Luca: headacheMature

"Ooh, ‘ello," I couldn't resist. Gemme giggled and kissed me again. God knows what she must think of me when it comes to this. The whole kissing and hugging thing, I mean. Like, I can handle it if it's lust related, but knowing when it's more than that just freaks me out. Anyways.

"So am I allowed to ask now?" I mumble, laughing slightly.

"If you want to," she replies. Well, duh.

"Mmm. Bedroom?" Still haven't mastered subtlety have I? But she smiles and nods, so I grab her hand and take her up the stairs, leading her into the room she put me in before. Just a bit too much pink in her room, to be honest.

I shuffle her over to the bed, our lips locked together as I push her down onto the covers. Pulling her up so that her head rests on the pillows, I let my hands roam her body, sliding up under her shirt and bra, my lips still on hers. She takes in a sharp breath and smiles, kissing me back as my cool hands snake across her skin beneath her clothing.

Withdrawing my hands for a moment, I sit back on my heels, straddling her body. I have to bite back a groan as my jeans rub against my crotch when I move. I'll tell you this for free; tight jeans are a curse when you don't have telekinesis to help you get them off. They don't leave much to the imagination, either. Gemme giggles again when she sees this, and her hands stray to the hem of her shirt, lifting it up slowly.

That's called torture, that is.

So instead of undressing her like I was about to, I undress myself, down to just my boxers in record times, skinny jeans or not.

Finally, she pulls off her shirt, throwing it to the floor. Her bra quickly follows and I smile as she pulls me down for another kiss. I return the kiss, my hands back on her body in half a heartbeat, lust burning through me the way adrenaline does. My fingers stray to the button on her jeans and I undo it swiftly, pulling the barrier between me and her down.

Her hands moved to her panties, my hands to my boxers and we pull the final layers of fabric between us away.

"Feeling better now?" She whispers softly into my ear as she pulls me even closer to her. I nod.

"Much better," I moan as I kiss her again, lowering my hips over hers.

"Good," she smiles and I sink into her, instantly lost as base desire and instinct take over, ruled by sensation.

I manage not to make a mess this time, at least. Want to know why there's no mess? Because that's when she decides it's a good time to go into my head and have a poke around. I'm pulled back from my favourite happy place - not the quiet one, this newer one - almost as quickly as I get there.

It's not that it's painful, which is what she seems to think, but it feels like someone's poked my brain just to see what will happen.

So I freeze, my eyes snap open and for a moment, I wonder what the hell is going on.

"Ahh! I'm sorry..." Gemme says. I blink and look at her incredulously. "I am..." she mutters, withdrawing from my mind. I sigh.

"You might as well keep going." I tell her, "You can make it up to me later."

"You sure?"

"As long as you make it up to me," I find myself laughing, but it's frustrated and wow. What a turn off having your brain poked turned out to be eh?

"Okay," she mumbles and starts poking again. It hurts and aches and I feel myself pulling away and crouching at the end of the bed. I have a sudden flashback as the position reminds me of when I came down hard from the coke after I'd lost my virginity, except I wasn't crouching and clutching at my head as I am this time, I'd crawled out of bed and gone straight for a needle.

"Please, it's okay." She murmurs, continuing still to find the lock on my telekinesis. I screw up my eyes tight and heal away the pain, careful not to hurt Gemme with my recent discovery of being able to reverse that particular skill.

Opening my eyes, I look up, but it doesn't last for long as the ache in my head sweeps back.

"I... I think I found it." She mumbles and I hear a torrent of swear words, but I'm not sure if they're in my head or coming out of my mouth as the pain increases again, beyond my ability to heal.

If I ever see those gorillas again, and I will, they are not going to last more than about five seconds.

The End

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