Luca: Flip a coin?Mature

I smile slightly and look out of the window as we drive, wondering what she would even want for her birthday. As I resolve to take her out for dinner somewhere nice, or something like that, I notice that Alice has fallen asleep in my arms. I'm tired, too, but I don't really want to sleep. Rayn flicks on the stereo to a random rock station and grins as our music comes on. Love making music. Hate hearing my own voice.

"Urgh, turn it off," I whine, poking his neck in the gap between the seat and the headrest.

"Why, man? It's us! We're on the fucking radio again!" oh yeah. Forgot how psyched he gets when we're on air.

"You're good," Gemme says.

"Thanks," I mutter, jabbing Rayn again, "now turn it off." He shakes his head, grinning and I scowl at him. So I use my telekinesis to turn it off instead.

"That's cheating, man. Don't cheat." He moans at me, turning it back on. She reaches over, turning it off.

"Don't like fighting. Including arguing." I grin.

"Ha, the phoenix is on my side. Can't beat the phoenix." Rayn isn't impressed with this logic, but he resorts to glowering at me in the rear view mirror.

"Don't take sides. Just with the radio off, there's no fighting. Unless you wanna... flip a coin?" Sure, I'll flip a coin, if you wanna be my sex slave for the night again. I cough slightly and move Alice to the other seat, now that she's asleep she doesn't really need me hugging her. I buckle her in and hug my legs to my chest. Just in case. Her memory might have walked out on her, but mine hasn't. In fact, those memories are pretty damn vivid.

"No. Radio stays off."

"Why are you sat like that? I only suggested we...Oh." She murmurs, falling really silent.

"I always sit like this," I shrug, trying not to make a big thing of it. It's not a lie. It's also a good position for hiding boners. Her eyes widen as she turns to face me.

"Did I actually... I mean, it's not a dream, is it?"

"Oh, you definitely," I nod, trying to keep my mind clear. I'm failing, by the way.

"I don't know whether to loathe the memory or love it." Please love it.

"Well, you loved it at the time. I guess what you think of it now is up to you." That said, I don't think I'd mind trying to persuade you to love them again... shut up brain. She can hardly remember who you are. She closes her eyes and lets the memory play out. She opens an eye to look at me. "God...huh?" I smirk slightly.

"According to you," I remind her and Rayn starts humming to himself. Hum all you want, you retard child, it's not gonna make it go away.

"I'll have to test that again sometime. But... I think we both know there's no need to flip a coin."

"I'm sure I can arrange that," I laugh slightly, giving up on trying to stop the boner. I'll heal it away in a minute when I can be bothered.

"I look forward to it, if that's anything to go by." She smirks back at me, "I'd watch it though." She whispers, pointing to my pants. I laugh as Rayn's humming gets louder.

"Oh I know. I could heal it away, but it makes it harder to get it back later on."

"Then, what're you gonna do?"

"Depends on when you wanna test my godliness," I chuckle. I couldn't resist.

"Not now with Alice there and Rayn in the seat beside me." Didn't stop you in the park, but I guess you don't remember that one, huh?

"I'll heal it away then," I smile, doing just that.

"Sorry," she says.

"What for? It doesn't bother me."

"Guess it's a habit."

"Mmm... So what d'ya want for your birthday anyways?" I ask, trying to distract myself from the sex memories and Rayn stops humming.

"I don't know, surprise me." She smiles and I smile back.

"Okay," I nod.

"Not in that way though." She giggles, pointing to my pants again and I put my legs down, showing her it's gone.

"No, I wasn't planning on it." She nods.

"Good. I love you."

"I love you too," my smile widens slightly. She sits there in silence for a while before turning to face me again, "so, any ideas for my birthday?"

"Sure," I nod with a secretive smile.

"Hey! That's unfair, plus. I'm a mind reader."

"I know. I got good at hiding my thoughts while I was away, though."

"Cherry blossoms. I remember, I severed our connection. Whatever that meant, I just know I did."

"I was hiding my thoughts before that, too," I shrug. "More to the point, you gotta guess how I might make up for missing your birthday."

"Why do I have to guess?"

"Well you don't have to, but it might give you something to think about while we drive across a whole state." Just don't get too imaginative. A nice dinner somewhere is about as cliché as you can get, at least for most people. First time doing something like that for me, though.

"Well, is it flowers or chocolates?"



"No, I wouldn't know what to get you." C'mon. Can you see me, in a jewellery store, trying to find something that Gemme might like? Don't be stupid.

"Taking me somewhere?"

"Possibly." Ooh. Maybe the beach. Hadn't thought of that, but now I have and the beach seems like a good idea. She might remember something, too.

"That's unfair! I have no memory of places we've been."

"That doesn't mean I'd be taking you somewhere we've been before."

"Okay umm... park? Restaurant? Beach?" rumbled.

"Possibly," I repeat.

"No point in guessing if you're not gonna tell me if I guess right." She pouts and I smirk.

"It's keeping your mind busy, though." Nice dinner by the beach, maybe? Me. Still cliché.

"Not anymore it's not. I give up."

"Well d'ya wanna know now, or when we get there?"

"Depends, how long till we get there?"

"Few hours," Rayn says, "you might as well say, Cancer, give her something to look forward to."

"I dunno..." she mumbles, apparently unable to decide.

"Well, I'm knackered. If you want to know, I suggest you get it out of me before I fall asleep," I smile.

The End

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