Luca: ScaredMature

They don't mess around much, do they? Taking my telekinesis away so I have less of a chance of escaping. Guess they didn't count on my temper. When Gemme stops talking, the combination of being told the apartment was being wrecked, Ike's involvement and just the fact that I got caught out so easily makes me angry enough to finally break that duct tape.

Five layers of tape. They must really want to keep me held down. Too bad for them that I work out every day. Well I did before the trigger happy fools and Gemme came into my life.

Looking around, I see I'm in what looks like a room in a basement. It's freezing, and designed much like a police cell. I'd open the door except that they somehow managed to stop my telekinesis working. And that's a little problematic. I've been using it to my advantage every day since I found out what it was and how to use it. And now I don't have it. Suddenly I feel just a little bit lost, and a little bit vulnerable.

I don't like that. I don't like that at all. In fact.

It makes me violent.

I punch the door and start shouting my head off and though no one comes to the door, not Gemme or even Ike, or any of the people who took me away, I feel a little bit better after burning off some of the anger that built up.

After a while, I sit back on the bed thing they taped me down on and go inwards, looking for whatever it is that's causing the telekinesis to stop working. I mean, I can still heal myself. So why can't I move things anymore? This is ridiculous. I lean back against the wall and hug my knees to my chest, delving into my own mind, looking for a cause.

There's nothing. I've been searching for ages and there's nothing, no trace of drugs that I can find, or interference of any kind. Location has never been a problem, underground or high up in the sky - though the pilot really didn't appreciate it.

Silence. I missed it. Now I have it back I want it to go away. I find myself vaguely missing Gemme and I shake myself out of it. C'mon. I've known her like a week and a half. She's a friend. Granted, we've had sex, but still... I still don't get why she likes me so much. Or why she's helping me. It's not like I'm the nicest person in the world, and though I make an effort, I'm definitely not as nice to her as I could be.

I'm a dickhead, and a cold one at that. Sure, Gemme and I are both responsible for the deaths of our moms. But there's a real difference between us on that one. Gemme didn't do it deliberately. I did.

At that, there's a click in the door and it swings open. Gorillas in suits stand either side of a rather more reasonable looking guy who kinda looks like he should be in an office, not keeping a teenager prisoner. But hey. Here he is, keeping a teenager prisoner. I look up, sort of tired still and all chilled out from going into my happy place if you like where I just zone out. The guy waves in one of the gorillas who thumps in with a needle. He grins menacingly as if he's trying to intimidate me, but I just glare up at him.

"Ah, yes. Luca. The stone cold one that can put up a good fight. I heard what you did to those policemen. I also heard that uh... Gemme, that's her name, yes? Gemme got you out of jail for free. Quite the girl, quite the girl," the business guy smirks and signals for the gorilla to go ahead and inject me with whatever it is in that needle. Maybe it was drugs that stopped my telekinesis after all. This pulls me out of my calm rather quickly and I tense as he edges closer. The other gorilla gets sent in too as business man senses I'm about to put up a fight. I like drugs, but not if they stop my powers from working.

The room gets really claustrophobic as the second guy comes in. He comes in with the intention of pinning me down. I don't let him. I punch and kick and bite and I try to use my powers to throw him out, but they're still not working. In the end, he pins me down, practically sitting on me. Actually if anyone came in right now and saw this out of context, it would look like I'm about to be gang raped by three guys. Ew.

With that disturbing thought, I wonder how I'm supposed to get this guy off me. I don't really have a chance to think about that for long, because the guy with the needle wastes absolutely no time in stabbing the needle into my arm and pumping the... whatever into my veins. Instantly I feel horribly tired. Awake, but really drowsy and headachy. Wincing as they talk over me, I close my eyes and try to go back to my happy place.

Doesn't work.

"There we go. That wasn't so bad now, was it?" business man takes on a patronising tone and looks down at me. The gorillas straighten me out on the bed again and apparently one of them just enjoys carrying duct tape. Yeah, you guessed it, they tie me back down. And I can barely lift my arm now, let alone fight back. Inside my head it's like Armageddon. Shouting, angry, swearing, if I could, I'd be lifting things and smashing their heads in, but physically nothing is happening and I have never felt so weak in my life.

Or scared.

And the fact that I'm scared makes me more scared, because I don't remember ever being scared before.

Where are you, Gemme?

The End

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