Gemme: EscapeMature

“Luca stop getting hurt.” I told him as my brain killed again, how to describe it... it’s like brain freeze when you eat too much ice-cream. I stalked through the corridors, on one of them I saw this dead guy being carried out the building and Luca had to be close. I adjusted his back on my shoulder and checked every now and then to make sure Cosmos was okay, every time I turned he looked up and I swear he smiled.

When we got to Luca’s... “Cell” I found it locked. God damn it, nothing is ever simple is it?  I bent down to Cosmos and told him I was going to drop the vision on him and asked if he would distract one of the guards. He whined but walked off anyway. There he sat and let out a faint meow, attracting the attention of the guard that bent down to stroke him. Now was my chance. I crouch-sneaked to the guard, unhooking the keys from his belt, he shuddered and I grinned, whispering for Cosmos to meet me upstairs.

Swiftly I unlocked the door, creating a vision for the guards that it never opened then I closed it again. “Luca,” I whispered, slowly taking the tape off him as silently as I could. “Luca... wake up.” I laid a hand on him, softly shaking him. I didn’t know what good that would do but y’know. As I shake him, a wave of defensive energy washes through me, his subconscious reacting violently to whatever makes contact with him. It's gone almost as soon as it hits and his face twitches a little. A soft groan escapes his lips, but nothing more.

I shook myself slightly from the weird sensation before grinning, "oh Luca!" I resisted the urge, for now, to hug him tightly. "Come on, wake up. We have to go. Now.”  He didn’t wake up and I wasn’t about to pick him up, I knew he would be far too heavy. “Crap, Luca!” I growled slapping him furiously, still he did not move. “Luca,” I let out a slight growl and dived into his mind, I didn’t want to but I needed to find the disturbance and wake him up. I dropped his bag to the floor, as he gripped at something in my chest. He really didn’t like me messing in his mind, I knew this anyway but what he did next scared me a little. He instantly defended himself, even when he's unconscious and it feels like he just reached inside my chest and squeezed my heart really hard. Ow. He withdraws and his eyes move under his eyelids, but he doesn't seem able to wake up still.

"I'm not giving up Luca. Please!" I snarled once more, if he didn't wake up I'd be stuck here with him, I didn't want that. Not here. I tried going into his mind again, he could try whatever he wanted, I wasn't giving up. After a little more searching I found it and despite him fighting me every step of the way I managed to make his eyes open. “Damn it Luca... that hurt.” I moaned my breathing heavy from the power I had exerted and the torment I had taken. Pardon me but that fucking killed!

"Did what now?" he mumbled, closing his eyes again. Oh no, you are not doing this to me... I slapped him again, "Damn it GET UP!" I shouted, throwing his bag at him.

"I'm sleepy," he complained quietly, flinching as his bag hit him.

"Do you really want me to be stuck with you too?"

"No..." He opened his eyes again and I frowned at him, "Then let’s get moving, please." I begged, standing up from the bed again, shifting my weight irritably from side to side. I honestly have no idea where I got manners at a time like this but I told Ike to get the car ready, I could hear mumbles outside the door and cursed, again.

He pushed himself up slowly, closing his eyes against a wave of dizziness. "Ugh," he muttered, swallowing uncomfortably as he moved slowly. I wrapped an arm around him, steadying him as we moved. I hoped the vision would hold just a moment longer. I shouldered his bag and we left the room, I felt really tired too but I couldn’t let the vision drop for a second. “Thank you.” I whispered to him, "I feel sick." he rubbed his eyes with one hand as he stumbled alongside me.

"Please, hold on, just a little while longer." I encouraged as I began to see the door that lead to the stairs, "Just a little longer Luca." I used my spare hand to reach inside his bag and take out the knife before placing it back on my shoulder. He half nodded and laughed. "This is the worst drug in the world."

"Still like being high I take it though." I laughed trying to keep his mind of things as I held his knife in my hand, just in case. Damn it, I closed the door leading to the stairs as I heard footsteps behind us. At the top of the basement stairs I saw Cosmos sat looking down at us, when I heard him meow in warning as someone followed us. "I like the drugs that don't make me feel this shit," he grumbled. "Never had a drug make my power stop working before." I made sure Luca got up the stairs and told Ike to come get him as I dropped the vision.

Next thing I knew Ike appeared, grabbing hold of Luca, the man shouted at me, Cosmos pounced at him and my hand tightened around the knife as he pulled a gun on me. “Ike, take him to the car. Go!” I growled, as the man squirmed under Cosmos’ claws. One problem, I had never fought before in my life. But with Cosmos beside me, I knew he was a cat and it’s absurd, I thought I could win this. I created a vision, so no other men followed him and readied myself. All I knew was what I had seen Luca do and what Ike taught me. “Bring it.” I snarled, recognising him as the thin one that had taken Luca to start with. “YOU BASTARD!” It seemed almost like a war cry as it left my lips, it filled me with all the confidence I didn’t even knew I had.

The End

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