Gemme: Stormy WeatherMature

Was Luca... crying? I tighten my arms around him, he must be thinking about something really bad, I would ask what was wrong but right now I think silence was best. Sure, I had it rough and had it bad but I always had help. I suppose the only help he ever had was drugs. I rested my chin on his shoulder, just trying not to listen to his thoughts. It would be better if he told me in his own time. After about thirty minutes had passed I lifted his head slowly, brushing a stray piece of hair behind his ear, “Luca, come on. Let’s go get that guitar.” I smiled softly, staring into his absent eyes.

"I don't wanna go out like this," he mumbled, I shook my head "Well, you can't stay like this." He said nothing so I moved in to kiss him softly; he didn’t flinch away or freeze. "Come on Luca, would you like a drink or anything?" He shook his head and I sighed, " oh Luca..." I tightened my arms around him again."

“What?” He mumbled again.

“Nothing,” I shrugged and he became silent again. I kissed him once more and he tightened his hug around me. “Luca, are you going to be okay?” I asked and he nodded. “Are you sure?” I knew this could get annoying but I had to make sure.  He nodded again and I wondered, “Do you want me to let go?” He hesitated, taking a few moments to figure out his answer.

“No, not really,” I smiled, “okay.”

“Thank you.” I smiled again, resting my head on his shoulder gently. I didn’t want to let go, I was actually enjoying this, well except for the fact he was obviously upset. I didn’t know whether it was just the come down or what, but I tried to comfort him as much as possible and seeing as he wasn’t one of the people to show weakness I wasn’t exactly sure how to do that.

“Luca, get a shower and get dressed and we’ll go out; my treat.”

"Where’re we going?" I tried to avoid saying ‘where do you want to go?’ So I thought for a moment.

"Well there's this restaurant I saw in town, or if you want we can get you a new guitar."

“O-okay, I’ll get a shower.” I nodded and waited for him to finish getting his shower and getting dressed. “Okay so, where do you want to go?” I asked now that he seemed a little better. He shrugged “that restaurant you said?” I nodded, smiling as I grabbed his hand leading him out of the door, “let’s make this night a good one hmm?”

"Yeah, okay."

"Perhaps I could even lift your spirits a little later?"

"How would you do that?"

"I've learnt a few new things we could experiment with." You wouldn’t believe some of the things these guys think about. I mean, well... you’ll find out later I guess.


I smiled slyly, "you'll have to wait and find out."

"Oh... okay,"

"Then perhaps you could work off your other debt."

"I'll try," he laughed slightly.

We got to the restaurant and we got sat down in a little booth in the corner and the waiter gave Luca, then me a curious look before handing us our menus. We ordered and I sat there, poking my food for a while; Luca however dove straight in. “Hey, Luca. Have you ever eaten out before?” I asked. He shook his head, “nope.”

“How’re you enjoying it?” It was a stupid question; he had already scoffed down his starter and main. He nodded half-way through mouthfuls. When he swallowed he grinned. “It makes a change from ordering pizza.” He nodded and I nodded too. “Yeah, it saves me cooking too.” He smiled at me and I allowed him to finish his meal in peace. I tipped the waiter well and we walked home. “So, how’re you feeling now?”

"I'm okay. Are you? I never asked if I did anything stupid."

"No. You didn't do anything; you just giggled and said I looked funny from the angle you had when you were laid on the floor." I smiled at the memory and gazed around me for a minute.

"Oh well I suppose looking like a complete twat is better than being violent."

"Yeah, but hey I love being a babysitter." I mumbled.


"It's okay. You can make it up to me when we get home."

“I’ll try.”

“You’ll try?”

“I’m tired.” Tired... tired... that word rang a bell.

“Wait, what day is it?”

“I have no idea, why?”

Valentine’s Day... “Oh bugger! I had a gallery viewing today.”

“Oh, shit. Sorry.”

“I knew I was missing something. Argh... I'll have to reschedule." Great, just great, well it wasn’t his fault. It’ll be okay. I turned to him and his face had flushed a subtle red. “Why are you all red?”

“Cause it’s my entire fault you missed it.” Well, it’s nothing major. I just hope someone hasn’t bought the space already.  

"No, no. It's fine. Honestly. I'll reschedule for next week. Is it okay if I spend the night here?"

"What in this shithole?"

"Yeah," it wasn’t necessarily staying in this place; I just wanted to stay with him.

“If you want to, sure, you can have the bed. You might wanna check it though. I dunno what Nikki might have hidden there."

"Wouldn't it be safer for me to take the couch then?"

"No because I checked that and I know there are needles there. I couldn't be bothered to find somewhere else for them."

“Great,” I mumbled, before hearing a loud thump that crackled away. This was then followed by a white strip that passed by the window lighting up the whole room and night sky. A slight scream escaped me and I hid behind my hands. Luca looked up alarmed. “What’s up?”

"Thu-thunder.... thunder storm." I stuttered, shaking my head.

 "What about it?"

"It's scary." I know you’re probably thinking what are you 5? Well no, but when you got used as an electricity conductor when you were younger you would hate it too.

He smothered his laughter, "Aw. I'll keep you safe from the storm."

"It's not funny." I muttered, shaking my head slightly.

He bit his lower lip slightly and pulled me into a hug. "Sorry."

I trembled slightly in his arms, not able to lift my own to hug him back, “than-thank you."

"It's just a storm... why are you shaking?"

"I'm really scared." I muttered.

"Clearly. But why?"

"Because I don't like it, they are horrible, horrible things that cause horrible, horrible accidents. I don't want to die." I huffed.

"You're not gonna die, remember?"

I nodded. "I don't want to be mortally wounded."

He rolled his eyes, “You won't be hurt, either."

Another crack of lightning lit up the room and I yelped, instantly twining my arms around Luca. "Can I sleep with you tonight?" I mumbled.

"Um... okay. I'll go check the bed. As he moved to the bedroom I clung to his waist, refusing to let go. "Ahhh!" He laughed at me, it was only gentle but it still wasn’t nice; he checked the bed and gave me the all clear. “Thank you. Thank you.” I muttered, “AHHH! Thank you...”

He climbed into the bed, “C’mon then.”

I crawled in beside him, my legs tucked up to my chest, my arms wrapped around him, my head resting on his chest. "Thank you." He draped one arm over me and let me cuddle up to him without a word. I tried not to shake as I listened to his heartbeat, its soothing rhythm calming me slightly.

The End

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