Luca: exhausted.Mature

"No, no," he sobs, clinging to me. Oh for fucks sake. Grow some balls you useless faggot.

"Damien, get off! You know, I thought you liked me..."

"No. You were testing me," he whimpers, finally letting go.

"Testing you?" Maybe Gemme deserves an Oscar too. Damien sniffs and sits back against the wall of the bus, looking at me, but speaking to Gemme.

"On that truth or dare game the other night... you asked me to strip someone in the circle. You were watching to see who I went for. If I went for Luca, you'd know."

"Darling, I already knew. You wear your heart on your sleeve." I stop listening as he whines on. I need a shower. And not because I'm still all bloodied from earlier. I push myself up onto the sofa and watch as Rayn, being the terminal retard that he is, thinks that they're still pretending to be snakes. He slithers out of the bathroom and grabs Gemme's leg, kinda like Damien did to me.

She just sighs and rolls her eyes. "Damien, you know, every time you say you love Luca, it hurts me. Because I like you to and I don't want to see you hurt." Damien doesn't say anything, and Rayn, not put off by Gemme ignoring her, kisses her leg before moving over to Damien. He sits and stares at the homo without blinking.

Y'know how ecstasy makes you wanna suck things (it's why ravers take pacifiers with them)? I really wish that thought hadn't crossed my mind. I don't wanna know what those guys have been sucking all evening.


Actually... where's Phil?

"Umm, Gemme," I say, interrupting her little heart to heart with the drugged up queer, "have you seen Phil yet?"

"Umm, no, actually." She mutters, and I look around.

"Hmm..." I should probably go and find him, but I've already turned by back for a few minutes and the next thing I know, Gemme's dying on the floor. You can't really blame me for being kinda edgy about it.

"What's up?"

"Just wondering where he's got to. I hope he didn't overdose... I'm too tired to try and save anyone now," I mutter, looking out the windows, trying to see if he's just passed out on the ground outside.

"Yeah, you did heal multiple wounds, including one fatal one. Guess there's no point talking to these two about him." I look at Rayn. He's still staring at Damien blankly, and Damien is still whimpering like a little baby, glancing up at me.

"No, no there's really not," I shake my head. "Maybe it's not just me that needs to get clean, eh?"

"I could help with these, just don't wanna clean your mind."

"Mmm... I should really go look for him," I hesitate, still not so hot on the idea of leaving her alone. Well... pretty much alone.

"I'll be fine. I promise, go." I stand up and hug her quickly, kissing her on the lips before walking back outside. Phil, sure enough, is outside. He's stretched out on a bench, sucking his thumb, his trousers down by his ankles and he's staring at the sky like it's full of wonderful, entertaining things. I look up. It's cloudy. Shaking my head, I pull up his pants with telekinesis and lift him up, floating him back to the bus. I carry him straight upstairs and put him in one of the beds. He... doesn't actually notice.

"Right, bed time, I think!" I announce as I walk back down the stairs. Damien looks up hopefully at me. Rayn just keeps staring. I don't think he's actually blinked since he let go of Gemme's leg.

"Umm, what's up with him?" I just shrug and shake my head as I grab his upper arms, dragging him over to the stairs. He blinks at last and giggles. "Ahh." I don't wanna touch Damien though. Aside from his queerness, he has a tendency to latch onto me and stay latched on. Me no likey.

"Can you get Damien up here?" I ask as I pull Rayn up.

"Umm, could try..." She murmurs, tugging on Damien's arm. He switches his gaze to her as she pulls and he just whinges again.

"Why can't Luca carry me? He carried the others..."

"Because he knows how much I wanted to, come on." She grins and he lets her pull him up reluctantly. I manage to get Rayn onto one of the beds and he lays there staring, just like Phil. Only Phil's sucking his thumb still. I move out of the way as Gemme manages to get Damien up the stairs and leads him over to the bed furthest from mine.

"Just in time for the sunrise," I smile as I sit on my bed, ignoring Damien staring at me from his.

"Yeah." She smiles, sitting down next to me. "Not much of a sunrise from a bus though." She laughs as I put my arm around her, kissing her warmly.

"No. And I don't really intend to be awake to see it, either. I'm exhausted."

"After dying, beating the living daylights out of someone and tugging Damien off you? Me too." I smile and take my arm back, pulling off my well and truly fucked shirt off. I'm too lazy to find clean joggers so I just strip them off too and climb under the covers in my boxers.  Gemme gets changed too and climbs in beside me. The moment my arm is around her and my head is on the pillow, I'm asleep.

The End

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