Gemme: I Ain't Cleaning That Up.Mature

At a time like this I wished I had my powers so I could just tell the guy to go jump in a river or something, but no. I know I shouldn’t but I actually got a sort of pleasure from seeing Luca beat up that guy. “Luca, don’t kill him.” I mumbled in his head, “The last thing you want is another dead body to hide.” I wasn’t about to come out of hiding to tell him personally though. I then heard shouting and Luca told him where to go, I’m not going to tell you everything that he said. But you get the picture. I stuck my head round the corner to see if the man had gone before walking back up to Luca. “Maybe if I get my powers back I’ll make him commit suicide or something, it’s better than he being on your hands.” I wondered where that dark comment actually came from.

“It won’t make a difference if he’s on my hands or not.” He stated rather bluntly, then after giving him a quizzical look I got an idea. I could make the police think that man, Justin, killed Nikki. Then Justin does his time and Nikki’s murder is ‘solved.’ Hmm, it was very interesting.

“Well why would it make a difference? I’ve killed before. I’ll kill again. One loser will hardly change a thing.”

"Well, let me sort it out hmm?" I would need to persuade Ike to get me something from town though. Luckily I managed to see him enough to pick up his brainwaves; I know knew exactly where he was all the time.

“Isn't he like my problem? I don’t want your own body count to go up when it should be mine...” This should be a lesson to you, never assume.

"Who said I was going to kill him?"

“Uh...making him commit suicide is practically the same thing.” He noted, no it wasn’t he would deserve it after all, but that’s not the point.

"Oh no, I have a new idea, one that solves two problems at once." I beamed, impressed with myself. Although I shouldn’t be, it will also take me a little while to figure out a story. Or I could just say that Nikki didn’t have the drugs for Justin so Justin pushed him, Nikki threatened him with a broken bottle and when Justin pushed him he landed on the broken glass. Sorted, I watch too many mystery programs.

"Which is...?"

"Blame Nikki's murder on Justin, that blonde guy,” I didn’t need him to agree I was going to do it anyway. But I was wrong; he grinned and said he liked it. “I have the power.” I giggled before realising how stupid I sounded for quoting a song. He laughed too, though, and nodded. "Just need to clear up the blood on the floor. I can’t be bothered to have another place taken away by the police."

He unlocked the door and let me in, I immediately saw the mess and thanked God I didn’t have to clean it up and blood is a nightmare to clean up. Don’t ask how I know, you remember my mother, there stop asking.

"Yeah, I'll sort it out tomorrow. Try not to go on anymore rampages hmm?"

"I can't promise anything." he muttered sullenly, the memory lingering at the back of his mind.

"I shall say this now so I don't have to bring it up later. I'm sorry about your mother.” I looked up from the carpet so I could meet his gaze.

He tensed visibly and his fist curled up tight. "Don't be."

"Just, not everyone can have a perfect childhood, I'm sorry she turned to prostitution." I however felt nothing for the fact she died. She wasn’t the nicest person and had I been that age I would have thought the same as him, but when I reached fourteen my powers began to appear and I inherited this niceness. The evilness is my brother.

"Ugh, it doesn't matter."

"Mmm, I'll drop it then. It's your choice to talk to me about it." I shrugged, "by the way I ain't cleaning that up." I laughed pointing to the floor.

"I didn't expect you to. I'll do it later," later, why not now? "What you gonna do till then?"

"Sort through Nikki's stuff n sees what else he has that's worth keeping, you?" It seemed like a good plan, he’s not gonna need them right? Hmm, you can tell my brother is far away. I’m beginning to lose my niceness. This me, is the real me. Not the zodiac I shall forgive all me.

"Push my recent memories as far to the back of my head as I can."

"Sounds like a plan." He muttered with a slight nod. "I'm just gonna get changed, there's sand in my boxers. God only knows how that happened." Oh, eww.

"Oh nice, little too much info," I laughed no that was a lot of info I didn’t need. Although, it wasn’t like I hadn’t seen everything anyway, my mind flicked back to that night and I found it wasn’t as big a mistake as I thought. Still could have used a little more planning though. But planning that sorta thing would have just been embarrassing

"You'll live," he said as he walked into the bedroom and from the door I could see there was a mess of unfamiliar clothes and his bag. And a gun.

The End

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