Luca: What was all that about?Mature

Sleep came quickly after I was done, and guess what. Gemme had managed to make my brain shut up without having to poke around inside my head! That, on top of the fact we just had sex makes me really quite happy. Very happy.

Eventually, I wake up, my arm still around Gemme's waist. She's already awake, and she smiles at me. I blink and smile back, though I'm suddenly very aware of our proximity. At least I don't lose my temper like I have before when we were close. I just move my arm pretending to scratch an itch and apologise about the mess.

"It's fine, really," she says, getting up.

"Mmm. Do you want the shower first, or shall I?" I ask. I dunno if that's what you're supposed to say, but hey, I'm still kinda new to this. The first two times was with some girl while we were high on coke. It wasn't our fault that coke makes you horny, ‘kay?

"Would you mind if I got one first?" she replies, picking up her clothes off the floor and holding them in front of her shyly. I shrug.

"Sure, go ahead." She thanks me and disappears up the stairs. That was pretty quick. She must really want that shower. I pull my boxers on and think about how I should go about clearing up the mess we - I - made. I have no idea. I'm good at tidying things up, but I've never bloody cleaned anything in my life. I always made someone else do the clothes washing, or I'd go to a second hand shop and buy cheap new clothes for less than a buck whenever my old ones got too dirty to wear in public anymore.

Well, my mental ramblings have reappeared, but at least they're not confusing ones. I try not to think about that. If anything, they'll be even more confused now. And suddenly, I feel bad about last night. I mean, I feel good ‘cause it was sex. C'mon. Who doesn't like sex?

But I feel like I've kinda led her on, like making her think I'm suddenly comfortable with being touched or whatever, and that's not cool. I'll be a bastard to anyone else without a care in the world, but I don't want to be a bastard to Gemme. She's actually nice to me, and so she doesn't deserve me being a bastard to her. Everyone else makes a snap judgement and hates me for what they see me as. They all deserve it.

Anyways, I hear the shower turn off and I wait until I hear her move back to her room to get dressed or whatever before padding off up the stairs, yesterday's clothes in my hands. I slip into the bathroom and get in the shower, wondering what I'm going to say to her when I get out. ‘Oh thanks for the shag last night, it was great. I'm going to go back to the drug den now and find out what dickhead thinks he's going to take over the drug business in town now, see ya,' doesn't quite cut it. Even I know that.

But I hear a knock at the door, and Gemme thuds down the stairs to answer it, and the voice I hear talking makes me completely forget about anything I was going to say to her. It's Ike.

And he doesn't sound too happy, but all I can really hear is the tone of their voices, not their words. I finish up in the shower quickly and get dressed, still drying my hair off with the towel as I go down the stairs. I walk into the living room where Ike and Gemme are looking pretty unhappy at each other. Both of them turn and look at me and tension crackles in the air like electricity. No joking. You could probably run a computer off that kinda tension.

"Did I pick a bad time to get out of the shower or something?" I ask lightly, putting the towel over the back of one of the chairs. I don't get a direct answer, but the look on Ike's face as I enter the room and Gemme's next words tell me that yes, it was a pretty bad time to have gotten out of the shower.

"Ike, it's none of your business!" she snaps.

"Of course it is! You're my sister!" I look from one to the other and wonder if it would make the situation worse if I sat down on the sofa. I decide not to. I would have to pass Ike for that.

"What's your business now?" I query coolly, folding my arms.

"Our power cut off last night. Gemme I need to know what you did!" He exclaimed, half answering my question, half attacking Gemme. Gemme shook her head.

"You don't need to know Ike. You don't." She protested irritably. I guess that Ike meant the zodiac power between them, rather than an electrical power cut.

"Why do you need to know?" I cut in before he can argue against Gemme's objection.

"Because I'm her brother!" Well that sure answers my question. Or not.

"How is that a reasonable answer? What's it to you if your powers screwed up last night? Maybe it was something on your end of the line, so to speak, rather than Gemme's." I point out and Ike doesn't like that.

"Because I have to look after her! It wasn't on my end, everything was clear until a few moments then it started again. But whatever." I'm not so sure I'm doing a very good job of keeping my temper, right now. I would quite like to punch him, actually. I haven't had a good fight for a few days, and here's Ike practically begging for one. He should have learnt by now that my temper is not what you would call stable.

"If you are supposed to be looking after her, Ike, you'd have been there for her these past few days, rather than fucking around with Lilly." I glare at him and the response I get is more than satisfying.

"Don't you even talk about Lilly!" He growled. I found a weak spot. I could sing. I keep my expression angry, but I feel like grinning.

"Why not? It's true. You've been with her this last week rather than with your sister. You only just found each other, yet you seem happy to ignore each other." I let a small smirk flit across my lips as I see him struggling to control his own temper.

"Ike just go, I don't want you throwing a tantrum here." Gemme sighs as Ike's hands ball into fists. I grin now, and unfold my arms, ready to ‘escort' him out.

"Pfft fine. Nice to know you trust me." He spits the words out and flashes a glance at me, as if he thinks it's me that shouldn't be trusted.

"You're right I don't now get out!" Gemme yells at him and he glares at me for a second longer, before leaving. He slams out of the house and storms off. The urge to punch him lingers, however. I excuse myself and wander outside to punch the wall. I crack a knuckle, but the house is okay, and though she seems really pissed off, Gemme is okay, too. I flex my fingers and heal the damage away before going back inside to ask what all that was about.


The End

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