Gemme: Nine lives; Second LifeMature

When I awoke, Luca wasn’t beside me and it stung a little. I guess I loved him. I felt like it was the budding of a new relationship, but I didn’t feel that strongly about him and after last night I felt like I was on a drifting ship. Floating further away from him, I got up and shuffled downstairs. Alice’s door was open so I guessed she was downstairs too.

Of course, waking up without Luca there I figured he had brought me home and bolted. I wouldn’t put it past him, those memories... they didn’t seem like me. They seemed like someone else, or like a past life. Perhaps it was, perhaps this was a new start for me. A whole new life.

When I got downstairs, Luca had stayed and he was sat in the kitchen, Alice across from him. She had a bowl of cereal and he just had a cup of coffee. “Morning Luca,” I decided not to say good morning it seems like personal preference and as Luca replied with a simple, “hey,” I knew it wasn’t a good morning for him at all.

 "I thought you left." I sighed, looking to him. Sometimes, I wish you did.

"No... I just came down here to get a drink," yeah, my house. Help yourself.  

 "Yeah," just help yourself to my food and my coffee.

"You okay?"

"I... Yeah, I'm okay." I looked at him; there was no point in telling him that through everything I have learnt that I was. I still didn’t feel complete, that it was me. He nodded and lit a cigarette.  "I found this; dunno if you care anymore though." I sighed, dropping the box on the table.

"What's in there?"

 "Postcards from this, Benny guy," I shrugged, looking through them, purple kimono... I, I pretended to kill Benny. I put a gun to him, he pleaded with me... I gasped and shook my head, trying to clear it.

"Most of them will probably be for you," they were all for me, that’s not what I meant.

"They are, I was on about getting my memory back," I didn’t growl, not matter how much I wanted to.  

"Mmm," he grunted, picking up one of the postcards and staring at the writing for a while with blank eyes, before shrugging and putting it back down.

 "Yeah, I didn't think so. God if you want drugs so much, go get some," I was sick of him being in such a mood, what is wrong with you!? I’m trying my best you know.

"I don't want drugs. We're s'posed to be taking Alice to the park. Can't do that if I'm high, can I?" Oh yeah, this Alice kid, seems to be more bothered about her than me.

"Humph. You can take her to the park if you want. I need to find what I can salvage from this old life," I shrug.

"The park might bring back a few memories," he muttered sullenly, I already know I slept with Benny, I already know you pushed me against those swing bars and screwed me till my head span. I picked them up last time I was in the park. I now wish you had just left.

"Possibly, I dunno." I shrugged, grabbing the milk from the fridge and pouring some into a glass. "Right, I'm gonna go take a look at the paintings upstairs, see what I’ve been up too, see how good I am and if there’s a career in it."

"You wouldn't have a house if you didn't have a career in it," yeah, but it’s not a career I want anymore.

"I mean if I can start again. I want a good career. But, I guess I don’t want a job too close to my old one. Maybe I’ll give artist a miss."

"Why? You're good at art,” but I hope I’m good at other things as well. I don’t want to be a one tick pony.

"I figure, I've been given this new life for a reason, so I wanna try something new. What else was I good at?”

"You were given amnesia by a bunch of thugs that want us dead," I chose to ignore him.

"I was given a new life and I’m going to take it."

"So what, have you given up on trying to get your memory back then?"

“Meh,” I guess I want to know, so I know what to avoid. You’re high on my list right now, about tied with the kid.

"Meh? Is that really all you have to say about it?" I guess I have more but Meh seems to spare your feelings, he sent the kid upstairs, telling her to get ready.

"Pretty much," I stretched, bending my muscles a little more.

"Brilliant," he stood up; "I'm taking Alice to the park. I hope that in the mean time, you can avoid being raped or stabbed or shot or given amnesia again," wait, what? Also, you do realise this just makes me think you like Alice over me even more, take your brat and fuck off Luca.

"I was stabbed? When was I shot?"

"Oh, you care now," he growled, his tone just made me wants to turn round and hit him.

"You don’t!" I retorted that’s what it felt like. He was all about making me get my memory back. He wanted so much to have his Gemme back.  

"If I didn't care, I wouldn't be here."

"New life, new job," I turned my back on him, "new love."

He was silent for a moment before walking out of the room and up the stairs. "Alice, c'mon, we're going to the park!" he called.

“Will mommy be coming?" She called as she ran downstairs. No, no, she bloody well is not!

I snapped. I don’t even know the kid; I have no association with the kid and "for God's sake I am not your MUM!”

Luca picked her up and scowled at me, "no, honey, mommy isn't in the mood."  Bastard!

"Stop calling me that! Fuck off kid!" I was actually talking to both of them, because Luca was just being childish too.

He shook his head and walked out the front door, slamming it behind him. I turned, firmly striking my head against the wall. “Just leave, me, alone!”

The End

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