Luca: One debt down.Mature

I watch as she redraws the wolf outline, her face set in a mask of concentration that made me bite back a laugh. I didn't want to make her jump or get pissed off at me for laughing at her concentration face. My mind wandered again as she was working, trying to figure out how to get a girl off. It can't be that hard, right?

"There. He should be able to make a template straight from that." She says and I smile, my thoughts fading quickly.

"Thanks," I reply, taking the new picture from her. I think briefly about going back to the apartment but... after what happened last time I was left alone there? Huh. Gemme giggles.

"Thank you." I arch an eyebrow, and then remember her thoughts on my body. Rolling my eyes, I smile a little and light another cigarette, relaxing back into the sofa. "Sorry, I am that sad." She laughs, moving her pencil between her fingers. I grin. Why would I mind?

"S'ok," I laugh a little, "I don't mind."

"It's not like I can repay the favour though..." Uh, sure it is. Tops were made to be taken off, right?

"Well... I can always start repaying those debts," I wink, letting my eyes linger on her body, not even bothering to hide my lust for her. I couldn't have gotten a better girl to fall in love with me really. Nice and hot.

"You can try," she said.

"Is that a challenge?" I chuckle. Gemme nods and grins. My lips twitch up into a crooked smile as I stub out my cigarette, sitting up. I pull her on top of me, letting myself lean back into the arm of the sofa and lift my head a little to kiss her on the lips, softly as she showed me before and then firmer.

"You're learning," she notes with a wide smile before kissing me back, mirroring me.

"Just because I don't go to school, doesn't mean I don't learn things," I laugh, letting my hands explore her body, sliding up under her shirt.

"Mmm, you definitely learn more outside of school." She smiles. As I run my fingers gently up and down her torso, I wonder for a second if it's her words or my tickling touch that made her smile more.

"Yeah, well school is boring and this isn't." I murmur, kissing her again, more forcefully, this time.

"Definitely not." She grins, kissing me back, slowly slipping her top over her head. My hands stay up to fumble around with her bra strap. God knows who designed those clasps at the back, but god, do they need a slap. Gemme laughs and undoes it herself, sliding the bra off to release her breasts. I cup them, kiss them, make her smile and kiss her lips as I sit up, pushing our bodies up so we're sitting.

I turn my attention to her jeans. They're much easier to get off. Pulling them down, I gently push her backwards to get them off her. They fall to the floor and I slip one of my hands between her legs, the other still on her chest. Shifting so that I'm over her on all fours as best I can on a sofa, I duck my head down and kiss her, my desire flitting through the contact. I can hear her breathing get heavier as I move and she kisses me back with just as much desire.

"Keep going." She whispers, half gasping as I tug her panties away too, completely exposing her. I dip my fingers inside of her, stroking the muscular walls there and smile as she groans just a little. Maybe I'm not so bad at this after all. I keep that movement going, keep kissing her and move my thumb against the bundle of over-active nerves that begs for my attention.

Pulling away for a moment, I use one hand to undo my own jeans, shoving them down on the floor, my boxers soon after. I can't help it. There's something about feeling her heat up under my touch and hearing those happy groans that makes me horny again. Her arms fold around me, her fingers digging into my back as I sink into her, our moans mingling together.

Soon enough, her grip tightens and she moves slightly, gasping for her release. She quickly finds it, quivering around me and her muscles tighten. I kiss her firmly and my own release follows her pretty much as soon as she's done.

"One debt down?" I ask when she's caught her breath. I sit back on my heels and smile at her.

"One. One left." I nod.

"I'm guessing that will be for some other time, though, huh?" I grin.

"The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak." She laughs and I run a finger down her body, making her shudder slightly.

"No, just not practiced enough."

"You suggest I... practice more?" Uhm, yeah.

"Why not?" I query with a half laugh.

"I have work, school?" Oh yeah. I forget these things actually mean something to people sometimes. But still.

"You get free time." I shrug and light a cigarette, glancing at her with a crooked smile again.

"Hmm, I suppose I don't need to work or go to school. I just need a subject and my paints." That's more like it.

"You're beginning to sound like me," I chuckle, "Just you prefer painting to drugs."

"It's healthier," she says. Normally I would agree... but I can heal the side effects away pretty much. All but the mental ones. "Plus if I was to take drugs they would only damage my body; they don't affect my mind."

"They wouldn't even damage your body if you were with me." I remind her, blowing out a plume of smoke before screwing it into the ashtray with a smile. "I wouldn't let them hurt you."

The End

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