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I'm glad I've got Gemme back. I mean, I do love Nigh, she's what makes Gemme who she is, my wonderfully, confusingly, infuriatingly complex Gemme. And I guess I felt kinda bad when she asked why no one loved her. Because we do, she just doesn't see it in that way.

I catch Rayn smiling in the rear view, glad that rather than fighting now she's awake, we're making out instead.

"There's a kid in the car, man, that doesn't wanna be seeing that in his rear view mirror, thanks," he says after a while.

"You'll live, I'm sure," Gemme smirks breaking away from me for a moment.

"Then think of the other kid in the car. Poor little Alice is having her innocence trampled by you two." I glance over at Alice and... she's miles away. She doesn't care.

"Oh, well, I'm sorry Alice," Gemme says and she blinks, looking at us.

"What for? I'm sorry, I wasn't listening."

"Nothing, beautiful," I smile, "Rayn just likes to make a big fuss out of nothing." He scowls at me in the mirror.

"If you keep that up, you can walk," he warns and I grin.

"Or not. It's my car, remember?"

"Don't make me use my power, 'kay? I'm still a little shaky so something may just blow up." She threatened, "stop fighting while I am still in the car, please." My grin only widens.

"You got told," I laugh and he grumbles quietly to himself. Eventually, the bus comes into sight and I suddenly realize just how much I like that bus.

Rayn races Alice over to the bus and Phil and Damien are sitting outside with an acoustic guitar. Looks like they're working on a new song.

"That was quick," Phil says as I walk over with Gemme.

"Yeah, Newberry wasn't as much help as we thought it might be, I s'pose," thinking about it, we probably should have gone back to Cameron.

"Hey, I'm Gemme, are you Phil or Damien?" They look like they know what's going on, at least, so Rayn must have told them.

"I'm Phil, that's Damien," he says, Damien lifting a hand in greeting as Phil says his name.

"Umm, hello, again. I'm so sorry I've forgotten you. I can't apologise enough."

"It's cool," Damien says putting on a friendly smile, trying not to glare as I put an arm around her waist.

"No, it's not. What's wrong?" he turns his glaring into squinting.

"Sun's in my eyes. And it's fine, really. You only knew us like, three weeks."

"Hmph." She turns to me, "do they know about our powers?" I shake my head.

"Why don't we go inside?"

"Umm sure," she says, letting me pull her inside, "I know he's lying though... what's wrong with him?"

"He's gay, if that's what you mean," I mutter, sitting at the table.

"So he was looking at me because... he likes you?"

"I wish he didn't. You had to pull him off me the other night when he got high and started blubbing about how I'm his or some shit like that."


"It wasn't pretty. You're probably better off not remembering that one," I sigh resting my chin on my hand. I wish I didn't have to remember it.

"So, does he hate me?"

"No, he's just terminally jealous of you." Though I s'pose I can see how that could be mistaken for hate.

"Oh, I guess I could live with that then. What about Phil? Who's he?"

"He's the quiet one, I guess. Don't often get much more out of him than good lyrics and the occasional unhappy look when I upset Damien," I glance out of the window at him, "he loosens up after a few beers though," I smile, remembering the truth or dare game.

"Fair enough, so, I didn't really know him then. Well that makes remembering that much easier."

"Any other questions?" I ask, tapping the corner of a box of cigarettes against the table idly, turning my gaze back to her. She just shakes her head.

"No, thank you." One of the cigarettes float out of the box and settles between my lips. I light it with the hand that isn't supporting my head and watch the smoke drift upwards. "Luca?" She pauses and I look at her questioningly, "thank you, I know you didn't have to do all this."

"S'ok. Wouldn't do it for anyone else," I smile slightly, concentrating on the feeling as I fill up my lungs with smoke. I hold it in for a moment, wondering vaguely how long I could keep it there.

"Sorry, I should've been more careful," she mutters and I sigh the smoke out again.

"No, I shouldn't have let you go out of my sight," I murmur, "I just didn't want to suffocate you or make you feel like I didn't trust you or something."

"To be honest, I don't think I would. I like the way you're always protective of me. I think it was Alice you may have to convince. I mean, I'm still picking things up and Alice seems rather... bonny." Yeah... wish I'd known that then.

"I'll take better care of you next time," I promise her, hoping I can live up to the vow.

"I hope there won't be a next time, but, I know that isn't true. We're always going to be hunted. Won't we?"

"Not if I can help it. I wanna rip those bastards' heads off," I growl, tapping the ash off my cigarette a bit more violently than I'd meant to.

"You'll need someone to watch your back too, though," she says and I shake my head slightly.

"I get in fights all the time... I'll be fine," I mutter, wondering if it would actually be possible to get at whoever wants us dead.

"If you fight them, you're not doing it alone." She looks at me seriously, "you don't have a choice."

"No, I'm not having you get hurt again," I tell her firmly.

"I won't in fact last time we fought, I came out cleaner and better off." I scowl at her, unable to come up with a good counter argument. "Luca, they've hurt me as much as they have you. I need someone to watch me, but who's gonna watch you?"

"I'll be fine, I look after you and myself fine," I mutter, screwing my cigarette into the ashtray. I just hope she doesn't remember that time when they managed to get me in my own front door. Fuck, that was embarrassing.

"Luca, don't do this without me." I look back out the window irritably. Not like I can be much fucking use in a bus when I've got a band to front and people to look after.

"But I want to do it for you," I mumble, tapping the cigarette box on the table again.


The End

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