Luca: As long as I'm with you.Mature

I hate public restrooms. I hate them a lot. Glory holes are the worst invention in the world. The guys who use them are even worse. I shudder, remembering my first bad experience of them. There I was minding my own business, having a piss in the cubicle ‘cause back then I got stage fright, I couldn't piss in a urinal. And then suddenly, this cock was being shoved through a hole in the wall that I hadn't even noticed before. I was only like thirteen at the time. I mean, I've always looked older than my actual age, but that was just taking the piss.

The last time that happened to me was a couple of years ago, when I finally decided that another guy catching a quick look at my dick was better than having someone else shove theirs through a hole for me to deal with. Being the violent child I was back then, I punched the guy's cock and smiled as he screeched before walking away.

As I'm trying to convince myself I'm not going to be raped, the bus pulls up at this place and I groan slightly, looking out of the window at the truckers wandering around outside, moving from the showers to the diner. I pull on a pair of baggy jeans and a loose shirt and go downstairs. Damien is the first out, not looking at me as he makes for the showers, towel in hand, a furious blush on his face. Guess he remembers last night then. Phil looks tired and Rayn is... well he's Rayn. Nuff said.

I follow them out and I'm really glad Gemme's hiding me, ‘cause I forgot to put my belt on and my jeans are falling down every five seconds. It makes the journey from the bus to the showers even longer and more traumatic. When I get in there, I steal Damien's shower gel while he's got his back turned.

Washing away the blood feels good, and hearing Damien accusing Rayn of stealing his shower gel is even better. I put it back and dry off, going over to the sinks to shave and then realizing I can't see myself.

"I need to shave. You can stop hiding me now," I tell Gemme and my reflection appears in front of me. I get a couple of weird looks from guys who hadn't seen me there a second ago, but I just ignore them, trying to remember who last had the shaving foam. Phil. Rayn would never be trusted with it.

I get it off him and go back, freeing my skin of the stubble that had been creeping up on me over the last couple of days. No more hobo Cancer, thank you. Damien takes the sink next to me and takes the shaving foam wordlessly, but he keeps glancing uncomfortably at me.

"What?" I ask irritably and he doesn't say anything, but he stops looking. I finish before he does and I walk off, meeting Gemme back outside. I smile and put my arms around her, kissing her. "Thank you," I mutter.

"Ahh, don't mention it." She smiles back and I pull away, taking her hand. I'm hungry. "Umm... why'd you drag me here?" she asks as I pull her into the diner.

"I'm starving," I shrug, sitting down and grabbing the menu.

"Okay, fair enough," she says, sitting down with me.

"Want anything?"

"No, thank you." I look up at her, surprised.

"How can you not be hungry?"

"Well, I'm just not hungry. I dunno." Strange person. The waitress comes over and asks me what we want. Gemme shakes her head and I frown at the menu.

"Beer, and the hot cake combo," I tell her, pushing the menu away from me again. I'm glad I didn't have to resort to pointing to the picture again. She scribbles it down and glances at me.

"Domestic or imported beer?"

"Imported." Normal beer is just... urgh. She nods and walks off, shouting something as she walks into the kitchen.

"We've got practice all day today. What're you gonna do all day?" I ask.

"I dunno, I might just watch." She shrugs as the waitress puts my beer down in front of me.

"Good luck keeping Alice entertained if you're gonna do that," I smile, my hand on my beer, though I don't drink any of it.

"Oh, that shouldn't be too hard." The waitress puts the plate of fried crap in front of me and walks off without a word to either of us. Two eggs, two flapjacks and two sausages. Browned and dripping in grease... yum. I eat it anyways, though. I'm too hungry to care what it looks - or tastes - like. Gemme keeps quiet while I eat, but I'm pretty sure that had she been hungry before, she would be put off now. I finish it quickly, washing it down with my beer. I pull a face, pushing my plate away from me when I'm done.

"I hate diners," I mutter under my breath.

"Yeah, I would never eat anything from here."

"Just as well I've got guts of steel, eh?" I laugh, finishing the beer and standing up as Damien walks in. "I'm gonna go get changed. Coming?" I hate baggy clothes about as much as I hate diners.

"Yeah." I ignore Damien as we walk out, holding her hand firmly. I'm still trying to pretend that he's not a fag, but the way he's been the last few days is making it hard. Gemme doesn't say anything and we walk in silence back to the bus. I go upstairs and change into a white muscle vest and my black skinny jeans. I go back downstairs and flop into one of the chairs at the table, looking up at Gemme.

"You alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why'd you ask?"

"You're being quiet. I was just wondering if that dream was still bothering you or something." Is it wrong of me to have enjoyed her clinging to me like that? I liked the feeling that she actually needed me.

"Oh, I guess, but I sorta realised you'd never do that. So..." She just shrugs and I smile slightly.

"Nope. Never letting go of you," I tell her.

"Oh, good." She smiles back, moving so she's loosely hugging me round my neck. I turn and kiss her softly, hugging her back. "I'd say I won't let go either but... you wouldn't get anywhere." She laughs, hugging me a little tighter.

"Oh, I wouldn't mind. As long as I'm with you, eh?"

The End

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