Gemme: Call me.Mature

I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m crying over something that should be long gone. Tomorrow is a Thursday, I’ll find a job and on Friday I’ll go back to school and everything will be okay; Luca can go back to his drug business and I’ll be able to live my life and we’ll see each other every now and again. It seemed like a great idea. “Luca...” I mumbled into his shoulder, damn it. I wet his shirt again.

He replied softly “mmm?” Well, I hadn’t really planned what I was going to say next. So, this was the best answer I could give, “thank you, I have no idea why I was crying. It’s stupid.”

“It’s okay.”

“I’m sorry about the shirt.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Well, I saw this conversation was getting far. I knew I liked it this way, the soft mutterings of him trying to tell me it was okay, in his awkward sort of way. I broke away from him. I knew he still felt awkward by the tension that was in his embrace.  I wiped my eyes from the tears and looked at my sleeve when I talked. “I think I have a solution to our ‘problem.’” Yes our problem. The only problem I had was that he was awkward with every movement I made, it was only a hug. But I knew what I meant; I also knew he did too.

“Oh?” He sounded interested. Of course he would, this should solve all his problems. I hoped.

“Yeah, you go your way. I’ll go mine; we can still see each other every now and then.” I nodded, I would clean this place up, get a job, pay my bills, mount some of my paintings around the house and that should keep my mind occupied. I had no idea how occupied his mind would be with his drug business but I suppose that would be up to him.

“You don’t sound like you mean that Gemme.” I did, I didn’t want it to happen but I did mean it. Sometimes I think he’s the mind reader.

“I should be able to take my mind of things for a while and I could still see you so I'll be happy." I hoped.

"Who are you trying to convince, me or you?" I wanted to turn round and shout get out of my head, but that would be a little hypocritical.

"Both." I nodded awkwardly, damn it, I couldn’t lie when he kept asking me could I?

He sighed and slumped back into his chair. "I don't think you've managed to convince either of us." he muttered, great, just great.

"Look. You want to stay in the drug business and this way you can." I folded my arms and crossed my legs, why does he have to make this so hard?

"I appreciate that, Gemme, but what about you? I'll be disappearing for days at a time without a word. I don't really want to do that to you, 'cause I know it'll hurt you."

"I'll get a job, go back to school and paint in my spare time I should be able to distract myself."

"Okay. We'll see how it goes, then."

"Yeah,” I smiled, it was about time. “I could always visit you if I miss you anyway."

"It would be safer if I came to yours, really. You have my number?" Ahh, a number, one problem; I have no phone. You see when the only people you know is your brother and you can talk via your powers there is no need for it.

"I don't have a phone." I blushed slightly, but to be honest I never really needed one. "Plus, no one need know I was there. Are you forgetting my powers? I can hide myself from their eyes, or wipe their memory of me."

"The atmosphere at the new den will be no better than the old one. I meant you can call me and ask me over, rather than having to come to a place like that."

"Hmm, I'm sure I could live." I smiled. "A little sacrifice won't hurt me, Luca."

"You hated being at the den."

"Mmm, but now I have something to look forward to."

"You're crazy," he muttered under his breath, giving in.

"You have no idea." I laughed, he really didn't. When you had no control over reading peoples mind it does drive you nuts, but that wasn’t what he meant and I knew it. He was about to come out with an “I’m not good enough for you” speech. And sure enough..."I know. But I have an idea. It takes a total nutter to have any faith in a person like me."

"Just don't call the mental asylum on me." I winked before giggling. Whatever possessed me to say that I have no idea?

“I wasn’t planning on it.”

"Well, if ever you need anything, just call. Well, if you think about me normally I hear it. Hence, no need for a phone."

"Huh. You mightn't want to always listen," he laughed.

"Well, normally if I don't like what I hear, like all other humans I switch off, if I hear your context and I know you don't mean for me to hear I'll switch off don't worry."

"Thanks. I'm sorry, by the way.” What? He’s sorry, again. But this time I think he sort of meant it, well more than usual anyway. “That I'm such a dick. It's not a compromise that favours you much, is it?"

"Oh people have been worse to me." I nodded in a quiet contemplation for a moment. "But, I know you'll change one day when you realise the world isn't always as cold as you think."

“Huh?” He mumbled disbelievingly. Well, this was going to be hard.

“I have faith.” I smiled as I got up to go get a drink. “Even if you don’t,” I mumbled to myself as I filled the glass with water before I appeared back in the room, leaning over the back of the chair as I looked at him. One day you will change. I just know it.

The End

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