Luca: Clearing upMature

I get changed as promised, and then I begin to look through Nikki's stuff. Boring clothes that don't even fit. So those all go in the bin. I keep the gun. That goes in my bag with the rest of my stuff; I ignore the disapproving look Gemme gives me for that. I turn to the case Nikki had been carrying when he walked in and open it, not expecting to find much.

Christ am I in for a surprise. A nice one at that. Well, nice to me. He must have just gotten back from buying in bulk from a bigger dealer. About a kilo of heroin, another of coke and several bags of weed and ecstasy pills that I can't be bothered to weigh. This must have cost a bomb, and I get it all for free. I feel like celebrating. My first thought is a line of coke. But I know how Gemme feels about that.

"Why are you keeping that gun?" she asks after a while. I shrug.

"Why get rid of it? It's free." I reply.

"There's no point in carrying it," she retorts. My hand tightens on the bag of heroin as I wonder where to keep it.

"Sure there is. I might be able to take on four police without even a knife, but in case you've forgotten, we did get attacked by random people trying to kill us. I think being armed is better than taking the risk, personally." I have a point, and Gemme knows it. I put the bag back in the case and put it in the wardrobe.

"Hmm, I suppose you're right but I'm still not carrying anything. Even though I am useless."

"I never said you had to carry it, Gemme. And you're not useless. You just haven't quite mastered your powers completely. None of us have."

"Nor do I have any powers if I am not close to my brother. You saw what happened today!"

"Yet you seem perfectly able to talk to me in my head without him being nearby..." I mutter, staring at the smear of blood in the new carpet. How the hell am I supposed to get that out?

"I don't know why either. But I could only talk to you, no one else. Also, try bleach and really hot water. It hasn't been there all that long it should come right out." Always in my head. Get out of my head. Even the local psycho needs some privacy.

"I'd rather just get rid of the carpet, to be honest. It'll only get stained again. Floor boards are far easier to clean." I clear everything off the carpet as I say this and start pulling it up at the edges from the bedroom doorway, not having to lift a finger.

"Luca... did your friend Rayn say anything about me?" Gemme asks as I roll up the dislodged carpet and throw it out of the window.

"Not to me. Why?" I frown, wondering why she was asking suddenly.

"Because that was embarrassing? I only saw him once, I haven't even spoken to him and he saw me topless and in my underwear!" she cries. Oh. Ha ha.

"Don't worry about it. He'll probably be too stoned by this evening to remember that today even happened. Even if he does remember, he's not the type to say anything about it. Plus I think I'd beat the shit out of him if he did." I smile and look around, wondering what else needs to be done.

"Umm. Thanks," she says uncertainly.

"You don't sound so sure about that," I laugh.

"Well, I suppose it is nice that you'll beat him up but, you really don't need to. It could have been worse." Wait... nice that I would beat him up? Well that's weird. It's like she's become a completely different person the last day or so. I don't question it though. At least like this, we think more on the same wavelength. So I just shrug and smile.

Looks like I've done pretty much everything I can do, or can be bothered enough to do with the apartment, so I move the sofa back into the middle of the living room and invite her to sit down, and ask her if she wants anything.


The End

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