Gemme: Revenge is... not so sweet actually.Mature

I would have destroyed him right there, ripped his brains out, right there. But I felt warm and I remember what Luca said about my power... I didn’t want to hurt anyone else, so when I got out side I pound my fists into the wall, making them bleed as they hit the concrete. It stings but I’m not sure which pain is worse.

“These are the inches I like best.”

His hand, over my heart, his words teasing my love, he had said that but a few long moments ago. I scream, pounding my flesh against the cool bricks harder. He was out of his head; it was Damien’s fault... Damien.

I felt the rush of heat over me again and as my hands went numb I fell to the floor. This was all some dream, this wasn’t happening. “It was only a blow job.” Damn it! Do you know who I am? I’m Luca’s girlfriend. I... did that mean nothing to him? Damien... you will die! I clenched my fists and cried out again. But not in anger, my skin was only just covering my knuckles, they were red and blood was spilling out of them.

I didn’t care; I let the pain and rage create a luscious concoction that sent me to sleep like a sweet poison.

When I woke up the sun was far too bright and burning my knuckles I looked over them, they were still bloody and torn, the skin had worn away and they were... grotesque to look at to say the least. Then Luca wandered outside, “where’s the showers?” I shrug. “You okay?”

“You... okay?” Of course, he was high, he wouldn’t remember a thing. But I’m in no mood to be rational. “Me? I’m fucking dandy!”

He seemed taken aback and his passiveness just served to infuriate me more. "What's wrong with you?"

I stand and breathe, throwing a few more punches at the wall with absent growls before finally shaking my head to address him. "Ask Damien."

He stuttered, “D-Damien?” I should be sympathetic, show him that I’m okay. We’ll deal with this together but, if I see Damien he will not walk from my sight alive.

“Yes, fucking Damien. Are you that dumb?” I couldn’t stop it as the words spilled out of my mouth. I wasn’t me, I wasn’t Nigh. I was pure anger.

His shocked expression turned to angry in a split second. "I'm not fucking dumb, I just don't remember last night!" Seeing someone actually stand up to me sort of calmed me down a little and the pain in my hands came shooting back.

"Then maybe you should go find out, excuse me, I need to sort out my hands," I pushed passed

He waved one of his own hands dismissively, making mine heal; maybe, did he think for one second that I might not have wanted them healed? That I like the pain, it reminds me of reality. "Maybe I'd rather hear it from you."

I looked at my hands and growled. "Let's say the only inch of you I like now is your heart, seems the only thing Damien didn't touch last night," at least I bloody hope so.

 His eyes widened for a moment, before his scowl returned, "no... He wouldn't fucking dare." Okay, so I didn’t actually see Damien do anything, but I knew it would have started with a kiss and Luca’s pants were unzipped and...Bulging, doesn’t take a genius to put that together.

"Oh it's worse, you may want to ask him how good your blowjobs are," I snarled, my breathing heavy and he turned and stalked off, cursing Damien loudly. "Bye." I called after him, no point in reasoning with him; I might as well just slump back into my corner and be discarded... I did, just that.

A few moments later, however, there was a lot of yelling and Damien crying out in pain as the word "sorry" was yelped over and over. I gulped, swallowing the horrific cries I managed to push myself up and over to where Luca had stalked off a minute ago.

There I found Damien in a heap on the floor and the mothering instinct that I trust in so much kicked in to help him but... he deserved it, but not for the reasons I was sure Luca was beating him for. I dunno... I sighed, I couldn’t watch this... I wanted so much to watch this.

"Excuse me, I need to wash my mouth out with bleach," Luca growled, pushing past me. I love you too, Angel.

I hesitantly walked over to Damien, offering him a hand... why was I doing this? "You're an idiot, Damien. Why did you do it?"

"I was high!" he moaned, shaking his head slightly at my hand, instead rolling over to stare at the ceiling.

"Not high enough to not be in some control of your actions." I sighed, the anger had somewhat subsided even though the thought of him still made my skin crawl.

He wiped the blood off his lip and sniffed, closing his eyes for a moment. "I'm sorry, okay?"

"I know, I heard," I blinked back the thought of his screams and wails and his constant beg for forgiveness, "I'm the forgiving one though and I say you're lucky."

"Lucky? I just made the biggest mistake of my life and you're calling me lucky?"

"You could be dead... or worse."

He laughed bitterly, "worse?"

"You could be broken and torn limb from limb but still alive in a hospital bed listening to people live out their lives around you, watching but never touching. An empty shell in a white room,” I had to be descriptive, I felt it the only way to truly make it stand out.

"Yeah, or I could be a fucking homo and have a huge crush on a homophobe instead! What a choice!" Well, my option involved both.

"That's taken might I add." Yeah, everyone always forgets about me. I sighed.

"Even better," he muttered, closing his eyes again, "it's not that I forget about you, I just focus more on the homophobe bit, seeing as that's the bit that gets to me most." At this point I should mention that I was weak, my thoughts were flying all over the place. But to him, it would just seem as though I said that.

"I guess I should go, though. Face the wrath of Luca while I still feel strong myself." The last bit was mumbled but I bent down and I don't know where I found the mercy but I wiped his hair from out his eyes and kissed his forehead, one hand on his cheek. "If it's anything at all, I'm sorry too." You’re too soft Gemme.

He grimaced and moved his head away, "why're you being nice to me?"

I waved my hand dismissively. "That's who I am. Sorry." I shrugged, rising again. Bloody zodiac trait, that's what that is. He pushed himself up so he was sitting and leant against the wall, fumbling in his pocket for a pack of cigarettes so I did him the final favour of taking one, putting it to his lips and lighting it. "You'll hate me for it, I know. Many do."

"Thanks," he mumbled, pulling the smoke deep into his lungs. "I don't hate you. I hate myself for giving in."

I smiled, kissing his cheek once more before walking to the door, I stopped, just popping my head round it, "I never did agree with drugs. Damien, you'll be okay.

He nodded slightly, "good luck calming Cancer down," he muttered, I nodded in return and disappeared out the door with a sigh.

“Thanks I’m gonna need it.”

The End

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