Gemme: I WIN!Mature

"Nifty," I whispered as we got in and he drove off.

"Telekinesis has its definite advantages," he nodded, "but it makes it very easy to tell when I'm annoyed. Things move without me meaning them to."

"I know I've seen it enough times."

"You'd have thought after nearly ten years I'd be able to control that as well."

"So, do you have an idea of where we're gonna go?"

"There's a hotel round the corner from here."

"Convenient. But why are we going there?" I asked in false-dumbness again.

"Just to refresh your memory. This is a totally selfless act," he laughed.

"So, you're simply doing this, for me?" I asked in innocence.

"Okay, not quite just for you, but I did manage a nice date."

"Oh, then... this three letter s word is like a reward for you hmm?"


"You're a very bad teacher." I scolded him.

"Don't teachers go on about how teaching is a rewarding experience for both them and their students?"

"Depends what kind of teacher they are." I mumbled as we got out of the car.

"The one that is good at his job."

"And that's you hmm?"

"I like to think so, but you're the student, so I'll leave it to you if you think I'm a good teacher," he glanced at me, his eyes glinting confidently.

"Yeah and I'll believe it when I see it." I huffed defiantly, "I'm a bad student." I pointed out, "but I will pay for the room."

"I'll make you into a good student, starting by letting me pay for the room, since this evening is my gift to you for your birthday," and he did just that. I tried not to giggle at the receptionist who looked quizzically at our bickering.

"Fine, but I highly doubt that you'll make me a good student, I don't think you're that good."

"Is that a challenge?"

"That is a challenge."

"Then I accept," he grinned. When we got to the room I looked at him dumbly.

“So where do we start sir?”

Smiling, he pulled me close to him, kissing me hotly as he reached around behind me and pulled down the zip on my dress. I let my lips fumble for a minute before I managed to mirror his kiss. He pushed my dress down over my hips, hooking his thumbs into my pants as he went, pulling them down too.

"Oh sir!" I muttered, faking embarrassment as I made my cheeks blush.

Tipping me backwards so I landed half on the bed, he knelt down on the floor and spread my legs, pressing his tongue against me roughly. I gasped my brow furrowing slightly as he pressed against me. I pushed back against him, letting out a slight growl, this was unfair. I didn't think he would take the challenge so seriously.

He kissed my skin, trailing his lips up from between my legs up to my lips again as he moved his fingers inside of me, kissing me with an electric mix of love and lust. I kissed him back, just barely as I wriggled under his touch.

"Stop wriggling and kiss me properly," he said commandingly, pulling his fingers away.

"I can't help it..." I whined, when he moves like that I really can’t focus to kiss him properly.

He frowned, pushing his fingers against, but not into me, teasing as he spoke, "sure you can."

I moaned, arching off the covers a little, with a shake of my head, "when you move like that, I really can't."

"You can," he smiled, holding firm eye contact with me, silently demanding me to. I nodded and obliged to his request, reaching up to kiss him. Abruptly he pushed his fingers back in, holding me in the kiss and I moved back into the covers but I was determined not to break the bond between our lips.

When he broke the kiss, he smiled. "Told you, you could help it," he murmured in my ear, his tone triumphant.

"Only just," I moaned back, closing my eyes as I clawed at the covers.

"Plenty of time to perfect it," he smiled, kissing down my neck to my chest.

"You're not teaching me very well." I murmured

"Help me out then. What d'you want to learn?"

"I want to learn how best to please my teacher."

He laughed slightly and moved back, pulling off his black shirt, his white one following quickly after. "Why don't you experiment?" he asked, kneeling on the bed over me.

"See, a very bad teacher...69, you never did get round to showing me," I mumbled, before kissing his chest softly, my other hand tracing round the wolf that lay on his side.

Grinning, he laid down beside me, turning his head to kiss me as he unbuttoned his jeans. "Guess I'll have to show you, then," I nodded and reached down, pushing them off with him.

“So, where d’ya want me?”

When he pulled his boxers off, he pulled me over him, turning me around so my head was over his groin. "Right here," he muttered. I nodded, placing my mouth between his legs, moving rhythmically, slowly. He lowered me over him a little and pressed his tongue into me again, moving faster as my own movements encouraged him.

I stopped, shuddering slightly before moving back, my movements clumsy and stammered.

"You're a tougher student than I thought," he growled playfully.

"I told you I wasn't very good."

"Mmm, you'll get there," he smirked, returning to licking me.

I paused, using my hands instead of my mouth as he moved, I couldn't... "Not my best position." I moaned, growling. He laughed into my skin, his breath tickling. I wriggled against him, "stop that," I moaned, pulling away from him slightly. Nodding, he cut off his laughter, tugging me back. I pulled my hands away from him, grabbing the covers, "I can't..." I moaned, trembling gently.

He only pushed harder, turning the trembles into shudders and I pulled away from him, rolling onto my back attempting to regain my breath.  He smiled, crawling over me again, kissing me passionately. I managed to smile and kiss him back, "that was bad."

His hands trailed on my skin, tracing the contours and curves of my body. And I hooked my own hands round his waist, my lips moving to find his again. He kissed me back firmly before pulling me up, putting me on my hands and knees. Holding me from behind, he sunk into me hungrily. What the weirdest time to remember... truth or dare, I gasped, "your favourite position," I moaned; using all my strength to keep myself on my hands and knees.

"Mmm," he groaned, placing little kisses down my spine as he pushed into me. I shivered, even though his kisses were warm. Then I moved with him, begging him to move faster. He laughed softly, not speeding up at all, despite my efforts.

"Luca..." I moaned. He replied with a wordless growl, finally giving in and moving faster, I smiled, my arms giving in so I was actually resting on my elbows, my body giving a little tremor as his speed increased. Another moan escaped his lips as he thrust against me, on the edge of his climax. I moved against him harder, telling him just to let go. He obliged with a louder groan, tipping me over the edge with him.

I rolled onto my back again, looking up at him. “Finally a challenge you failed,” I laughed.

He laughed too, lying down next to me, "yeah. How does it fail to beat me for once?"

"It feels great." I smirked, "I'm gonna revel in it while it lasts, lord knows it'll probably never happen again."

"Oh, you never know. You can live in hope at least."

"I hope so." I nodded, "I also hope this bed is comfy because, I'm tired." Smiling, he moved the covers over us and put his arm around me. I sighed, tightening my grip on the covers as I pulled them around me, tucking my head into my chest in a tight ball.

He kissed the top of my head and closed his eyes, a content smile on his lips. "Night, Muse."

"Night, gorgeous," he murmured quietly. I nodded, not looking at him before I nodded off. Tomorrow would just be a plain old day.

The End

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