Luca: runningMature

I didn't mean to kill Nikki. Bollocks. That memory really doesn't do good things to me. I stand over the guy's body, his eyes still staring up at me in dull shock. I close my eyes and try to stop the urge I have to just go and beat up the first person I see. Nikki didn't really have much of a chance to give me a good fight, and that memory... It's in the back of my mind. The funeral and all that happened after it. Since no one knew that it was me, Rayn's parents had taken me in, and helped look after me a bit. When his dad got a job in South Carolina, I was brought with them. I ran away soon after and ended up with this life, the drugs and coldness.

Thing is, I'm not entirely sure I didn't enjoy this cold. Maybe that's why I was so reluctant to change. I don't want to feel. I don't want to face up to everything I've done, every life I destroyed. In the end, I simply roll Nikki aside, ignoring the blood and mess, and look through his pockets. I take his wallet, the case he had been carrying when he walked in, and I took his phone. He wasn't really carrying anything else.

I look in his bedroom and find a suitcase full of stuff that he had clearly been planning to unpack. How naive. You can't run a drug business in a home and expect your shit to stay where you want it. I empty out his clothes and there's a clunk as something else falls to the floor. A gun. Hmm. I'd say not so naive, maybe, but really. Leaving it in a suitcase?

The suitcase wheels itself into the living room and plastic bags find their way out of the kitchen to line the bottom of the case. Can't have all that blood dripping out all over the place, right? I lift him into the case, forcing him to fit inside of it. It's pretty predictable, really, but it's not like I leave any DNA or fingerprints on the case of body. I've never been caught. Abuse of my powers? Damn straight.

I drag the case out of the block, making it look as if I'm holding it, though I'm not. I leave the case in the old den. I decide to go for a run to try and work off my pent up anger. Stripping off my tight jeans and shirt, I exchange them for a vest top and a pair of jogging trousers. I pass by Rayn's house on the way to the beach, and ask him if he wants to run with me. Of course, the lazy little shit is still in bed, so he tells me where to go, but I pull the covers off him and tell him it would be a really good idea if he came with me.

So we're just jogging through town on the way to the beach, when we pass this cafe. Big deal? No. Well it shouldn't have been at any rate. But I see Gemme at this cafe, sitting with some skinny blonde guy who's chatting to her. Rayn sees the look on my face and - sensibly - pulls me away before I can rip his head off.

"I didn't know you had the hots for Gemme, mate," Rayn laughs when we get to the beach. I scowl at him and he drops it, running down the sandy walkway in silence with me.

The End

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