Luca: and you're gone againMature

I pull away just far enough to kiss Gemme again, holding her close, glad that she's back. Even if it doesn't last very long, I know she's still in there. It gives me hope.

And then suddenly, she's pulling back, her eyes wide with shock.

"Keep your tongue to yourself!" she snaps and I drop my hands from her waist hastily.

"Sorry," I mutter. I wish that could have lasted longer. Even if it was just to the end of the kiss. I sigh and lean back against the table, reminding myself to keep hope, that she'll be back soon.

"My, now I know why she liked you so much." I look up and smile slightly, lighting a cigarette. "What happened anyway? What's this?" She murmurs, picking up the book from the table behind me.

"Gemme drew them when I was away," I tell her through a lungful of smoke.

"They're good... I was good," she says, looking through the book.

"Yeah," I agree. If not just a little obsessed. Though to be fair, I did fuck her over pretty bad. Well, really bad.

"I want you to go back on tour, Luca." Uh oh. That doesn't sound much like she wants to come with us.

"Why's that?"

"Because, I think I've learnt as much as I can from here, I want to catch up on the recent weeks."

"So you're coming back on tour with us? That probably sounds like a dumb question, but it just didn't sound much like you mean to come with us."

"Yeah, I do. I wanna meet this Damien and Paul. And get to know Alice too. The Gemme in here told me to say sorry." She mutters, tapping her head.

"Want me to go get Alice?"

"Please," she nods and I stub my cigarette out in the ashtray, before walking out, up the stairs. Rayn's wandering along the landing and I arch an eyebrow slightly.

"Where's Alice?" I ask and he shrugs.

"I dunno. We're playing hide and seek, but it's so much easier for her to hide that it is for me," he smiles at the airing cupboard as it giggles. "Gotcha!" he cries, pulling open the door. She stares up at us from the floor, hiding behind the washing basket, still giggling. I reach in and pick her up.

"Sorry to end your game, guys, but mommy wants to apologize for yelling earlier," I smile and she nods. Rayn slides down the banister and leaps off the end, landing on his face.

"I'm okay!" he calls, pushing himself up. I roll my eyes as Alice begs me to let her slide down too. Which I do. But I use telekinesis to make sure she doesn't fall. "You got skills, girl," he grins as she lands on her feet perfectly.

"In the kitchen," I tell her, using my feet to get down the stairs. She nods and walks into the kitchen. I follow her in a few seconds later.

"Alice, come here... sweet." Gemme... or Nigh says. Whatever. Alice looks up at me hesitantly and I smile at her, encouraging her to go over to Gemme. She nods and walks over to Gemme who picks her up.

"I'm sorry, okay, I didn't mean those things... it was just hard for me, losing my memory." It was Gemme's turn to look at me uncertainly. I smile again, nodding slightly. "So, you'll have to be strong okay. Be strong for us both. So one day, you can become a shining Phoenix!" She smiles, running her hand through her hair as Alice looked at her with glistening eyes. I walk over to them, hugging them both gently for a moment. Gemme froze up for a moment, reminding me of myself the way I used to freeze up.

"Both my beautiful phoenix girls," I smile, sitting on the table.

"So when are we going back to Ohio, then?" I ask.

"As soon as possible I guess. I want to get my mind back." I nod, looking at Rayn, who's standing out in the hall, pretending he isn't listening.

"Go get the car," I tell him, making my keys fly out of my bag at him. He catches them and smiles, letting himself out. "Got your stuff all packed still?"

"never unpacked."

"Cool. Wanna go get your case then? We'll go now, unless you have something here you wanna do."

"Nope. Oh, and I did keep that painting," she says with an embarrassed smile. I laugh slightly, sliding off the table again as I hear Rayn pull up outside. "I'll go grab that case then and hide that painting."

"It's not that bad!" I smile, walking across the hall to get my bag from the living room.

"You must be kidding!"

"No," I shrug.

"It's... it's hot and sexy and..." She trails off, shaking her head. "It has to be hidden!"

"No one's gonna be here to see it, Gemme," I say. Rayn knocks on the door and I let it swing open for him.

"So who's driving this time? Lemme guess. Me?" he asks, glancing between me and Gemme and the expression on her face.

"Got it in one," I grin, "unless Gemme feels like driving."

"I don't mind. But do you really want someone who just lost their memory a day ago to be driving?"

"If Cancer can drive, anyone can," he ignores my scowl.

"Fine! I'll drive."

"I don't mind driving, I was just saying, if you're bored of being the passenger, you can drive," Rayn shrugs, stepping aside so I can take our bags back out to the car.

The End

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