Gemme: Off it.Mature

After a while, I get a little sick of water so instead, I buy a beer. The only alcohol I really like, I found out when I was quite young. Blame my father. But as I drink it, I begin to feel funny. “Umm, Luca, wanna go back to the room?” I slur, my words becoming really strange.

He looks at me for a moment, "yeah. Sure.” The lights blinded me and I blinked, the music pounding in my ears and I looked up from the bar to see someone smirking at me. I rose from my seat, stumbling slightly as I pushed my way out of the bar and he put his arm around my waist, holding me up as we walked.

I blinked, trying to focus my eye-sight; I then wrap my arms around my stomach. "I feel really funny," I slurred, I'd be surprised if he managed to hear that.

Kissing my cheek gently, he opened the door of the hotel to let me in, "sleep it off, you'll be fine."

"One drink... drinks one had I?" I laughed and he didn't say anything, instead concentrating on getting me into the room. As he helped me sit on the bed, I lost it, smirking widely.

"Christ, what did you drink?"

"Beer one, all swears."

"Huh," Believe me not he doesn’t. I tilted my head slightly, my hands wandering to his trousers like they had a mind of their own. He whined slightly, moving my hand away. I growled and grinned. "Wrong what’s?"

“Nothing," he muttered.

"On come then," I laughed, pulling down the zip on his trousers.

He scowled and moved away again, "I've had enough of being raped by people off their faces, thanks," he said. I tilted my head, growling again, I tried to stand up to move away but damn legs... then I felt sick and oh my God. I fell to the floor, my head and the room spinning wildly. Hands pulled me up, dragging me into the bathroom and as my whole world turned upside down I couldn’t help apologising over and over as my throat began to burn, but, my head cleared a little even though the thumping didn’t go away.

The hands remained on my shoulder, holding me so I was sitting up. As I finished and my coughing became dry I sat back, tears falling down my cheeks as I continued to apologise. One hand stayed on my shoulder as the other reached for some tissue. As it was dabbed across my face, wiping away the tears and sick around my mouth, Luca's face appeared. "Shh, it's okay," he murmured.

I shook my head, "Sorry... so, sorry. God I'm sorry."

"Stop apologising," he threw the tissue away and put his arms around me gently.

I fell into him, my head still not making complete sense. "What... what happened to me?"

"I dunno."

"I'm scared...” I paused, the need to apologise again overwhelming.  “Sorry..."

"It's okay," he mumbled again, hugging me a little tighter, holding me protectively. I shivered in his arms, my muscles giving in under whatever it was that I had taken... it was only one beer. I couldn't be this bad; alcohol never affects me... even with my powers being this weak.

He kissed the top of my head as a warm feeling rushed through me. It stopped the shaking for a moment, but it came back all too quickly and Luca groaned slightly. "I'm too drunk to heal you. Sorry," I whined, whimpered and shivered until I slipped out of his arms, falling into a slump on the floor, my knees brought up to my chest. He sat next to me and I whined.

“I want you,” I whispered, lifting my head again... I was confused, but my mind wasn’t listening to sense anymore. My head was a tangled mess.

"You're off your fucking face. You don't want me."

 "How do you know?" I asked, smiling, he was utterly silent and as I leant forward, I guess to kiss him; I just fell into him and sighed. He put his arms back around me and held me close and my eyes began to flicker closed... it was over. It happened so quickly I wasn’t even sure what it was. But I hope it never happens again.

The End

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