Gemme: Hello me, yes, it's me again.Mature

I stood, looking at well, me. I returned her greeting and sighed. Now, don’t be confused. From here, it will be Gemme not me, I will be taking my rightful place in the mind.

“Nigh, you’re not meant to be in my body. Please, I need your help.”

“Gemme, you’re like a sister to me. More than that in fact, as much as I hate helping people, you, I don’t mind.”

“I need you to be strong and become my mind again. I promise, this will never happen again.”

“That’s not so bad, I guess. I don’t particularly like your body anyway. I prefer your mind. No offence.”

I laughed, “None taken. Well, I guess we’ll have to swap then. You’ll have to be strong, okay?”

“I love you, Gemme.”

“And I you, Nigh, come on, let’s go home.”

We both nodded and walked toward each other, merging as one. Now, that conversation may have been short, but in real time it was a rather long time, like waking up after sleep when the dream doesn’t seem finished. My eyes flickered open and we were still in the car. I looked up from Luca’s shoulder, into his face. “Good morning, Luca.”

“Morning,” huh, don’t seem so happy about that fact.

I smiled up at him softly, “I’ve missed you.” I missed you a lot. “It’s good to be home baby!” I heard Nigh shout and my smile only grew.

"No need for confusion, it's me, Gemme, I'm back."

"Hanging around a bit longer this time?"

"Indefinitely I hope," he simply smiled, hugging me. "I love you, Luca... oh, how I do." I murmured, "Want to finish that kiss off?" Laughing slightly, he put his lips on mine, his eyes sparkling happily as he kissed me. I took the memory in, storing this one and I won’t let it go. I kissed him back and I so wished we weren’t in a car so I could just jump into his arms. The car did sort of ruin the moment.

I was back, I remembered who I was, but memories of me and Luca were still missing and my history seemed a little too light. I felt like there was more to it, but all I really wanted to do was to learn about other people and start making new memories. Oh, but I also want to learn about the memories Luca had. I wanted so much to continue the glimpse of the lovely life I had before.

The End

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