Gemme: Coffee ShopMature

I looked at the door dumbly as he left, great this was just what we needed. We, there never was a we. At this rate there never will be. I pick up the paper from beside the door and sit down with it, flicking through the job section. There's a job at a coffee shop downtown that could be fun. I ring them up and persuade them to let me go straight for an interview today.

I grabbed my keys, jacket and wallet and head out. While I was stood at the bus stop I couldn't help but think; of course it was his mum and the relief that flowed through him as he watched the memory was quite cold. But I had no idea what kind of mother she was so I wasn't about to pass judgement. I was too forgiving apparently, no. I just like to see the happy side of things, take Luca for example.

Yeah, he's a drug dealer, killer and general ass at times but I don't judge people like that. Some people get into drugs to escape the world, others to get money, I believe Luca's was both. He didn't do it to reap revenge on the world he did it because it was the only thing open to him.

The bus screeched to a halt and I got on, paying my fare I sat on the bus. My mind was connected to him somehow, even as I sat absently staring out the window I could feel everything he felt and thought about. I saw the apartment in my head and he began to think again.

The memory was a dismal one, but I understood why he did that to his mother. It was cold yeah but if my mother was like that I would have done the same. If I was him, but if I was me I would have ran away and make her suffer life as a punishment. After all Life is a lot colder than death. As this 'Nikki' appeared I tried my best to shut off. I didn't want to know what he was going to do to him. Damn it.

Why can't I be normal, turn to Luca and see everything bad he has done and shun him? Because I think he only does this because of his past, yeah he doesn't want to here that but I don't care I'm not about to give up on him.

As the bus came to town I got off at my stop, then dragged myself to the coffee shop. It was a corner shop in the middle of town and the smell of strong caffiene blew toward me, along with the smell of fresh cakes from the store next-door. I asked the woman behind the desk where the manager was and she directed me upstairs. I controlled his mind and told him to give me the job. Yeah, I know I shouldn't of but I would work for it and with my school record I probably would have got it too.

He said I could start tomorrow at four, giving me an hour to get back from school and relax a while. I walked outside again wishing the interview could have been a little longer I walked next-door and bought myself a cream cake. I needed the sugary sweetness to keep my mind from the blood and drugs that filled my mind. After eating the cake I found myself wandering aimlessly around the shops, I even bought a book about the stars. I sat in the coffee shop I had just been employed in and bought a milky coffee, another cake and read. It was interesting, it said the stars controlled everything, our fates and such. But even as I sat looking into the white froth that lay upon the top of my coffee I couldn't help but think about Luca.

No doubt he had just killed someone, he was about to start selling drugs again I found out he had killed his mother and I still didn't think any less of him. Why am I so strange, so abnormal? Any other person would have left him but no. I felt I had to stay, I had to make everything worse. A man came over and looked at me, asking what was up. He had bright blonde hair, bleached, blue eyes and really thin waist. But he wasn't muscley, I looked up at him and waved him away. He shook his head and sat opposite me. I tried to control his mind and tell him to go but he wouldn't. Damn it, Ike must be too far away, he must have moved. Now I have to endure this Jerk. Save me... somebody. I rolled my eyes and drank my coffee, resisting throwing the luke-warm substance all over him as he persisted with his "what's wrong?"

What was worse is I knew why he cared, he wanted something from me. Something I had only ever experienced once before, got it? Bingo.


The End

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