Gemme: The PhoenixMature

Well the weekend went rather quickly, except for Sunday night...

Saturday- I went to an art show, entering my painting of my mother into the auction. I got $150,000 for it, I could have got more if I used my powers but that would be wrong. I sat the rest of the night drawing out a phoenix. It was a tattoo that was going to go on my back. The beak was facing my right shoulder; its tail was peacock feathers in gold’s and reds that flowed down my back, stopping just above my rear. Flames spat from the bird, so the tattoo covered my whole back.

Sunday- The day I actually got my tattoo, that night was hell. I couldn’t sleep on my back because of my tattoo and every time I moved it ached. I got less than four hours sleep. Luckily Monday allowed plenty of sleep. I wanted a phoenix, they symbol re-birth and that’s just what I wanted. Also I wanted to think that I could rise from the ashes one day too.

But now it was Monday, my tattoo still ached and I had to dodge school at least I had a reason. I waited till the evening by painting, oh! And I replaced my TV, so I watched some of my favourite action films. When evening came and Luca didn’t show I decided to visit him. I needed healing anyway so it was a good excuse. I had managed to distract myself ever so slightly away from the ache in my stomach to see him again.

I sneaked in to the drug den and knocked on the door to Luca's apartment, it swung open automatically and I leapt straight into the reason I was here. “Luca... I know you hate using your powers but could I ask you to heal something for me?" I mutter quietly, noticing his agitation. He seemed quite peeved.

“What did you do?” He asked, accusingly. What did he think I did? I lifted my top anyway, just the back so he could see my tattoo. "It really kills; I can't even sleep at night because of it."

His eyes widened slightly and he placed a cool hand on my burning back, healing it. “When did you get that done?”

"The weekend, I sold the painting." I smiled slightly, glad to be rid of it.

"That's one hell of a starter tattoo,"

"That a good thing?" Not that I cared what he thought, I was just curious.

"Usually people start off with something small. Like... a kanji." He shrugged and smiled a little. "It's not a good or a bad thing. It's your body."

"I had the idea for a while; I've just never had the money. I'm sorry to bug you though.”

"I... it’s fine," he sighed.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm fine."

"Well, would you like to go get something to eat? I got $150,000 from the painting." I smiled casually.

"I'm not hungry, but thanks anyway." His stomached growled and I rolled my eyes,

"You're lying."

"I'm not."

"Your stomach is talking." That sounded so childish.

"No it's not," He healed his hunger pangs away, I could tell when his stomach suddenly fell quiet.

"Luca don't starve yourself, honestly. No strings attached, we could even eat in silence just get something with me. Please."

"I'm not in the mood to eat anything," he says stubbornly. Something rattled ever so slighty and I started to feel unwanted.

"Fine. I'll see you later then."

"Bye." When I left his room, my back turned to him I heard something smash, but I kept my back turned and thanked him.

"Thanks again by the way. I look forward to a better night sleep." He remained silence and I decided to leave. It seemed best.

The End

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