Gemme: Fear of WhiteMature

It hurts, it kills, I feel nothing and then it starts again. I feel like a puppet being dragged about. I can hear someone, Luca? I would open my mouth to talk but I can’t I force myself to talk, finding a small whisper of a voice. I can’t hear much either, but I do however hear the words hospital and I suddenly shake my head like crazy “No!” I shouted, well I tried to it sounded more like a whisper from where I sat. “Luca, no,” I mumbled, almost cried. This may sound stupid but I hate hospitals, they are nasty evil, white, dangerous, bloody places. I hate them so much and I don’t want to go.

"What?" He muttered, well I wasn’t sure how he said it the whole world seemed like a mutter.

"Don't make me go. Not the hospital, please, please, please." I pleaded.

"Why not?"

"I hate them, they are evil places."

"Gemme, I can't get that bullet out of you. I can't heal you like that."

"No. They will have to operate then right? The blood... the pain... no. No!" I still barely manage the whisper but I know my voice sounds scared, I am scared. The anaesthetic never sets in, I never go to sleep and I swear I start mumbling but I can’t remember.

"At the most they'll get a pair of tweezers or whatever it is they use and pull it out. I stopped the bleeding."

"No, you can't... Ike tell him!" I sobbed, Ike shook his head. "It's for your own good sis; you'll have to get over it one day."

"Well Ike can go steal me a pair of those big tweezers and I'll do it if you really want, but I can tell you this for free, it'll hurt a lot less if they do it."

"No, not those men with those white coats and the blood and the... the pain." I muttered, I wasn't sure what I was saying anymore, but the memory in my head was so fresh. My body told my mind to sleep and it refused; it was like an internal battle along with the pain I almost screamed, if I had the voice to.

"Fine... Ike, would you go get me a pair of those tweezers? Stupid gorillas with their stupid drugs," he trailed off grumbling and cursing under his breath. I hadn’t noticed before but the car had stopped outside the hospital, Ike immediately got out the car and headed toward the buildings.

The memory seemed to just take over and with my last energy I clutched at Luca's clothes and shook my head. "Don't let them get me!" I cried. Imagine you are a kid, about three years old, you got shot you’re in hospital. They say they have to knock you out with anaesthetic and remove the bullet then sew you up its okay. You’ll be asleep it won’t hurt. What if the anaesthetic doesn’t put you to sleep, just immobilizes you. You feel everything; see everything but you can’t move. It’s not so good anymore hmm?

"Don't let who get you?"

"The... the... the... white coats..."

"Gemme, it's okay. They're not gonna get you."

Ike returned a few minutes later and I was still clutching onto Luca, tears streaming down my face. "Luca, it hurts." I gripped onto my head as the memory repeated over and over again.

"You'll be okay, Gemme. Got them?" He asked Ike. He nodded, handing them over. He did however turn his back, Ike never could handle blood. "This is gonna hurt. I'll try to heal the pain away as I do it, but I really don't feel so good. Sorry," he muttered. I felt the cool metal of the tweezers.

"No more white coats?" I mumbled looking around me as I felt the bullet being removed; it took me a while to re-gain my mind, pain had still taken over slightly.

"No. None,"

I nodded, wrapping my arms around him like a little kid, they were gone. The memory had gone. I just needed something to hold onto, something I knew that wouldn't fade so easily. He finished healing the wound and turned to me, whispering his thanks into my ear. "No, thank you." I whispered back, glad my voice was back.

"Ah but you saved me from the gorillas." he chuckled weakly and yawned. "I'm knackered.”

"I should sleep too; my mind is still telling me to sleep." I nodded my body still shivering slightly from shock.

"When I recover from this drug stuff I'm gonna go find those bastards and rip their heads off."

"No, I don't want to save your ass again." I smiled weakly.

"I don't blame you,"

"Yeah, being shot twice is enough for one lifetime thanks."

"Just the twice?"

"Hey I was three the other time." I pointed out.

"Fair enough. Why'd you get shot when you were three?"

"For being what I am." Yeah, we got figured out quickly when my brother died and came straight back to life, that is another story for another day.

"Oh..." he muttered awkwardly.

"Hence the hatred for doctors... anaesthetic only works for me on the body; the mind was awake throughout the whole thing." I shuddered and then rested my head back on the car chair, removing my arms from round his waist. He nodded, understanding. But he still tensed at the hug. He didn't push me off, though, instead making himself relax.

"You're welcome to stay at mine if you want. Unless you would rather get straight back to the drug den."

"I think I'll stay at yours, if that's okay," he mumbled. I guessed he must have been pretty shaken up by what happened, even if he was trying not to show it.

"Sure, you're den is fully intact by the way. I cast a vision on it as I left. Also I umm lied about the junkies." He seemed too tired to argue but I wanted to make my intentions clear so I kissed his cheek softly and continued, "I just figured you needed your strength from your anger with all else failing you."

"It worked until they came back in and drugged me up again," he moaned, the memory flashing through his mind foggily.

"Still, sorry for lying to you."

"S'ok. I'll live."

"You will now." I laughed. "I suppose it cancelled each other out, I saved your life, you saved mine." I whispered the next bit into his ear. "And stopped me from facing a rather embarrassing fear, thanks."

"Mmm," he murmurs, eyes closed and his breaths coming slower as he seemed to fall asleep.

"I love you." I whispered once more, resting my head on his shoulder, luckily Ike was here or else we never would have got him inside. His eyes flickered slightly and he muttered something inaudible and I wished I had better hearing, but I sat next to him, holding him slightly as Ike drove us back to my house.

The End

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