Gemme: Something to hold onto.Mature

Sleep, sleep was horrible. The constant dream I have, every time I die. When I close my eyes and the darkness seeps in and I feel everything warm being tugged away from me; first Benny and the band, then Alice, then my memories and everything else until finally, Luca lets go too. Then my power, that connected me with the bus cut out and I plunged into darkness. I lost everything and I felt cold again, I lost my breathing. Was I dying again? Nothing happened... I couldn’t be.

I woke up with a cold bead of sweat running down my forehead and I let out a little whimper as I sat up. Luca stirred and I rested my head back down on the pillow we shared, grabbing his arm. Sort of like Damien did. But I needed it. I needed something to hold onto. Luca stirred again, waking up groggily, “Uh?”

“Sorry,” I muttered, not loosening my gip on his arm... I don’t like it.


"Bad dream... really, bad dream." In fact so bad, I could go on a rant of a million ‘really’ before you’d get the point.

He kissed my forehead softly and his touch brought warmth to me again. "What was it?"

"Every time I die, I get the same dream. I just... I go cold, then everything is torn away and I have nothing. Then my power cuts out and it's like I'm dying all over again.”

He stroked my hair and smiled sleepily. "It's okay," he mumbled, "its okay, you've got me."

"But you let go too..." You were the last to let go, but you still did.

He kissed me again and tightened his arm around my waist. "Never," he whispered.

"Yeah..." I nodded, realising I was still grasped onto his other arm. "Sorry, you might want that back." I whispered, letting go.

"S'ok," he left his arm where it was for me to hold again if I wanted.

I nodded and grinned like a kid for a moment before latching onto his arm again. "I know you don't like it... I just needed something to hold onto."

"I don't mind, gorgeous," he smiled. I opened my mouth to say something, but instead just ended up smiling. The smile fixed on his lips as his eyes slid closed again. A couple of minutes later he was asleep again.

When morning came, I was still awake. I watched Luca sleep the whole time, thinking of each different memory of him to keep my mind occupied. So when his eyes finally slid open it came as a bit of a shock to me. But I still managed a smile and a “good morning.”

"Hi. You okay?" I felt a little guilty for waking him up. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to grab his arm so tightly either.

"Yes, thank you." I let go of his arm, "you'll definitely need this back now."

He laughed slightly and kissed me gently, "thanks."

"No, thank you." I smiled, kissing him back.

"No problem," he grinned, pushing himself up. "D'ya know anywhere round here that might have a shower I can use?"

"I believe in a little while we'll be coming to a truck stop. Lucky you,” more like lucky all of us really, “you can use the one there." I smiled, getting out of the bed to allow him to walk past.

"Ooh, joy. More benders," he flopped back into the bed. "I might just hide here."

"What makes you say that?" I mean what was so wrong? It’s a truck stop with showers to wash away the dry blood, stop complaining!

"Truckers; deprived men on the road, alone for weeks at a time, I'm not in the mood for a nasty surprise to be shoved through a glory hole in the bathroom."

 I couldn't help but giggle, call me immature. That was funny. "I could shroud you if you wanted." I offered.

"you're a star."

"That's a new one." I smiled, happily.

"Phoenix didn't fit for that one," he smiled.

"Or gorgeous?" I laughed. "Still, as much as I'd love sitting here listening to the pet names you come up with. I'm hungry."

The End

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