Gemme: One Drink?Mature

Luca walked over and placed his arm around me possessively which instantly brought my mind from Kieran. “Hey Gorgeous,” he murmured and I grinned, turning into his arms and kissing him softly humming slightly as he brought me closer.

“So, how was your gig?” I asked as I brought myself even closer to him, ignoring the fact he was sweaty from the gig. He still smelt sweet, to me anyhow.

“Yeah,” he grinned, “shame you were out here really.” He smiled, kissing my neck and keeping his eyes away from Kieran who stood there awkwardly.

"I just got bored of watching you; I've heard it all before."

"Aw, thanks, I love you too,” he huffed sliding away from me slightly and I whined.

"You have no new songs and I have heard everything a thousand times before,” I sighed and he mumbled something after but I stopped listening, I apologised and brought myself closer to him again like a little kid clinging to its mum for warmth. He sighed and looked over my shoulder slightly. He noticed Kieran and gave him a ‘why are you still here?’ look. Kieran cleared his throat uncomfortably and I introduced them.

Kieran looked at me with a puzzled look, and Luca let me go, "Luca?"

"Cancer to you, asshole," Luca replied as if he was expecting the question. His posture was tight and I knew he was just waiting for Kieran to make a wrong move. I apologised to Luca again.

 "S'okay," he murmured as he lit a cigarette. I hated the taste of smoke, but it was better than some of the stuff he got into. I turned to walk away but Kieran stopped me.

"What about that drink?"

"I...I'm not sure I should, I have people to look after and..." I stumbled, "things to do."

"C'mon. You said one drink!"

"You can go if you want, Gemme, I'm not some monster, y'know," he turned to look past me to Kieran, "Though I'll warn you now, if I find out you've been taking advantage of my absence - which I will - you'll wish you'd never been born. 'Kay?" Kieran nodded.

I sighed, "Okay. But make sure Alice is okay, please? I'll be back as soon as." I waited for him to blow out his smoke before kissing him, my arms clinging round his neck. "I will be back soon," I whispered into his ear.

"Have fun"

"Oh, I will," I murmured sarcastically before turning back to Kieran. "Now, this drink. Hurry, chop, chop."

I was taken to a bar, somewhere I didn’t know, it had flashing neon lights and loud music when I stepped inside. Nothing new. I ordered bourbon. He ordered a lager. So it begins. We both drank slowly, till I sighed. "So, what d'ya want?" He mumbled something about talking and I downed my drink, nodding and placing the glass on the bar  I ordered another, a double this time. "So, what you wanna talk about?"

"Anything. What interests you, what touring with Cancer's like, how you ended up where you are..." he shrugged and I focused on never looking at him. I could do this; I’d never have to ask about him. In truth, I didn’t care.

 "All about me? Fine. I write, occasionally. I'm mainly an artist. I have a phoenix tattooed on my back. I suppose you could say I'm the inspiration of the band." I paused, downing my drink and ordering another as the memory pained me. "But that was a lifetime ago," I continued.

 "Inspiration of the band?” He murmured, but I shook my head giving him a pointed glare. So he changed the subject to my painting.

"Anything really. Mainly self portraits though. L- Cancer, more specifically," I became dazed again as I just thought of Cancer naked. I bit my lip as I nursed my drink a soft giggle escaping my lips.

"I don't think I need to ask what you're thinking about,” he chuckled and I blushed slightly.

 "Yeah," I laughed again, hiding my grin with my glass, adding it to the slowly growing group. "Sorry 'bout that, as for your other questions, touring with Cancer is fun. Never a dull moment. Ever."


"Yeah, there's always something happening. Plus, you can kinda guess that Cancer is out of control about 99.9% of the time."

 "Dare I ask why he's out of control?"

 "His personality I guess." I brought the third... or fourth glass to my lips and murmured into it, "and drugs and alcohol." Another glass down. I get another.  I coughed, "Drugs. Just... uh, basic stuff."

 "Sure. So who's Alice?"

"My. Daughter."

 "Daughter?" He murmured with a surprised look.

"Not legally. That's complicated too. But her father's a dick." I sighed, placing the empty glass with the other six or seven and called the bartender to take them, ordering a whiskey this time.

 "...So you and Cancer look after her?"

 "Yeah and?"

 "Cancer being out of control 99.9% of the time... interesting choice"

 "He's protective that's all, I get a lot of attention."

He smiled knowingly and I growled slightly, "I'm sure you do"

 I sighed, "hence why I'm here drinking with you. Why haven't you ordered another drink?"

 "Because talking to you is more interesting. You don't seem too bothered about getting drunk, though,” he laughed slightly.

 "High metabolism... I uh, can't get drunk." He gave me a sceptical look and ordered another beer. I sighed, "nothing more to tell you now."

“There must be more to you than that," I shook my head, "I don't believe you. But if that's all you want to tell me then fine, I guess" *shrugs*

 "Well, you know my hobbies, my talents, my tattoos, my life on the road. What more could there possibly be?"

 "Past, plans for the future, what you wish was different, what you love the way it is"

"Well, my past is... troubled. I have a brother, I love him dearly. That's all my past there is." I sighed with a faint shiver, "What I wish was different? Nothing. What I love the way it is? Everything."

"You wouldn't change the drugs and stuff?"

"I suppose I'd just stop the band taking them. It won't kill him after all."

"Don't be so sure."


"Well even things like weed can get the best of you. I guess it depends on the dealer and what they cut it with though"

"Well, he's not that bad with it."

"Your choice I guess. Can't say I know many girls who wouldn't change their guy's drug habits"

"Luca's fine!" I snarled slightly, grabbing my head as a sharp pain shot through it, "Ack. Damn alcohol. Okay, I've had enough drink."

He held up his hands defensively, “are you okay?”

"Yeah, fine, Mind spike. I never used to get them when I went drinking with my brother." I sighed, ordering a glass of water and downing it. "That should make it better, I hope," I growled as the voices of everyone around me attacked me at once. Kieran’s more than anyone’s a mess of “she’s hot, God I’d hit that, Cancer’s a lucky bastard,” I smiled as best as I could.

“Want me to walk you back to the bus?” I shook my head, not wanting to be rude.

“No, it’s okay, carry on.”
“Yeah, go on.” He got another beer and I sat in silence, watching him carefully, I was more interested in keeping my mental barrier up. But as his thoughts became more erotic I couldn’t help myself. I let out a soft chuckle and stretched my t-shirt riding up so you could see my stomach and he sat, admiring me quietly. He had great self-control and I made a point to tell him this. “You have great self-control; I know what you’re thinking.”

"Hmm?" He murmured, snapping out of his dream-like state.

"Your face, it's easy to read. Yet you keep your hands to yourself. Well done you."

"You’re taken, it'd be rude to interfere.”

"Mmm," I nodded, "he is scary."

He blushed slightly, "I'm not scared of him"

"Oh? Of course not," I nodded with a laugh.

He scowled, "There's a difference between making a sensible choice and being scared"

"Yep and I believe you, completely." He huffed and I laughed again, "Come on, let's get you back to your band before you get too drunk."

"Three beers isn't going to get me drunk"

"Strange, you seem weak. Ah well, come on."

"Weak?" He pulled an offended face and I sighed.

"Come on." He sighed and gave up with a huff. "Well, it's getting late anyway." I murmured, putting money on the bar and walking out into the cool night air, "Ahh, that feels better."

"I prefer the outdoors, and colder weather. It feels better against my skin." I smiled and began to walk as the wind blew my hair back, out of my face. I turned to look at him for the first time that night and smiled, he was cute.

The End

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