Luca: Drummer boy.Mature

Things are going great again. Good music, better sex and Damien is avoiding me altogether today. It's something, even if he hasn't stopped writing about me.

He writes out these little fantasies where one day I'll suddenly discover I'm gay and want to fuck his brains out.

Dream on drummer boy.

Needless to say, I've been practicing my reading on his journal, rather than that Harry Potter crap.

We're lounging backstage - Gemme stayed at the bus, she was tired or something. So yeah, I'm with the rest of the band, in the same room as them and their drugs for the first time in weeks.

I'd say it's good to be back, but it's making me nervous. They keep passing them to each other right in front of me. Eventually... I snap.

It was bound to happen.

I grab the coke as it goes past me and I see Damien give me this weird look. Only I'm too busy drawing a line to snort.

Next thing I know, there's a pair of arms around me and I'm kissing whoever it is holding me. When I pull away and open my eyes, it's not Gemme. In fact, it's not even a girl...


And I'm too high, and too horny to even care. He has a hand on my crotch, rubbing me through my pants. Not that I need much encouragement when I'm this high. I groan slightly and he takes that as a signal to continue. It was a half "stop" half "go" kinda groan I guess. He pushes his lips against mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth and I'm too far gone to stop him. I just give in and take it as he forces me further back into the sofa.

He unbuttons my pants and unzips the fly, pushing his hand down under my boxers. I freeze for a moment, wondering what the hell is going on, but he puts a finger in my mouth, rubbing it on my gums and the high comes rushing back. He massages me, rubbing teasingly as he kisses me. I moan into his lips and he puts my hand between his legs. I feel over the lump in his jeans and stroke it, mirroring his own movements.

After a moment, he takes his hand back and pulls down his jeans and boxers, kneeling on the sofa next to me. He pulls me up so I'm sitting, my face right in front of his crotch. I don't need to be told, and the problem is, I'm not in any state to argue. I just do it.

That, of course, is when the door opens and Gemme walks in. Her eyes open wide for a moment before she covers them with her hand. "You bastard!" I'm not sure which one of us she's talking to.

Damien looks around and pulls back quickly, pulling up his pants. "Shit," he mutters. I blink, confused.

"Damn straight!" She growls, dropping her hand to her side, "how could you?" I blink again. What the hell's going on?

"What?" Damien laughs, "he wasn't exactly putting up a fight."

"He's out of his head you son of a bitch!" She snarls, stalking over to him. I slump back into the sofa as Damien shrugs.

"We all had a few lines," he says.

"Yet you seem in the best condition right now." She grabs his shirt at the collar and stares into his eyes with a cold glare. He lifts his hands in surrender.

"I only had a couple. They all had more."

"You know what... I'll let Luca deal with you when he comes round, you're a fucking asshole, you know that right?" She growls, pushing him back. He falls down onto the sofa beside me and I close my eyes.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry. Wow. It's just a blow job!" She takes a few deep breaths and walks out again, slamming the door firmly behind her. I wince at the loud noise. The whole room's gone quiet. Even off their faces, the others managed to notice how pissed off she was just there.

They don't take long to go back to talking, but Damien's sulking; the moment's gone for him.

Eventually, I just don't open my eyes. Instead, I curl up there and go to sleep, using his leg as a pillow. He puts an arm around me and sighs.

And I really hope I'll wake up and this was all a bad dream. 


The End

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