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“I wouldn’t let them hurt you, while you were with me...”  At first, I admit I think what I felt for Luca was physical desire but now I think it is so much more. "Wouldn't you suggest that I didn't take them at all?" It seemed like a quicker and easier choice.

"It's your choice." He shrugged, taking another drag on his cigarette, the smoke billowing out in front of him. I had gotten used to the smell by now and the only thing that bothered me slightly was kissing him.

"Hmm, they wouldn't do anything for me though; no mental and as you promised no physical effects either."

“Then there would be no point, would there? In taking them, or me telling you not to."

"Yeah... did you really mean that though? I mean, I know you don't like being a personal medic to the zodiacs."

"To the zodiacs, never said I wouldn't heal someone I actually like."

"Thank you, although I try not to get hurt." I pulled my legs up to my chest, encircling them with my arms. "You don't mind do you?"

He looked at me with a questioning gaze and I looked down at myself, gesturing to my nakedness, "oh. No, I don't mind."

I thought for a moment, I had my muse, my love, my painting a roof over my head and nothing is wrong with my life so far. “

"This mustn’t be that bad. An eternity living like this..."

He laughed "No, I'm enjoying it so far."

I was thinking again, about his power. He could only heal minor things... "Just pure curiosity, could you heal away the tiredness in my body after... sex? If you wanted to I mean.”

He nodded, then smiled; I guessed at my hesitation, he normally found that funny or cute or whatever. "I could, yeah. Why d'you ask?"

"Curious." I shrugged.

"Do you want me to?"

"Well that would mean we could..." Wow. That would mean he would never get off me, well he wouldn’t have to.

"You're worse than me."

"I was only curious. I never said... I actually... I mean if you wanted... it was just." I sighed gathering myself together. "I was just thinking about the concept."

He laughed loudly at that. "Sure. I still think you're worse than me or at the very least as bad as me."

"I'm as bad as you, except as much as I would love to I do have other things to do starting tomorrow. So you have me for the rest of today."

"What other things?"

"Hair cut, clothes shopping, bills, I should start a new series of paintings to sell and get income. I need to quit school as well and talk to my job people." I felt bad about manipulating him into giving me a job then not turning up before thinking about quitting.

"What are you gonna do with your hair, then?" He asks, looking at it for a moment. His hand moved as though he was about to reach out and touch it, but he doesn't.

"Cut it, to about my shoulders I think. Maybe even dye it."

"What colour?" Why was he so interested all of a sudden?

"I was thinking a lighter blonde, I dunno I quite like the honey colour it is now."

“Then leave it as it is," he shrugged with a vague smile."

"I thought you didn't care."

"I just mean if you like it the colour it is, don't dye it." Well he had a point, I was just curious. I didn’t think he would care about my hair... I hate rhyming.

"Well, what do you want to do today, last day before I become busy?”

"I... have no idea. Nothing I would usually do to fill the time would get your approval, and as embarrassing as it is to admit, I really don't want to go back to the apartment on my own after last time. So it's more a question of what do you want to do?"

"What would you suggest, if it was drugs just take it off the list anyway."

He shrugged. "We could always go down the music store and look for a new guitar. I did kinda smash my other one."

"Why on Earth did you do that?"

"Well you were there. You were talking to me through my door and I got pissed off and it went flying across the room into the wall, the way a lot of things do when I get pissed off."

"Oh yes.” I remember that well, “well allow me to buy it for you. Indulge yourself."

"Tanglewoods are expensive, though. They're imported from England. You don't have to pay for it."

"I do have more money than you." I pointed out.

"That's not really the point," he laughed.

"Oh come on, Valentine’s Day is soon. Allow it to be a gift for that then." His face flushed and he shook his head. "What?"

"Valentine's day." he muttered.

"What about it? It's just an excuse for people to beg for presents, in this case for me to buy one for you."

"That doesn't stop it from being the second worst day of the year. You don't have to get me anything."

"What’s the first?"


"Never been a big fan?" He shook his head, looking at the floor “another bad experience?” I was careful where I treaded.

“You could say that.” I didn’t say anything further, I just simply moved to him hugging him tightly.

“You don't need to hug me every time something shit about my life come out, y'know. You'd never bloody let go." He muttered.

"Then I won't." I whispered back, I wouldn’t mind despite the fact I was still naked I didn’t mind hugging him and never letting go.

The End

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