Gemme: ImmortalityMature

I got a little hot thinking about that memory. God, we were like rabbits. Our bodies, moving together, his hot touch on my skin, his lips on mine... it was all a little too much. I fanned myself a little, just thinking about it again. Then I realised, I was talking to Luca, I just sorta... zoned out. I smiled and tried to remember what he said... “Sorry, could you just repeat that please?”

"I said 'well, I'm knackered. If you want to know, I suggest you get it out of me before I fall asleep,'” He yawned and I looked to him, his eyes flickered slightly and I smiled.

"Oh well, just sleep then.” I reached out, grasping his hand for a little while, before turning to the only person that hadn’t slept yet. “Rayn, how are you, do you want me to take over driving?"

"I'm fine," he smiled and I nodded, I sat in silence for a while, but I soon grew to hate it. It was almost awkward.

"So, what was I like to you?" I ask, hoping I could break the ice a little. I mean, I did know him before.

"Umm, you roll your eyes at me a lot. I know you would never in a million years fuck me, but you're cool. Friendly at least, even if I am just a kid in a nineteen year olds body," he laughed. Well that’s nice, did he particularly want me to screw him? Huh. What a weird thing to say.

"So... what do you mean I'd never..." I swallowed, "fuck you in a million years?" I felt a little vulgar saying it like that.

"I know you don't find me especially attractive. I overheard you talking to Damien a couple of days ago 'cause he was in a bad mood or something and you said you'd never screw me, and if you had to put us in order it'd be Cancer, Damien and then Phil. Something like that." He shrugged and I found that a little hard to believe.

"I said that?" I looked a little surprise and looked at him, "you seem a little bothered by that."

"It's cool, I'm not that fussed."

I looked at him and smirked before giggling. "I'm sure. Although..." I looked down at myself. "I bet you feel the same about me."

"You're hot, and you know it. Or you did anyways."

"Huh, so... you do want to..."

"No, but honestly, I'm not interested in fucking anyone. I think they call it asexual."

"Huh well, I dunno... I guess you're cute. But I haven't seen the childish side of you yet. I'm sure you're not that bad."

"I behave when I'm driving. You and Cancer would survive, but me and Alice wouldn't. I don't feel like dying just yet." Huh? Cancer and I would survive... Alice and you wouldn’t?

“What do you mean?” I asked, not liking where this was going.

"You guys are zodiacs. You can't die." Wow. I guess it’s a good thing. But, what about the other people I know? Luca’s band...

"I... I can't die?"

"Guess he was waiting to break that one to ya. Oops." Damn straight oops.

"Oh... so... that kid, that calls me mum she is gonna... I'm gonna outlive her?"

"Uh... yeah, sorry," No... I wanted to cry, but... I had to hold it back.

"And you... and everyone else I know?"

"Everyone apart from Cancer,” so it was me and him against the world huh? “And there're some others like you, they make up the rest of the zodiac, like Leo and Aquarius and all those guys. I don't think you like them very much."

"Are you sure?"


"No. You're lying... that's not possible."

"Neither of you two would be here right now if you guys were mortal."

"You mean... I've died before? When?"

"I dunno, you're the mind reader, have a look in Cancer's head."

"I...I don't think I want to!"

"Fair enough, I guess. Thinking about it, I dunno if Cancer's actually died yet. He's a healer, though so that might be why."

"Do you know anything about my powers?"

"Mind reader. Oh yeah. You can talk to animals, but whatever you do, no more birds."

"No...More birds?"

"You brought a blue bird and then a fuckin' eagle onto the bus!" *shudder*

"No, I was never that nasty, was I?"

"You didn't know I hated birds till then. Well, I don't think you did."

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

"It's cool. I'll live... just don't so that shit again."


He laughed, "Chill. The animal’s thing is pretty cool. Keeps us entertained."

"Okay... Who's the rest of the band?"

"Phil and Damien. Damien plays the drums and Phil plays the bass. Phil's kinda quiet, though."

" mentioned him before..." he nodded. “What's he like?"

"He's cool, he's a nice guy. Cancer calls him drummer boy. Don't ask, I dunno."

"Thank you, Rayn. I'm sorry for forgetting you."

"It's not your fault," he smiled.

"Everyone keeps saying that..."

"Well it's not; you got attacked at the park and got amnesia. How is that your fault?"

"I was attacked?"

"Yeah. I dunno who by though. Alice was the only one with you, 'cause we had band practice today."

"I can't ask her though, she's too young."

"Why not? Kids have good memories."

"No doubt she'd be a little traumatised.”

"Mind reader her then, I dunno."

"I...I'm not sure how to use my power."

"Oh. I guess there'll be plenty of time to practice when we get to Newberry, though."

"Yeah...thanks again Rayn."

"S'alright." I leant over and briefly kissed his cheek and he smiled again. I liked his smile. It was sweet.


The End

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