Gemme: PrettyfulMature

“I’ll shut up then.” I murmured before laughing, continuing the drawing.

 "No, just don't argue with me," he smiled.

"Okay, wow, this must be some really special event." I smiled, beginning to draw in the features, I looked up at Luca. It had become such common practice for me now I didn't really have to look at the paper when drawing.

"No, but it's my first proper date. That and it's my first proper date with the woman I love," he grinned.

"And it's mine too." I murmured under my breath.

"Even more reason not to bicker," he smiled softly, his eyes fixed on the page in front of me.

"You know how annoying Rayn is to draw? Never sits still." I murmured as I looked down at the page, beginning to roughly shade it in.

"I can imagine. He's more childish than an actual kid."

"I know, good when it's finished though." I shrugged, pushing the paper away.

He looked at the drawing and then back up at me, "you've drawn me too many times," he muttered jokingly.

"I know,” he fell silent and as I felt the awkwardness creeping into the air I decided to quickly change the subject. "So, how should I dress for this occasion?"

"However you want," he paused to think for a moment, "a little bit smart, I guess."

"Okay... hmm, I guess I'll go get changed then."

"Mmm, I'll get changed in a minute."

 "I'll take longer." I smiled, getting up. "I love you," I moved in to kiss him and he kissed me back.

“I love you too,” he called after me as I ran upstairs. I kept the same ankle boots on, of course and took out a black dress. It cut off at my knees and was simple, strapless and had a zip at the back. Perhaps it was too formal? Hmm, I placed the silver cross around my neck and tied the deep blue ribbon round my hair again, tying my hair back behind my ears like a headband. The ribbon was from my mother, it was hers before, matched the sapphire blue of her eyes. The cross was from my brother, if I remember correctly.

I turned over the cross to look at the back and sure enough, as I thought it did it had my name scrawled across the back and Ike’s was just below. Thank you, brother. I dunno though, I still looked rather dressed up, so I wiped the little amount of make-up from my face. It was... better. I walked downstairs, still unsure, “too much?” I asked, to Luca although I knew I needed more than his opinion before I walked out into... wherever it was we were going.  

He gazed at me, taking me in silently with a smile growing on his face. "Definitely not," he murmured, standing up and slipping an arm around my waist as he kissed me gently.

"Hmm, okay." I nodded, still need a second opinion... I don't know. But I kissed him back all the same.

"My turn to get changed, then," he smiled.

"Yeah, while I get a second opinion," I nodded, walking away from him as he walked past me to the stairs.

"You look gorgeous," he told me pausing at the bottom of the stairs, I stop and turn to him and he gave me another appraising look. I walk away from him still as he walks upstairs and I head outside. “Hey, guys! I need a second opinion. How do I look?”

Damien looked up and smiled, "you look great, Gemme. Cancer's a lucky guy."

I was a little taken aback but I nodded and smiled, "thank you, Damien."

"Ahh! Gemme's prettyful!" Rayn giggle, bouncing over to me and giving me a hug.

I laughed, hugging him back tightly. "Thank you too, Rayn."

When he let go of me, he bounced back over to Alice, picking her up and swinging her in a circle, "your mommy's hot," he grinned. I shook my head and muttered another thank you, although, it was more embarrassing.

"And Phil, silent as ever," I smiled, "but thank you anyway."

"You don't need me to tell you that you look good," Phil muttered.

I nodded, hugging him gently. "No, but it's good to hear you talk every once in a while."

"One of us has gotta be the quiet one," he laughed, hugging back. I nodded, pulling away... my first date, it was kinda scary. I had butterflies and my heart was going ten to the dozen. All I gotta remember is to calm down.

The End

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