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I woke up the next day feeling funny; I looked around, my head stung like hell. “Luca?” I cried as I sat bolt upright. I would contact him later, when I was actually awake. I got a glass of milk and some cereal and got ready for school, I was happy that I had no classes with the zodiacs and I also traded my maths for art. All day I tried to contact Luca and the fact that he didn’t reply scared me. I waited until lunch to contact him again when I was sat in the canteen with a cup of tea; Luca thought this was my home town? It wasn’t I was born and raised in England, until we moved when I was eleven. “Luca?” I tried again, begging, hoping he would reply.

There was a sense of groggy recognition as his mind stirred. "Gemme?" His reply was faint, but it was there.

"Oh thank God. Luca, what happened?" I couldn’t help but be worried, but at the sound of his voice I was extremely relieved, I nearly shouted in joy. No matter how annoyed Luca has been with me he has always answered me when I called.

 "I have a headache," he complained. "Urgh, one sec." I waited while he healed away the pain in his head and body. "I dunno what happened... Some guy... Oh my god. He tasered me!" anger swept through our connection as he remembered.

"Please, calm down. You're giving me a headache. Who? Where are you?" These were stupid questions, I could probably find out where he was if I concentrated hard enough. As for who, I could have kinda guessed, it was either the suits or some drug dealer.

"Sorry," he muttered. "I dunno where I am."

"Know who took you?"

"No." Well, this was helpful. Seeing as he didn’t know however I guessed they were the suits and damn it if they thought they were getting away with it.

"Right, if you find out anything please, contact me. I'll try my hardest to find you." I promised I never broke a promise. I could easily get Ike to come with me; it was just a matter of finding him, wherever it was it couldn’t have been far.

"Good one. I'm really not gonna find anything out locked in a poky little room duct taped down to a bed. Guess I was moving stuff around in my sleep again,"

"Luca, no doubt they will talk to you that’s not what I meant!" I shook my head, not that he could see. "Luca I will find you." That’s when I realised, I told him to stay safe and just left. We need each other, if it’s not for emotional reasons we need to protect each other. I took a big gulp from my drink and sighed, I had no lessons after this now that I had swapped so I could go home and relax a while, I would need to contact Ike though.

"Don't worry about me. I'll just stay taped down." There was a pause and I guess he was probably trying to un-tape himself from the bed. "Oh Yay, they found a way to stop my power working. Well the telekinesis.”

"They can't stop mine though." I grinned, damn it, why do I keep doing that he can't see. "Plus, they thought they separated us years ago and I think Ike has a thing with knives like you do." That was true, it wasn’t necessarily knives as more swords... still we would have more than our powers on our side.

"They better have left my stuff alone." he cursed loudly and the anger that was building up in his head made me flinch a bit.

"Would you like me to check? I can go there before work." While I talked to Luca I asked Ike to meet me outside school in a minute. I was good at multi-tasking. Ike wondered how the hell I did it.

"If you like, the place will probably be a mess. No doubt desperate junkies waiting around for Nikki will have gotten bored and broken in." Just great, I love junky clean-up. Sounds like so much fun.

"Oh damn it I hate cleaning up." I rolled my eyes and my tone was stubborn to reflect it. "When I save your ass you owe me Luca." I laughed.

"I'm not asking you to clean up. In fact you're the one that offered to go check my stuff is there in the first place. You don't have to." He still doesn’t get it, does he?

"You'll only be annoyed when you get out." I emphasised the word when, because I knew he would. He had to. I got up from my table, giving in my cup I walked outside. As I neared Ike I could feel the connection, Luca was in the old motel on the interstate out of this town. The place was abandoned and easy to break into. God, those suits are idiots.

"Oh so you know where I am now? Why didn't you say before?!"

"I didn't know before! I only just found out!" He is very grateful, I know he is. Bastard, he could show it.

"How did you find out?"

"I asked Ike to come to me. As much as I hate it I can't do this without him." I said my thanks to Ike and I allowed him to listen to our conversation, we made our way over to the new apartment, it would take a while till we got there though.

"Oh joy."

"Thanks, great to know my efforts are appreciated." I tried not to think it but I couldn't help it. "Bastard,” I still hated him for everything, I couldn’t let him go but I could still resent him a little while my old personality shone true.

"Wow. I got tasered and captured and you expect me to be in a good mood? If I'm such a bastard don't bloody bother."

"You are! But that's still not going to stop me." I wanted to shout at him in person, but I needed to know he was okay first, crazy or what? He didn’t reply and I thought he was trying to break the duct-tape or something. I smiled, “The guys are taking your drugs by the way, I think one of them just set fire to your couch as well." I didn’t know for sure but the anger would serve him well, it usually did. I cut off the connection just after I heard him reply,

"Great," I didn't think his voice could get much more irritable. "Just... Just get my bag with the knife and the gun in it. I'll live."

I laughed my head off as soon as the connection broke and continued on my way, as soon as I checked on the apartment, grabbed his bag I could get on my way to the interstate. Did I mention Ike knows how to hotwire a car? You know, you would have thought I would have told you about these little secrets... hehehe.

The End

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