Gemme: Stay SafeMature

Of course, but, that just made me wanted to hold on that much longer. “I’d be careful.” I smiled, “I might take you up on that offer.”  As long as he’s with me... now that was a warming thought. I couldn’t help but smile. Well, if I had any doubts before. They were definitely none anymore.

He grinned and kissed me passionately, "I love you."

I kissed him back as Alice came bounding down the stairs. “I love you too.” I looked to Alice for a moment; she had stood still with a wide grin on her face as if she’d just been told a juicy secret.

As Alice bounced over to us, Luca put an arm out to include her in the hug. "And here's my other beautiful girl."

"Good morning!" She squealed, her arms flinging round us. "Can we go out today?" She asked and I thought about it. After everything that had happened, I really didn’t want to go out alone. But I figured Alex wouldn’t be coming back and I could handle myself... right? I looked to Luca, I wanted his opinion.

"I've got practice all day, beautiful, sorry. Maybe mommy can take you somewhere?"

"Oh, sure," I smiled, "not too far though..." she looked at me in question and I just tried smiled through it, "mummy's a little tired still."  She nodded, looking at me a little concerned and I ruffled her hair.

 "Just can't bear to be away from me," he winked, laughing.

Alice looked at me and I nodded. "Yeah, that too," I got up, breaking the hug. "Come on, let's get you ready then." Luca smiled and kissed me on the cheek as I picked up Alice, taking her back upstairs to get her changed. When she finally slipped on her shoes and managed to tie them herself I grabbed her hand, as she led me back downstairs. “You, don’t work yourself too hard.” I smiled, kissing him softly, looking to Damien and back again. “And play nice.”

"I'll try. Stay safe, gorgeous," he half smiled, a protective concern flickering in his eyes.

"I'll try,” no promises, but I can promise that Alice will stay safe.

"Love you," he said to both of us, "have fun."

I nodded, taking Alice outside where she instantly broke into a run, dragging me with her. I laughed, following her as she took us to the park. Well, she must have like a magnet in her that pulls her toward these things. I grinned, still a little cautious however about everything around her. I knew she would run straight for the swings, so I ran a little faster than her, going straight there and she smiled. “How did you know?”

“Psychic,” we both laughed and she hoped onto the swing. I pushed her and she squealed. Another push. Another squeal. Another push. Another squeal. But not from Alice.

I growled as someone grabbed my arms, tugging me backwards onto the floor. Not again... I hear Alice scream, her thoughts, she wanted to fight them off. No, “Alice no, go back. Go get Luca. GO!” I growled and she bolted off, good girl. The man placed his hand over my mouth and another guy was holding me down now. His iron grip squeezing my shoulders made me want to scream out. What were they going to do to me?

Another one appeared; I recognised the crest on his shirt. The anti-zodiacs. He flicked a needle and my eyes widened. He stuck it in my arm and I shut my eyes. Everything was disappearing... I felt so cold. Alice let go... Ben, the band... Luca... NO! You said you’d never let go. No!  I held out my hand, no... no no! Come back! NOO!  

The End

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