Luca: Bugged.Mature

Gemme frowns as we walk back to the car; apparently something's up with me? I dunno. I was thinking about the date we had last night. It was good up until those fan girls fucked it up and Gemme nearly said Damien's name when we were talking about people that ‘love' me... Of course the fucking homo loves me, but you didn't need to bring it up!

I dunno if that's what's up with me or what. Whatever.

We get in the car and I chuck the suicide kid's knife in the back seat.

 I'm gonna get attacked by those fan girls tonight, aren't I?

I drive the car with telekinesis and light a smoke, wondering what to say to stop Gemme thinking there's something wrong. She doesn't say anything and the silence in the car only gets worse.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine, Luca," she says and it's my turn to frown.

"Mmm, good... I don't wanna have to see those fan girls tonight," I whine, "d'ya think I could hide from them somehow?"

"You have a show, that's highly unlikely."

"Why did I say I'll see them after the show? Why am I that thick?"

"You're not thick."

"Okay, thick was the wrong word," I shake my head and look up as the bus comes into sight, "whatever. Fan girls over Damien any day," I can see him on the floor with Phil, playing the guitar. He looks up as we get closer and waves.

"Yep." I look at her, raising an eyebrow. And she says something's up with me. I pull up and get out of the car, squinting in the bright sunlight. "So, do you have practice or something today?" she asks as we walk back towards the others.

"Not really, I can't wear my voice out before the gig, but we might jam for a while. Why were you planning on doing something else?"

"Not really... but I guess I don't really wanna wear your voice out before a gig."


We're back stage just before the show. This is the closest Damien has dared to get to me all day. I hug Gemme, watching as Phil and Damien walk out on stage.

"Have a good show."

"Thanks," I mutter, kissing her on the cheek. Rayn walks out and I pull away, smiling. She reaches forward, grabbing my arms and kissing me once more, firmly and swiftly, and suddenly my smile feels more genuine. I kiss back and walk out, the roar of the crowd out here deafening. I can see those fan girls in the front row, reaching past the security, but they get pushed back and I breathe an inward sigh of relief. Maybe I won't get mobbed after all.

We play a good show, and the crowd is really responsive and massively getting into it all; even Damien is grinning when I look around. When I get a chance, I strip my shirt off, way too hot and chuck it into the audience. Of course... fan girls get to it and they jump around, screaming louder than everyone else. Ah shuttup. I don't care if you're happy about getting your hands on a sweaty shirt, stop being annoying.

I don't let that show, though, and just carry on playing.

Eventually, we finish up. I'm knackered, sweaty, my voice is fucked and I'm grinning like mad. I'm looking forward to crawling into bed with Gemme and falling asleep.

Only I can't, can I? ‘Cause those fan chicks wanna talk and make me sign shit. I dig out my sharpie and follow the other guys round to the front. Gemme kinda follows us, but she stands away a little.

"Alright, girls?" I ask with a smile as the fan girls bound over to me, pushing through the crowd.

"Great!" One chirps.

"Amazing show!" The other one finishes.

"Awesome. Glad ya had fun. Anything you want signed while I'm here?" I question, twirling the sharpie in my fingers. They looked to each other and giggled, nodded their heads and pulled their tops down slightly. Aha. I laugh slightly as the first one bends forwards, glancing around at Gemme. She looks away and I try not to frown as I sign their skin. I stand back when I'm done and they grin, handing me books as well, "After all..." one started, "it'll only wash off," The other finishes again. I nod and sign those too, hoping they'll go away soon.

"Tell us..."

"Yeah tell us."

"You and your girlfriend..."

"Is it serious?" Can I slap them?

"I'm surprised you even need to ask... yeah. It's totally serious."

"Why so surprised?" I arch an eyebrow slightly.

"Just ‘cause I'd have thought it was obvious," I shrug.

"Can't blame us for trying."

"Yeah, I mean... you're so hot." I laugh a little. Yeah... still haven't gotten over that hottest celeb thing.

"Cheers, but I am well and truly taken."

"No chance?"

"None... at all?"

"None," I say firmly, wishing Gemme would come over and prove it.

"But... surely she won't mind."

"Just once..." I shake my head, my smile fading pretty quick.


"Eugh, fine. Where is she now?"

"We'd stick with you always." Ooh. Creepy. Where's that security guy when you need him?

"Just over there," I glance around at her again.

Gemme sighs, trailing over to us "If you two, don't move," she whispers, looking at the floor, her voice calm "then I will smash your heads together and kill what little brain cells you have left," she growls looking up at them with a scowl. Wow, chill Gemme. I put my arm around her, trying not to laugh at their faces. "Go you idiots!" She snarls and they scurry off.

"Man, I love you," I smile as I watch them disappear.

"I love you too," she smiles, making to walk back over to where she was stood before, but I keep a hold on her.

"Where're you going?" I ask.

"Umm back to my wall?"

"Why? We're nearly done." I mutter, nodding at the last few fans milling around by Rayn. He's started a mosh pit with them with no music... crazy kid.


"What's up?" I ask, dropping my hand from her waist.

"Nothing, just nothing to say." I open my mouth to say something, but I forget what as Rayn jumps over to me and says he's going back stage to get high with his new fan-friends... Brilliant. I wave him away and frown slightly, wondering what's bugging Gemme. 


The End

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