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I've never understood why people are afraid of storms. Most of them are all bark and no bite.

But here I am, in bed with Gemme curled up against me. Jeans aren't very comfy in bed are they? I hadn't bothered to get undressed before climbing into the bed, which was - in my head - an entertaining experience. I'm used to a mattress on the floor, not a proper bed.

Not being the best person to come to for comfort, I don't know what to say to Gemme, so it makes sense to just not say anything. Only the sound of the thunder and her whimpers as the storm rages around us breaks the silence. She doesn't say anything either, and at some point, my eyes close and I fall asleep, despite her continued cries at the storm.

When I wake up, the storm is long gone and Gemme is fast asleep next to me. I roll onto my back, stiff from sleeping in the same position all night and stare at the ceiling, vaguely wondering what made her so terrified of storms. With a slight shrug, I figure it's up to her to tell me and that I'm better off having a shower. As I get up, she stirs, but doesn't wake up, and I can't help but think how cute she looks all balled up and sleepy like that.

By the time I'm dressed, Gemme is awake, though still under the covers.

"You alright?" I ask clearing away the mess I left on the floor from my high. Ah the mess a bit of powder can make.

"I'm fine now. Thank you." I nod and pack the case away in the back of the wardrobe and close it, leaning back on the doors as if to make them stay closed.

"Good, good." I mutter, not really knowing what else to say.

"Thank you for staying with me, instead of leaving. Thank you also for allowing me to stay; even through my stupidity." You're saying this to someone who is afraid of domestic pets?

"S'ok. We all have our fears, I guess. I hate cats and you hate storms," I smile.

"Yeah... I generally hate electricity. It's bad." It's only bad when you let it get out of hand, or it hurts you. I'm not really in the mood to argue, though so I just nod and ask if there's anything she wants. "Water, please," she says and I disappear off into the kitchen to get her the glass of water. When I return with it, I sit on the end of the bed with my legs crossed, my mind blank. I smile absently at her.

"You gonna get that tattoo done today?" I keep forgetting about that.

"Yeah, wanna come?"

"Sure, I'd love to."

"What d'ya wanna do after that?" I wonder aloud.

"Get rid of this." She replies, tugging at her hair. I smile and pull the covers off her.

"C'mon then, we're in for a long day." I laugh.

"Yeah" She smiles, reluctantly pushing herself out of the bed. She showers and dresses and when I've got the sketch and my wallet out of my bag, we leave. I stop by the tattoo shop that my mate works at and I give him the picture for him to make a template from, before telling him we'll be back in a bit.

"Where d'you want to go to get your hair done?" Clueless me, as usual. When my hair gets too long I shave it off and wait for it to grow back, I don't think I've been to a hairdresser or barber in about seven years.

"It's just down the road, next to the coffee shop you saw me in." I nod and we walk in that direction. I sort of wonder what happened to that Justin guy after I beat him out and told him where to go, and I hope he's having fun in jail or wherever he is.

"I'll wait in the waiting area, I guess," I say as we walk in. I take a seat and watch as Gemme is taken over to have her hair washed and half listen as she describes what she wants done. "To my shoulders, and I was thinking about getting it thinned out, as well..." I hear. I stop listening at that point, and look around the rest of the room. Feels weird being in a place like this after so long. There's the buzz of an electric razor to my left and I look over at a guy getting patterns cut into his hair.

He catches me watching him in the mirror, takes one look at my reflection and turns away again, clearly deciding not to yell at me for gawking. I smile slightly, guessing that I probably look a bit weird just sitting here looking around, but there you go. I get bored pretty quickly, and I get up, tell Gemme I'm getting a coffee and offer to get her something.

"No thank you. Here" she makes the hairdresser wait a second as she pulls out some money. "Get a new bar for your..." She finishes her sentence by tapping her eyebrow. I smile, tempted to argue about it, but in the end there's no point. It's just a few dollars, so I mutter a ‘thanks' and leave.

I wander down a road and find myself at the hippie store where they have all gems and incense and stuff like that, as well as a few more gothicy things like dragon statues and random shit that no one needs. And then a whole four counters dedicated to displaying piercings. The fourth one has a display of rings on it, I'm not so interested in that one. The four counters kinda make a box for the cashier to stand in and watch you. Hippies are very paranoid for a bunch of people loving folk.

I get another bar for my eyebrow and ignore the weird sensation as I force it through the half closed hole the moment I hand over the five dollars it cost me. I briefly consider getting something else and going and getting another piercing, but I can't be bothered, in the end.

When I get back to the salon, Gemme's hair is about half done, so I sit in the cafe next door and wait for her to come out.

The End

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