want to."

We walked into the tattooist and Luca talked to his friend, I couldn’t hear what he said I stood in the doorway until they were done. When the man led Luca into the tattoo studio in the back I followed a little sheepishly. I stood in the doorway of this room instead and watched as the tattooist placed the template on his skin, the blue wolf appearing on his skin. I stood watching as the needle began to work the black outline into his skin. “Hey, who’s your friend?” The tattooist asked. “This is Gemme.” Luca smiled, "be nice, and hands off."

"Hands... off?" I muttered, the words not quite getting through.

"It's just a joke," he laughed, "he won't have time to get his hands on you, because he'll be busy tattooing me." He gave a pointed look to the tattoo guy but he was too busy with his work.

"Oh. Umm hey tattoo guy." I smiled awkwardly, I never liked asking people's names and I couldn't use my power so openly.

"Benny," Luca informed me, I knew calling him this would agitate him but I could tell him that. No powers in public I decided.

"Hey, Benny," I grinned.

The tattooist growled as he spoke. "Call me Ben. Seriously, Cancer, you're a dick."

"Sure. Luca, do you mind if I come back in a little while? There's something I wanna get."

"Yeah okay, this is gonna take a few hours, so I'll see you back here, unless you wanna go home or whatever, I guess?"

"I'll come back." I smiled, kissing him softly before I left.

"Yeah, see you," he muttered, ducking away slightly. I grinned and left. I looked around the shops for a while before buying a new, tight, black leather jacket. Along with a black t-shirt with some rock slogan on it and studs and a pair of skinny black jeans; I thought why stop there? So I also bought myself some new ankle boots and suddenly I looked like someone who would hit you as soon as you said one word to me. Oh well, it wasn’t that bad, people stopped thinking dirty thoughts about me.

I returned to the tattoo shop and sat on the table in the corner, in front of where Luca was sat. I smiled, intently studying the slowly forming wolf on his side. If you wondered what happened to my old clothes I binned them. It was only an old pair of ripped jeans and a white t-shirt seeing as I had nothing better to throw on at the time.

When I got back to the tattoo parlour, Luca was lying on his side, talking to Ben near the back of the shop. He didn't notice me at first and then looked at me as I waited to catch his attention. A frown flickered across his face before he realised. "Gemme," he laughed, ignoring Ben scolding him for moving. "I didn't recognise you!"

"Thanks. I thought the eyes would have given it away." Seriously, how many people do you know with heterochromia. Now think of how many of those people have one bright green and one a subtle blue, you don’t get much weirder than that.

"I was busy looking at your body," he grinned, fair point.

I raised a brow slightly. "Thanks." I smiled seductively, teasing the fact he couldn't move.

"You wait till later," he replied in a tone that was meant to be threatening.

"Oh, yeah, I'm terrified." I smirked, crossing my legs.

"You should be," he smiled. Ben flashed me an appraising look as he pulled away from Luca to refill the ink pot thing.

"You can't do anything." I challenged as Ben began his work again.

He considered this for a moment, "really?"

"Yeah, really," I leant forward slightly, before laughing.

"Huh.” I gave him a questioning look while I scooted back so I could cross my legs on the table and lean against the wall.

"I don't believe you."

"So you can do something?” Huh, so he may have power? “Go on... indulge me."

"Nah, I'd rather make you wait till we get back and show you."

Ben looked at me then Luca. "You lucky son of a bitch," he mumbled to Luca.

"Why thank you." Luca grinned.

The End

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