Luca: Memory lossMature

I don't really want Gemme and Alice to go off on their own - every time I turn my back, something bad happens - but I can't wrap them in cotton wool and never let them out of my sight. That would be ridiculous. So... I let them go.

And end up being a dick to Damien again, just because he's an easy target and I'm uncomfortable knowing I'm not with Gemme and Alice. When we're all done eating and everyone's back at the bus, we start to unload our gear into the venue nearby, setting up for the practice. As Damien sets up his drum kit, he drops one of his drum stick.

"Careful where you put your stick, Damien," I laugh. He gets the joke. He doesn't appreciate the joke. I duck out of his way as he tries to punch me, but the drum kit gets in his way and he misses anyways. I grin and pick up my guitar turning to my mic. I try to tune up, but Rayn keeps playing with the tuner and I end up throwing it at him, going over to the piano at the side of the room.

As I'm tuning my guitar, the door crashes open and I look around, ready to yell at whoever's busting in on our practice.

It's Alice. I frown and put down my guitar.

"What's up, beautiful? Where's Gemme?"

"Men... Park... they attacked her daddy!" See what I mean? That's it. Once I get Gemme back, I'm never letting either of them out of my fucking sight again.

"I'll go save her. Stay here, Alice, okay? Phil, you look after her," I add, putting my guitar down. I kiss Alice on the forehead and she nods, muttering an "okay" as I stand up and run out of the room. Skinny jeans and running is a bad idea. I have to tug them down slightly to stop them riding up and giving me a wedgie every five seconds.

When I get to the play park, there's no one around, but I can just see Gemme near the swing set, spread eagled on the ground, not moving.

"Gemme!" I shout, vaulting over the fence, barely even noticing the woodchips give under my feet as I skid to a halt, tripping onto my knees beside her. I push healing energy through her, trying to make her wake up.

"Eugh... oh! Hello," she looks up at me and I look around at the park. It's too quiet and this can only be a trap. The adrenaline pulsing through me gives me the energy to push my reverse healing out to any life form nearby. A few meters away, there's two guys trying to keep out of sight. I push into their brains and look at the activity in their minds. They did this to Gemme. I can see, and another man, who isn't with them right now. He's somewhere else, waiting for them to deal with me. They're not happy with me. I was the one who was so hard to contain - and they weren't up to it.

Gritting my teeth, I give them heart attacks and turn back to Gemme.

"What did they do to you?" I ask, breathing hard from the effort of extending myself so far.

"Hmm, who?"

"Alice said some guys attacked you... Christ, I'm never letting you two out of my sight ever again."

"Who's Alice...? Who are you?" I frown and sit back on my heels. This can't be happening.

"Alice is the kid you took in a couple of months ago and..." I swallow, "I'm Luca... Gemme, don't fuck around."

"Gemme... no, you must have me confused with someone else. I'm sorry; I really must be going..." She looks around. "I don't even know where I am."

"I'm not confusing you with someone else!" I cry, torn between the rage towards the ones who did this to her, and the mind numbing horror that she doesn't even know who I am now... Gemme, what did they do to you?

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to upset you! Please, don't be upset... are you looking for her? I could help you look!" Fuck it, you don't even know who you are, let alone me or Alice... I pull my legs out from under me and hug them to my chest, staring at her, not sure what to do or say. "Oh I am sorry. Is there nothing I can do to help?"

The End

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