Luca: I'd be happy to arrange that for youMature

It was really hard to stop myself going completely nuts on that guy. I don't know why I was so worked up about it, but eventually I calmed down. I told Rayn to go away, but he stayed. The look on his face told me he had suddenly realised why I had the hots for Gemme, and why that guy had attacked her. I wait a moment for her to get dressed again, before I realise her wrist is causing her some problems. I walk over to her and gently take her hand in mine, searching for the part of it that was the source of the pain.

Her wrist heals pretty much instantly when I find it, but I linger just a moment longer than I need to, making sure he didn't hurt her anywhere else. When I let go and turn back to Rayn, he's still staring at her and so I tell him where to go if he knows what's good for him. He does know, and he jogs off.

"You okay?" I ask stupidly as she gets dressed. I don't know what else to say, really.

"Yeah, I'm great," she sobs, pulling her shirt back on. I knew that was a stupid thing to ask, but everyone does it, don't they, even if they already know the answer. At least I'm not the only one who does that.

"Sorry. I should have beat that guy up when I passed the cafe and saw you guys talking before."

"It's not your fault Luca. I was stupid to go out alone." I shake my head. That's not right.

"You should hardly be afraid to go out alone in your own home town," I frown and gesture down the alley towards the beach. She nods wordlessly and looks absently up at me. We walk quietly back to the beach and I try to ignore the memory still nagging in the back of my mind as we wander down onto the sand. Eventually I plonk myself down on the sand a couple of metres back from the water's edge. She sits somewhat more gracefully beside me and stares out over the sparkling water.

"I was really scared..." she murmurs, still gazing out over the sea. I lie back in the sand, putting my hands under my head, closing my eyes against the glare of the sun.

"Just as well you know the local psycho, really." I mutter, opening one eye to look at her.

"Thank you," she says.

"What for?" I ask, watching as a volley ball sails over our heads, landing dangerously close to me. If whoever comes to get it kicks sand in my face... There will be blood, probably. I'm still in a foul mood.

"You just saved me I...I...Thank you." Gemme chokes the words out as someone comes to get that ball. I swear loudly at them as they pass too near to me and the kid runs off with her ball, looking petrified. I turn back to Gemme and shrug slightly.

"No one hurts a friend of mine, remember?"

"Yeah, I do. For a moment, I didn't think you'd come." I frown at this.

"What made you think that?" I question, wondering if my tone sounded at all stung.

"You seemed really annoyed at me when you left." Ah. I sigh and close my eyes again, trying to keep it out of my head.

"I wasn't." I tell her simply. I don't want to talk about that. Please, don't make me talk about that.

"Oh." She mumbles and I silently thank her for not bringing it up. With nothing else to really say, I lie there for a little while longer, wondering what to do now. I would feel bad leaving Gemme after that for the sake of the new apartment, but I don't really want to leave that place untended for too long. Hmm. I push myself up and brush the sand out of my hair, then stand and take my top off, shaking the sand out of it. Pulling it back on, I offer a hand to Gemme to pull her up.

"Want to come back to the new apartment?" I ask.

"Umm... sure," she says, taking my hand. I help her up and let go of her hand as we walk back. Yeah, I know. I still can't handle it very well, even when I know she needs someone to offer her a shred of comfort. Mentally I slap myself and take her hand again.

"You'll have to um... ignore the blood." I bite my lip a little, remembering the mess I made. Oops.

"I know. I saw." Wait, what?

"You saw?" I ask dully. If she saw that... she must have seen my memory, too. Fuck. Fuck fuck.

"Mhm. Don't worry though." She smiles weakly in an attempt to cheer me up a little. It doesn't really work, but I smile back anyways.

"That can't have been nice to see, though..." I grimace, but we keep walking until we reach the apartment. Oh guess who's waiting outside my door? Yeah. Blonde guy. He's pacing and looking all pissed off, waiting outside the drug den. So I just beat up a potential customer. Oops. Again. But he can go fuck himself. I don't care. I would go straight up to him and tell him where to go, but y'know, Gemme's with me and I don't think she would appreciate being dragged over to him.

"Hmm a potential customer." She shakes her head, "he seemed like the type. No offence." I shrug.

"None taken. D'ya mind if I just sort him out?" I ask, watching carefully as he pulls out his phone, dialling a number. The phone in my pocket buzzes - Nikki's phone - and I back up around the corner. "Never mind," I mutter, answering the call. I get an earful of bollocks from the guy as I stay silent and then he realises I'm not talking. Well, Nikki isn't talking.

"You there?" he snaps.

"Nikki isn't here, no. But I am." I say smiling.

"Who the hell are you?" he growls and my smile widens. I drop Gemme's hand and signal for her to stay hidden. She nods and I walk back around the corner.

"Turn around," I tell him. He does and I hang up, enjoying the expression on his face as he realises who I am. "Looks like you remember me," I laugh and take a few steps towards him.

"What are you doing here?" he stutters, "Nikki hates you!" I nod and pretend to think about that for a second.

"I guess he would, yeah. But you'd have to ask him that. I'd be quite happy to arrange that, after what you did to my best friend earlier." I snarl, not giving him a chance to blink as I slam my fist into his face.

The End

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