Gemme: PeevedMature

I shook my head softly, “no, I’m fine thanks.” I smiled, pulling my legs up to my chest. It still took a while to adjust to the fact I had nearly been raped and he didn’t really care. I suppose it would have been more traumatic if he had actually succeeded but still, it was quite daunting. I wasn’t embarrassed then, because I was more shocked but now when I realised that Rayn had seen me it had all set in. I could feel the blush rising in my cheeks, “do you still think I’m hot?” I murmured, trying to cover as much of myself as I could. I knew he had seen it all before but it still felt so weird, especially since I was wearing clothes.

“Sure I do. Why would I have changed my mind about that?”

"I was just curious."

“You and your curiosity.” He laughed, it took me a while to figure out what he meant but soon I had figured it out, damn you Luca.

"Hey! You decided to strip." It was true, he decided to undress first.

"You wanted to see." Mmm, wasn’t bad either. He he.

"True, but you didn't have to."

"You didn't have to either," he grinned.

"It didn't seem right staring at you in your boxers! Plus, I only took my top off." I protested. Okay that was a weak argument, I know.

"Ah but you already saw me topless plenty of times. You said you wanted to know what else you hadn't seen," And I liked it! Oh, shut up Gemme.

"Mmm." I nodded, memories flicking back to me as I smiled. I suddenly got the urge to make history repeat itself but I held back, I had to go soon; I didn’t know how longer I could fight the temptation. No, seriously shut up Gemme. He laughed and my eyes flicked up at him, "what?"

"You ran out of arguments."

"No I got caught in a memory." I laughed. "You still undressed me for the most part."

"A good memory by the look on your face. And you provoked me," he winked

"I did nothing of the sort, how did I provoke you?"

"You took your top off," he shrugged.

"You didn't provoke me when you stripped." I pointed out. "You're just weak."

"Forgive me, I'll ignore how horny I am next time shall I?"

I laughed, I couldn't help it. I wasn’t used to people stating things so crudely."No, no. It's fine. Just no more getting intoxicated and sleeping around hmm?"

"What's wrong with getting high?"

"The downfall? The fact you don't know what you're doing? If ever I find, and I will, that you have been sleeping around never again with me."

"I don't know what I'm doing when I'm sober."

"It's better than when you're gone."

He scowled, "I like being high." Yeah so you can drown your sorrows and not have to face the world, suddenly I wanted to meet some of customers.

"I'm sure it doesn't feel as good when you're high." He shrugged, really Luca you are an idiot sometimes.

I huffed, shaking my head. "I really should be going then."

"Oh... Okay."

"What's up?"

"Nothing," he said, well I’m getting a little annoyed and I have school and work tomorrow.

"Well, thank you again, Luca. I'll see you whenever. Stay safe." I smiled, kissing his cheek in thanks.

"You too."

"See ya!" I called again as I left the building, I didn’t hear a reply but I thought I didn’t want him to know how annoyed I was. Right now if someone decided they wanted to assault me I would punch their lights out. Oh it’s good to be back.

The End

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