Luca: hospitalMature

My head hurts so bad. I don't even resist as someone bundles me into the back of a car. I don't know who it is I'm with now, and Gemme seems to have vanished. Hallucination?

Quite possibly.

I don't even try to use my powers now. Not much point if I can hardly keep my eyes open. This really is the worst drug in the world. Not only does it render me almost completely powerless, apart from that thing I discovered about my healing power working in a destructive way too, but it gives me a wicked headache that I can't heal away. I feel all sick and dizzy and when I'm in the car, I just lie down across the seats and try not to throw up.

Whoever it is that dragged me to the car doesn't say or do anything, just sits silently waiting for something. I just go back to sleep and hope that I don't feel this shit when I wake up.

"Luca!" I hear someone calling me. They sound so far away, but as a hand connects sharply with my cheek I realise that they're a lot closer than they sound. I think it's Ike. "Wake the fuck up!" I open my eyes, all tired and still feeling like crap. I don't think I was asleep long. "Luca, you need to heal Gemme. Luca." Heal Gemme? What the...? I fall asleep for like five minutes and the next thing I know is Gemme needs me to heal her?

I practically crawl back out of the car over to where Gemme is sitting on the ground, clutching her side. Her hands are slick with blood over her side and I curse under my breath. I pull her hands away and have a look around the wound. There's a bullet lodged inside of her, and I know I can't get that out. I glance up at Ike angrily.

"Are you a complete and utter fuckwit?" I ask before turning back to the wound. "I can't get the bullet out; she needs to go to hospital for that." I tell him as I do my best to stop the bleeding at least. I force her blood to clot and start to stitch up the broken veins and arteries, but I don't heal the muscle tissue. She can't have a bullet stuck inside of her like that.

"No, you just don't want to see her when she's angry. She was angry about what they did to you already, heck she could have blown that place up if anyone disobeyed her." He replies coolly, "come on then to the hospital." I nod and help Gemme up into the car, not that I'm much help in the state I'm in. I numb the pain for her as we drive and sit in silence, trying not to throw up. Remind me never to get in the back of a car when I'm drugged up like this.

"Maybe you can get help there too." Ike says, not taking his eyes off the road except to glance at Gemme in the rear view.

"I've never needed a hospital in my life. I don't have health insurance anyways." I reply. Never needed it, not that I could have afforded it even if I did need it.

"Neither do we, we use our powers." He laughed, "but hey it's your choice. The only reason I'm helping you is 'cause of her." Ike shrugs and turns a corner, pulling up at the hospital. Seriously. When this drug wears off and I see those trigger happy nutters again, there will be a massacre.

The End

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