Gemme: SensitivityMature

I sat uncomfortably for a while, before asking him if there was anything on his mind. I hated awkward silences, I didn’t know why I was so uncomfortable talking about sex, I would practise more often but you know you don’t talk about these things often.

 He took a moment to regain himself, "no, not really. Why?"

"I hate awkward silences. Just wondered if you had anything you wanted me to answer." It was partly true, it just seemed as though he was thinking.

"I didn't think it was especially awkward. Sorry." I stopped myself from rolling my eyes and smiled, although if he didn’t think it was awkward he was doing something...

"You were thinking about something."

"I was only wondering if I'm any good in bed. Nothing important, I guess." He shrugged.

"Oh... yes." I concluded after a while, I couldn’t compare him to anything but the experience so far were memorable. But they both ended rather badly, first time Ike started shouting. Second time, well...that was my fault.

He grinned and laughed a bit, "That’s good."

"I suppose I can't really say that much though I have never... gotten off," to use his own words.

“Well... I'll figure out how to get you off soon enough," he said with a smile.


"I dunno. You're more than welcome to show me what gets you off and help me out a bit."

"Well umm... I don't really, I mean... heh." I rubbed my neck awkwardly, "maybe." That was really awkward, I mean just the thought off, but I’ve never... well even my thoughts are jumbled on the subject!

“You don't know, do you?" Heh...

 "No." I mumbled, looking at the floor.

He chuckled and I looked up."We'll have fun finding out, then," he grinned at me, his eyes glinting. I nodded, "then you can pay off your debts."


"So, when you gonna get back to your apartment?"

"I dunno, hadn't really thought about it."

"Well, leave when you're ready." I grinned, "So, do you think I should get a haircut?"

He shrugged,"You're asking the wrong guy, here. I haven't got a clue," he laughed; well yeah I thought it a stupid question to ask.

"Hmm... you know I might." Get it cut to my shoulders, feathered and layered... possibly dyed too.

"Want to go to town tomorrow? You could get another piercing." He looked strange without it, the hole was even wierder.

"Yeah... I might go see my mate about that tattoo as well."

"Oh! I completely forgot... you still have the sketch?"

"Should be in my bag." I'm suprised he kept it this long. Dunno why, I thought he had binned it.

"Still want me to re-size it?"

"I'd totally forgotten about that. Yeah, if you could."

"I'll go get my pad. I'll be back in a sec." I grinned, kissing him quickly before I left. I don't know why, heh, I guess I just felt like it.

"O-okay." I only just made out the stutter as I went upstairs and grabbed my nearest A3 pad and ran back downstairs.

"You like the design as it is?" He nodded and I smiled, “Shirt off.” I laughed he grinned and took it off without question. Well, I needed him to take his top off but the view wasn't bad either. I measured it before drawing it out again. “There. He should be able to make a template straight from that.”

The End

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