Luca: amazing stereotypical date.Mature

I come back down the stairs, wearing black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt underneath a black button up shirt that I leave undone. It's not as smart as Gemme's dress, but it's the smartest thing I've got.

I wander outside and hug Gemme from behind, kissing the top of her head with a smile. I dunno why she felt like she needed a second opinion on the dress.

She jumps as I hold her, not expecting it. "Oh! You startled me."

"So whaddya think of my date, guys? I'm pretty fucking lucky, eh?" I grin.

"Lucky isn't the word, man," Phil laughs, "more like someone performed a miracle." Damien smiles, looking at me for a few moments longer than he needs to, before turning away, back to his notebook.

"Stop it." She blushes, instantly putting her hands on her cheeks to cover it. "Please."

"Mmm, sorry, gorgeous," I mumble, kissing her neck gently, "c'mon. We should get going."

"Yeah, okay," she nods and I smile at the others before leading her over to the car. We get in and I set off, smiling.

"So where d'you think we're going?" I ask as we leave the bus behind.

"I don't know, haven't really thought on it."

"have a guess. It's a whole five minute drive before you can find out," I laugh.

"No, my power makes it unfair." I nod and shrug.

"Alright then. So how does it feel to be on a first date?" I ask, wondering if she's as nervous as I am.

"Well, my heart's going ten to the dozen and I have butterflies in my stomach."

"Me too," I smile nervously, less embarrassed to show it now I know she's feeling the same, "I dunno why, I've known you long enough."

"I know, it's ridiculous."

"Heh, well at least I know you won't scarper if it somehow goes wrong," I mutter, pulling up just down the street from the place. At least, I hope she won't scarper if it goes wrong.

"No, I guess I won't," she says as I get out. I make her door open itself for her and offer my hand as I get to her side of the car. "Thank you." She smiles, grabbing my hand firmly.

"S'ok," I smile, helping her out and locking the car. I hold her hand as we walk down the street; you can smell the Italian food before you even see the place, and suddenly my appetite has appeared. As we get closer and the place comes into view, I watch Gemme's expression carefully. Because yes, I know that taking a girl to some cute Italian restaurant is about the most stereotypical thing in the world, but hey, it's my first date. Gimme a break.

Her face slowly lights up. "Oh, I haven't been to somewhere like this in forever." She smiles, kissing my cheek swiftly and I feel my own smile relax a little.

"That's good," I mumble, opening the door for her. She thanks me and walks into the restaurant, looking around cautiously for some reason. It's not like the waiter's gonna bite you. A waitress comes over and I tell her I've booked a table. She takes us over to a window table that stares out over the beach and offers us drinks.

"Just water, please," Gemme mumbles, staring out to the beach laid out before us.

"Beer," I smile, and she nods, hands us two menus and walks off. The place is pretty busy, but the background noise just seems to fade away as I look out at the beach as well.

"You know, I think I remember everything about the beach. The first time, the time we made up on the second visit... followed by Jeremy and Alice." I look back at her and smile; the times on the beach were our best times together, apart from when Jeremy came along and ruined it. I intend to make tonight another good beach memory.

"I love those memories. Apart from the bit with Jeremy," I murmur. I hope I never get amnesia. Well... there are things about my life that I'd like to forget permanently, but y'know. I don't wanna forget about Gemme.

"I know, I know how much you cherished them. I'm a mind-reader you know. I got those memories back from you."

"I know you're a mind-reader," I smile, "I've had plenty experience of you reading my mind."

"Yes, well. I try not to."

"I know. I guess I didn't mind so much," I shrug, looking down at the menu in front of me. I open it up and inwardly curse. I can barely read English, let alone Italian. Urgh. She nods, looking at her menu too, before closing it a minute later.

"It's a little weaker now, so it's easier to control. That's why I didn't know about this amazing surprise." I feel my cheeks flush slightly and I keep looking down at the menu.

"It's not that amazing... this is about the most stereotypical date ever," I laugh slightly.

"It's with you and you decided to bring me here. It makes it amazing." I look up and smile, leaning across the table and kissing her quickly, pulling back as the waitress comes back with our drinks.

"Ready to order?" she asks us with a knowing smile. Gemme nods and orders and I've managed to figure out what most things are from the descriptions. I end up getting a pizza. The waitress goes off again and I drink some of my beer, hoping the rest of the evening goes smoothly.

The End

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