Gemme: Secret IntentionsMature

I tap the table in boredom, I tried to tell him I wasn't interested, that I already had someone but the doubt of me actually having Luca sort of penetrated my voice and he stayed ranting about how a beautiful girl like me shouldn’t be so sad, so I got up and tucked the book under my arm I walked out of the cafe. He followed me, okay now I was peeved and a little scared. I mean what if this guy actually tried to do something? I may have just been paranoid but these things happen and without a power or any kind of strength I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I picked up my pace and he began jogging after me, telling me to wait up.

“Go away!” I shouted and he stopped, he must have realised he wasn’t wanted. I let out a sigh of relief and decided to walk home. But as I saw the streets were practically empty my paranoia returned. I was like that you see, so I tried to find a busy street. Where was everybody!? I looked around and stopped I heard something, turning I saw no body but when I turned around again I saw him. Damn it, I was right. This was why I never left the house. But what are the chances of someone picking on me? “You’re hot.” The words rang in my head and I sighed, right now I believe you.

I turn and walk back the way I came, but I took a shortcut. Town was a while away, the beach was closer and there is always someone on the beach. I looked behind me and he was still stalking me. He picked up his pace and I picked up mine. I tried to think, I noticed the only connection I had with my powers was Luca. What would Luca do? “No one hurts my friend and gets away with it.” Well, he hadn’t done anything to me. Then I made a mistake, the way I had come lead straight to an alley way which was a shortcut to the beach. Damn brain.

He grabbed my arms, pushing me up against the wall and I struggled against him, but even with no show of muscles he still over-powered me. “Let me go!” I screamed, not that he would drop me and go, “oh sorry, on your way then.” He tugged at my top and I screamed again, this time it wasn’t aloud, it seemed I had just contacted Luca. I didn’t want to trouble him though. What am I saying? “HELP ME!” I growled to him, as the man held both hands behind my back as he tore off my shirt. I could hear his breathing and I cursed myself, wondering why I didn’t realise his intentions earlier.

I forced back tears; I wasn’t going to show my weakness to him not now. He would have to tear the scream from me, but from the look in his eyes that’s just what he was going to do. I felt the pure anger in Luca’s head and I felt relieved but as the man pulled on the zip of my jeans I felt scared again. I kicked him; it would take him a minute to recover and an extra minute for Luca to find me. I showed Luca where I was, as best I could as the fear in my thoughts escalated. The man got up and the anger showed as he gripped my hands tighter, he whispered in my ear “I’m going to enjoy this,” I shook my head. “No you’re not.” I grinned as I felt Luca grow closer. He pulled my jeans down and I kicked as best I could against him, it wasn’t much but I needed to buy as much time as I could.

I probably should have been vaguely concerned as images of what Luca wanted to do to the guy flashed into my head, mixed with fragments of Rayn shouting at him and his footsteps as he ran. But I wasn’t and as I felt him get closer I screamed his name, “Luca!” The man laughed, happy that he had finally got the scream he wanted. But he didn’t realise what that call would bring. He tightened his grip on my wrists as he pulled at the clips on my bra, my wrists hurt so much. It was as if they were going to break, but he stared at me for a moment, staring at my naked form, well except for my pants.

Luca sprinted around the corner closely followed by Rayn. He practically flew at the blonde guy, dragging him back away from me. There was a sickening crack as Luca threw the guy to the floor, his head colliding with the concrete. Rayn just about managed to stop Luca from kicking the guy's head in completely.

I rubbed my wrists, I heard one of them crack a while ago but I was more bothered about biting back the tears and stopping him from getting what he wanted. I held my undone bra close to me to cover myself and sat there, slouched on the floor, my knees were pulled close to my chest as I watched Luca with relief.

Rayn let Luca lay into the guy a little bit, before having to pull his friend off the guy. He told Luca to go punch a wall or something and sent the guy packing. Reluctantly, Luca smashed his fist into the wall closest to him before turning to me.

The End

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