Gemme: Feeling BetterMature

My smile widened as he clung to me, it made me actually feel that he needed me. Well, this is the only thing I’m really good at and can offer him. Damien’s downstairs, it was bad enough getting him this calm and stopping him from killing Damien without having to do it all over again. I need to get him out and off the bus. We’re just out of town, which we drove through earlier. But I swear there was a hotel on the outskirts of the town...

I didn’t want to break up the moment but, I had to move him away from here for a while. “Luca, there was a hotel just a little ways walk from here. We could get a room and clean-up,” I offer hoping my memory served me well.

"A hotel?" he looked at his hands and nodded, pushing him up, "yeah... okay," hmm, this was going to be with him for a while and Damien was in his band, what was he gonna do he couldn’t just kick him out.

"You don't sound so sure."

"I'm just trying to get over... it," he pointed to his mouth and shuddered.

"Come on," I smiled, getting up off the bed. "You'll feel better once you have a shower," I know it wasn’t much, but it was all I had to offer, a shower and a warm night’s sleep in a nice hotel, away from everything.

"Yeah," he muttered, standing up too, trying to smile back, I couldn't help it as my face betrayed my worry as I looked at him for a few moments before turning and pulling him downstairs. "Sorry, I'm fine," he said, pushing a smile onto his face as we left the bus, he didn’t even look at Damien.

"You don't have to pretend around me," I murmured, walking down the street.

"Okay," he nodded again, "in that case, I feel sick."

"Like, physically sick?" I raised an eyebrow.

"I- I dunno. Maybe," eugh, I can do blood and guts but I can’t do sick.

"Umm... we're nearly there just; think of something, anything but that."

"Mmm," he took my hand, gripping it tightly.

I returned the grip and smiled weakly, reaching up and kissing his cheek. He smiled back just as feebly, returning the quick kiss. I was worried, he wasn’t angry anymore... he was just, passive. We got to the hotel, that was a four star and ravishingly furnished and I booked us a room on the bottom floor.

I let him into the room and smiled softly, “would you like to get a shower first?”

"Yeah, thanks."

"I'll umm... wait here for you," I sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed, I didn’t know what to do. I can normally give good advice but... I’ve never been in this situation before. He bent and kissed my cheek in silent thanks before disappearing into the bathroom. I waited patiently, nothing else to do; I didn’t really want to think on it. So I just sit and stare absently, not really thinking about anything. When he came back out I smiled at him, not once moving from my position. Returning the smile, he sat beside me, his arms instantly around my waist, "feeling better?"

"A bit, yeah."

"Good. I'm sorry I can't do more."

"It's okay," he muttered, pausing. "Well, it'll teach me to get high, won't it?" he laughed slightly

I smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I guess it will." He took his arms from around me and lay back on the bed with a sigh. "I'm sorry."

"Stop apologising, it's not your fault," he muttered, putting his hands under his head so he could look up at me. I nodded awkwardly, "Should be me apologising, I let it happen... Sorry."

"No, don't. They shouldn't have tempted you... I don't blame you."

"Mmm," he reached out his arms sheepishly, silently asking for a hug. I lay down beside him, my arms reaching out and around his waist. He held me against him firmly, kissing me softly and I kissed him back. I wanted to tell him it was all okay and would be over soon but I didn't really know if it would help so I just deepened the kiss a little.

"I love you," he mumbled quietly.

"I love you too, Angel," my violent, bloody, fallen angel.

He smiled, properly this time as he kissed me again. "Thank you."

I pushed my lips back onto his but, I couldn’t understand why he was thanking me, “Whatever for?"

"Just for being there for me," I was a little taken aback, I mean, why thank me for that?

"What kind of girlfriend would I be if I wasn't?" I asked rhetorically. He half shrugged and I moved closer to him, closing the few inches that were between us and pressed my lips to his firmly. “Just forget about it, Luca. I’m here.”

The End

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