Luca: Back home.Mature

The thing in her mind was strange. Like I could kind of feel it all like it was real, but part of me was reminding me it wasn't real at all so it didn't feel exactly how it should have.

It wasn't quite like one of her visions, though. It didn't look like one. The world around us moved, the sand could be shifted and the tide was moving, but then there were the frozen figures of me and Gemme on the beach just lying there. Like statues. Very vividly detailed naked statues.

It was weird, to say the least.

And then there's the bit where we looked stoned in reality. Like zombies? Brilliant.

Mind you, I s'pose saying I look stoned isn't that much of a difference for me anyways. Before Gemme came into my life, I was stoned for most of the time. She didn't really say anything about my drug abuse. She was more concerned with the fact I tried to screw her while I was high and she wasn't in the mood.  I wonder what she thinks of it now.

The rest of the journey passes pretty quickly. I was asleep for quite a lot of it though, to be fair. I hate long journeys. They bore the fuck out of me. So I fall asleep.

Rayn prods me in the stomach and skips back a few steps as I open my eyes, frowning.

"We're here," he tells me, pushing Alice behind him. "Get back, daddy's gonna explode!" he giggles and the run away from me together.

"See what I mean about Rayn?" I groan, pulling myself out of the car to see Gemme watching them.

"I still don't think he's that bad... it's cute." Cute my ass.

"Try knowing the guy for most of your life. Cute gets boring after a while," I grumble, picking up my energy drink off the floor and opening it. It fizzes everywhere, but I ignore the soda on my hand as I down the whole can in one.

"What about me?"

"You're sexy. That's different," I say, crumpling the can and throwing it back in the car. I pull out a cigarette and light it, looking around. Rayn's landed us at the park. Close enough, I guess.

"Sexy doesn't get boring?"

"Sexy never gets boring, gorgeous," I smile.

"I'll take your word for it."

"Good," I look at Rayn, hanging upside down off the monkey bars on the playground, helping Alice get onto the first one. "Well, the house isn't far from here. I'll leave the car here, we can walk," I say, grabbing the keys and locking the car.

"You know I'm a little scared."

"You'll be fine," I hope. I smile, taking her hand. She returns the grip slightly and smiles.

"I'll take your word for it." Oh, don't do that. Good idea for the first one, bad idea for the second one. I just keep the smile there and walk over to the playground with her.

"C'mon you two. We're going home now," I say, and Rayn twists and looks at me.

"Who are you, my dad?" he laughs.

"No, but I'm Alice's. You can do what you like, but Alice has gotta go home." He pouts and tries to swing off the bars. And fails.

"But... can't I stay here with Rayn?" I look at the guy, in a whinging pile on the floor. He sits up and rubs his head, wincing.

"Rayn's barely responsible enough to look after himself, let alone you as well, beautiful." That and the fact that every time I let either you or Gemme out of my sight something bad happens, and I honestly don't think I will cope if anything else happens.

"Aww. Okay," she sighs and drops down from the bars and walks over to us sulkily.

"What're you gonna do, Rayn?" I ask as he stands up, wobbling like a drunkard. He shrugs and steals my cigarette.

"Go explore your home town," he smiles, waving at Alice as he walks off. With my cigarette. I shake my head and take Alice's hand, taking the both of them back to the house. Hmm. None of us have a key. It's not a problem, but... it could be for Gemme later on. I stand at the end of the path and gesture up at the place.

"Ringing any bells?"

"Umm... nope." I sigh and lead her inside.

"Nothing?" I ask, gesturing around the living room, up at the stairs, leading her through to the kitchen, where that magazine with me in it is still on the table. I dunno what I'm expecting, really, just hoping she might remember something. Preferably something good.

The End

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